Top grossing american remakes of asian movies.
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Posted 1/22/09 , edited 1/23/09
So since there was a topic before of american remaking asian dramas/movies i just thought this was kinda interesting. Here are the top grossing movies ever with original asian plot.
Alot of Japanese remakes for some reason...look at whats number one!! lol

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Posted 1/22/09
Really? Shall We Dance?

The others are no surprise to me
Posted 1/22/09
woah! thats so MANYYYY..
i didnt know
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Posted 1/22/09
ooh...seems..they like to do jap remkes....
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Posted 1/22/09
Shall We Dance? Well, I guess producers and directors love asian drama/movie.
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Posted 1/23/09
o_O its a list of ten. lol

They do remakes of many movies too in asian countries. They just make remakes of other asian stuff, not american or european. xD so i dont see why everyone makes a big deal (unless they suck then... blah. but when is a remake ever better than the original.)

so much money though o_________o
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Posted 1/23/09
power rangers....movies, series ....

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Posted 1/23/09
cool...but i hate the horror remakes
my is like a rip off to just make money by placing american actors there
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Posted 1/23/09
that's interesting. some of those movies were really good
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Posted 1/23/09
Godzilla was Japanese?? O.O
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Posted 1/23/09

CryAngel wrote:

Godzilla was Japanese?? O.O

yea, i think i saw the godzilla japanese ver. before. it was a very old movie.

WOW there's so many remakes making it top!
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Posted 1/23/09
i loved the american remake of the ring 1&2 ...i guess the jepanese is better i'm gonna check it out ..
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24 / F / Calgary, Canada
Posted 1/23/09
My Sassy Girl


・Once Upon A Time (1987)
(remake of Windaria, Japanese anime)

・The Ring (2003)
(remake of Ringu (リング), Japanese horror film)

・Shall We Dance? (2004)
(remake of Sharu ui Dansu? (シャルウイダンス?), Japanese romance drama film)

・The Grudge (2004)
(remake of Ju-On(呪怨), Japanese horror film)

・Dark Water (2005)
(remake of the same title, Japanese horror film)

・Eight Below (2006)
(Remake of Nankyoku Monogatari, Japanese film)

・The Lake House (2006)
(remake of Il Mare, Korean romance drama film)

・The Pulse (2006)
(remake of KAIRO (回路), or also known as just PULSE, Japanese horror film)

(Live action remake of same title (サイレントヒル), Japanese survival horror videogame)

・Strangers (2007)
(Remake of Anjaane, Indian film)

・The Echo (2007)
(Remake of Sigaw, Filipino thriller)

・The Grudge 2 (2007)
(remake of Ju-On 2 (呪怨 2), Japanese horror film)

・The Departed (2007)
(remake of Infernal Affairs, Hong Kong Mob/action film)

・The Eye (2008)
(remake of the Gin Gwai(見鬼), Chinese horror film)

・One Missed Call (2008)
(remake of Chakushin Ari (着信アリ), Japanese TV series and horror film)

・Shutter (2008)
(remake of same title, Thai horror film)

・Joint Security America (2008)
(Remake of Joint Security Area (공동경비구역), South Korean film )

・My Sassy Girl (2008)
(remake of same title, Korean comedy drama)
✖This movie will apparently be starring Elisha Cuthbert as the girl. There was a change of setting, character ethnicity and names.

・The Uninvited (2009)
(remake of A Tale Of Two Sisters, Korean horror film)



・The Grudge 3 (2009)
(Sequel to The Grudge 2, Japanese film.)
✖The film is going to be directed by Toby Wilkins taking Takashi Shimizu's place. According to the Internet Movie Database, filming took place in March 2008. The film will be released on March 24th, 2009. The trailer was released on October 28, 2008.

・Possession (2009)
(Remake of Addicted (중독), South Korean film)

・Dark Water "Indian Remake" (2009)
(remake of same title, Japanese horror film)
✖Basically the exact same as the original and the remake, except inspired by Indian culture. Starring Kareena Kapoor.

・ BE WITH YOU (2009)
(Remake of 今、愛に行きます(Ima, Ai ni Yukimasu), Japanese drama film)
✖It was a Japanese novel, then made into a Japanese film, and now into an American remake (sigh)

・ Infection (2009)
(Remake of Kansen (感染), 2004 Japanese Horror film)
✖The film is going to be remade as a 2009 American film

・Dragonball (2009)
(Live action remake of DRAGON BALL Z, popular Japanese anime series)
✖It has been planned for years, however has hit a few snags here and there. Release date is 2009

(remake of same title, Japanese drama/horror film )
✖Apparently Zac Efron will star as Light in this remake! WTF.
Even though a release date is planned, Roy Lee is still doubting whether it would work having a subtitled film released and would it be better to just remake both entire films. The reason for this is because of the apparent great displease among the American Deathnote fanbase.

・Ghost in the Shell (2010)
(remake of the Japanese anime of the same title)

・AKIRA (2011)
(Live action remake of 1989 ground breaking anime of same title(アキラ), Japanese action film)
✖Will be starring Leonardo DeCaprio as Kaneda. The setting will be changed in this movie from post-apocalyptic Tokyo to Manhattan, NY city, wtf!
Also, they are changing not only the setting but the ethnicities and names of all of the characters.

・Resurrection (2011)
(remake of Yomigaeri (よみがえり), Japanese film)

・Battle Angel (2011)
(Remake of Battle Angel Alita, Japanese film)

・Old Boy (Unknown)
(Remake of South Korean movie of same name. Korean name is 올드보이)
✖Is planned to be remade by Americans.

・Chaser (Unknown)
(Remake of South Korean movie by same name. Korean name is 추격자)
✖This movie came out in 2008, so it's literally brand new, yet Americans still feel the need to remake it.

・CASSHERN (Unknown)
(remake of same title(キャーシャン), Japanese drama/action film)
✖ CASSHERN anime is coming out fall 2008 in Japan, however the American remake of the film is still unknown, but is planned.

・The Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service (Unknown)
(same title, Japanese manga)

・Battle Royale (Unknown)
(remake of same title, Japanese horror film)
✖The assholes at New Line Cinema haven't gotten rights to remake this film yet, however it is still planned out. So far, fans of the original are outraged at the idea, and New Line has stated they will apparently "tone down the violence".

(Live action remake of same title, Japanese anime action film)
✖It will be produced by Erwin Stoff (The Matrix, Constantine, A Scanner Darkly)

・Neon Genesis Evangelion (Unknown)
(Remake of popular anime movie of same title)
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30 / M / Washington Metrop...
Posted 5/17/10
So you guys complain about when US remake Asian film. But yet none of you guys ever complain about Asian remaking American film like:

Japan remake the 2004 film, Sideways

Hong Kong remade Splash into Mermaid got married

China remade High school musical for their country

Zhang Yimou remaking the Coen Brothers' blood Simple into A simple Noodle story

South Korea remade The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly into The Good, the Bad, and the Weird

Also there is a possibility that Japan may remake Twilight. Now, What would happen if John Woo, or any Hong Kong director that does a lot of action film decide to remake Die Hard and have Chow-Yun Fat or Tony Leung as John McClane for the Hong Kong market. Is anybody going to complain about it, maybe not. What about if Japan or Hong Kong decided to remake The Godfather and replace Italian mafias with Yakuza or Triads. I bet you nobody will make a big deal and claim the Asian version is better, and say Al Pacino suck and say screw the classics, Asian version trumps all. See this is nothing but double standard Asian supremacy. As an Asian-Americans, I'm sad. All of you guy don't like US remaking Asian film, but it's OK for Asian to remake American film. Asian supremacy does exist after all.

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Posted 5/17/10
WHHHHAAAT!!!??? BATTLE ROYALE... They should make one, a modern one. Hope it won't suck.
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