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Posted 1/22/09 , edited 1/23/09
The First Climax

One Day Kamen Riders 1, 2 and 3 decided that the henshin belts were too powerful for human use. So the each hid their belts in three different places. Kamen Rider 1 hid his in Stonehenge. Kamen Rider 2 hid his in Cape Town and Kamen Rider 3 in the Pyramids.

In the present day Shun Kouhei is searching for the belts for the world is in there greatest need! There has been many unexplainlbe disappearances of many famous people! So Shun hope to find out about these disappearances with the henshin belts! Currently Shun is at Stonehenge the place were Kamen Rider 1 hid his belt!
Shun: Damn it. It cost me all of my savings to get here i hope its worth it!
Suddenly the earth before him start to move and rumble. It opened and there it was! Kamen Rider 1's henshin belt!
Shun: Whoa.. The henshin belt! It looks like Kamen Rider 1's! Finally I found it!!! YAY!!BANZAI!!!
Random Person: You Give Me That NOW!!
Shun: Huh? Who the Hell are you?
Random Person: noone just give me that belt! NOW!
Shun then looked at the man his eyes were glowing red! Shun paniced! He started to run. He ran as fast as he could! He looked forward! The man was in front of him.
Random Person: Now you have done it!!
The persons form shifted and swirled he was turning into a monster! Shun was scared half to death but remembered what he had in his hands.The Henshin Belt! The person stop tansforming. He was a crab monster!
Shun: Are you ready? Watch carefully! Im new so tell me how i go?
Shun swung the belt around his waist. The belt shined rainbow! Shun was shocked. It changed into a totally new belt!
Crab Monster: Impossilbe!
Shun: Here goes nothing!

End of The First Climax!

( Yes I know i ripped somethings off but my first go is pretty good! )
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Posted 1/23/09 , edited 1/23/09
The Second Climax

At the end of the first episode Shun has found the rider belt and has put it on his waist. It then transforms into the Climax Belt! He encountered a Crab monster who is asking to give him the rider belt! Shun then tries to hensin with the newly made belt!

Shun closes his eyes. The Crab Monster closes his eyes to. Nothing happened.
Shun: Awwww crap!
Shun: *whispers* hey whats these cards?. And the slot here? OH! *shouts* I GOT IT
Crab Monster: OH really? are you sure? well go right ahead! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
Shun: Im new so watch carefully!
Shun gets a card out of the case holder. It has C on one side and a M on the other. Shun slots the card in the card slot with the C facing the monster.
The belt announces "Climax Form. cli......MAX!!"
Shun transforms in a shine of red, blue, yellow, green, orange and purple.
Kamen Rider cli......MAX!!
The Crab Monster stop laughing and stared at Kamen Rider Climax.
Crab Monster: I-I-Impossi-lbe-e NO NO NO!!
The crab monster went on a rampage. He started to punch and slash with his claws at Climax.
But KR Climax dodged all of his attacks. He pressed the Red button on the belt.
Max Sword. cli......MAX!!
A sword appeared in front of Shun.
Shun: Wow a weapon! Awesome!
Shun grabbed the sword and block the oncoming blurry of attacks! Then when the monster slowed down KR Climax attacked. Slashings and stabbing. Blocking and Countering. He was amazed at what he could do! He then got a direct hit on the crab monster. He flew a few meters away. KR Climax pressed the red button again. CLI....max. The sword disappeared. He got the card out of the other side of the belt. He turns it over so that the M is facing the monster. FINAL CLIMAX. a surge of energy rushed down Shun's left leg. He jumps 50 feet in the air in slow motion. The crab monster looked up. KR Climax rushed down at super speed.
Shun steps back on the ground. The monster freezes up. Shun then returns to human form sending a wave of energy destroying the monster.
Shun: whoa. So thats what a henshin feels like!

The End of The Second Climax!
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Posted 1/23/09
is tat suppose a prologue?
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Posted 1/23/09
thats the first and second episode is it ??
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Posted 1/25/09
yea. its just to start things off!
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Posted 1/31/09 , edited 1/31/09
The Third Climax.

Now in the present day Shun is back in his home in Toyko. He then suddenly get a call from a mysterious company called MW, standing for MaxWell.

Shun walks in his apartment. He goes to his room to unpack.
Suddenly his home phone starts to ring.
Shun: Hello?
Mysterious Vocie: From our information you are in possestion of one of the old rider belts? Please come to the scamble crossing as quickly as possible! I will find you! Quicky!
Shun: WHAT!!
Shun: damn it. Scamble crossing? aww thats like 50 blocks from here i guess ill get my motorcylce out!
Shun walked out of his apartment with the belt hidden safely in a suitcase. He started his motorcycle and made his way to the scamble crossing. He parked his bike and started to walk around. Suddenly and man appeared before him.
Mysterious Man: Follow me quickly!
Shun: Who the hell are you?
Mysterious Man: That doesnt matter! We have to move! NOW!
The Mysterious Man draged Shun out of the crossing.
Shun shruged his hand off of him.
Shun: Whats your problem?
Mysterious Man: Oh nothing... only the fact you killed my brother you asshole!!
He suddenly changed in to a Frog Monster!
Shun: No way! Brother? Aww come on! I had a hard enough time fighting your brother!
Suddenly a man jumps in front of Shun.
Rohei: Stand back this Rikyu is dangerous!
Shun: Huh? Who are you?
Rohei: Im part of a company called MW. I work to destory these monsters.
Rohei then took out a gun and shot the Rikyu in the shoulder. It flew back 20 meters.
Shun: I see there called Rikyu? Then you step back i dont think that can destory it.
Rohei: What can you do?
Shun: Watch!
He grined and stepped in front of Rohei.
Shun: Might want to step back a little.
Rohei took a step back.
Shun got out the belt. Swung it around his waist it clicked together.
Shun: Im new at this so watch carefully!
He got a card out and put it across the front of his face.
He inserted the card into the belt with the C facing the monster.
The belt announces, "Climax Form. cli....MAX"
Shun transformed into KR Climax right before Rohei's eyes!
Rohei: No way! A rider! In this era!
Shun: I better finish this.
Frog Rikyu: Finally im noticed!
The Frog Rikyu charged in punching KR Climax. He blocked the attacks but one got past his defence and he was sent flying in a building.
Shun: Damn! His punches are friggen strong!
Frog Rikyu: Hmphh! I still can't believe an weakling like you killed me brother! But I'll destroy you!
Shun pressed the red button on his belt.
Max Sword. cli...MAX!
Shun grabbed the sword that appeared in front of him.
Shun: Now your done!
He slashed the Rikyu and sliced and stabbed but somehow the Rikyu dogded every single attack!
Shun pressed the red button again.
Max Sword CLI...max.
Shun: Damn it how do i defeat him!
Frog Rikyu: You can't im too powerful! HAHAHA! Pityful human. DIE!
Shun suddenly pressed the purple button on his belt.
Max Gun. cli....MAX!!
A gun appeared before Shun and sent a way of energy knocking back the Rikyu.
Frog Rikyu: What!! NO!
Shun grabbed the gun and started shoting at the Rikyu.
Frog Rikyu: Arghh. Im too weak to move! No!
Shun pressed the purple button again.
Max Gun. CLI...max.
Shun took out the card and put the M facing the Rikyu.
Frog Rikyu:Im sorry brother!
A surge of energy surged down Shuns left leg.
KR Climax: Climax Rider Kick.
He jumped into the air 50 feet in slow motion and rushed down at super speed.
KR Climax landed on the ground. The Rikyu froze solid. Shun returned to human form sending a surge of energy destroying the Rikyu.
Shun: Ow ggeezz that guy was tough!
Rohei runs into the building.
Rohei: You! Your a rider! How? How did you become a rider? You must tell me!
Shun: Slow down!
A very skinny person looks down at Shun and Rohei.
Skinny Person: Great another one dead!

The End of the Third Climax!
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