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Posted 1/22/09 , edited 1/22/09
i will write another story every week

Kathie Vaughan was driving the used truck she had purchased that morning when it suddenly began to fishtail. She finally managed to bring the vehicle to a stop with a loud screech. But her troubles had just begun. The cabin interior was filling fast with noxious fumes and black smoke. Most people could have simply jumped out of the vehicle, but Kathie is a paraplegic–paralyzed from the waist down by multiple sclerosis. Her truck was on fire and she knew she could be blown up at any moment. Kathie shoved her Rottweiler Eve out the door, along with her wheelchair. But due to the thick black smoke, she could not find the wheels to the chair.

A throbbing panic overwhelmed her. She had to get out immediately, before the truck exploded. That’s when Eve, her dog, proved herself to be a true hero.

In danger of blacking out, Kathie suddenly felt Eve, refusing to desert her, grab her leg with her jaws. Eve firmly grasped Kathie by the ankle and dragged her ten feet to relative safety. Then the truck burst into flames. Ignoring the terrifying fire, Eve dragged Kathie to a nearby ditch.

A police car arrived on the scene. “You’ve got to get further away!” the policeman shouted to Kathie. The truck was on fire, the flames were approaching the gas tank; there was danger of a terrific explosion.

Kathie struggled to pull herself away from the truck and toward the police car. Her head and body ached with pain and she found she could hardly move. Eve bent close to her human friend, offering Kathie her collar. Then Kathie held tight as the determined dog dragged her forty feet to safety

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Posted 2/16/09
That's so beautiful!!
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Posted 2/17/09
awesome love it^^
Posted 4/18/09
i love it :3
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Posted 6/14/09
We found a baby groundhog in our backyard, poor thing had a broken leg and was still bleeding, I think something tried to eat it. We kept it over night in a cat carrier and in the morning got ahold of the vet. They told us to keep it for now and they were going to call one of the wildlife rescues.

Sure enough The wild rescues came and took him from us. They said they are going ot keep us updated on how the little guy is doing and hopfully they will be able to get him better and release him back into the wild.
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Posted 7/12/09
that's a true hero that asks nothing in return. outstanding story.
Posted 8/24/09
i dont understand the first story..i write one 2!!!
here we go:

Far away in Europe lived birds, white, urban dove. Did not have a partner, accommodation, a nest, had almost nothing! One morning he went look for food and flew into the air, but the wind was too strong for bird.She can'ted fly away from Mother Nature! Broken wing, and crashed down the street. Without care one boy who was seen begging her alone, dirty on the road.He runs to her and took her hand.
It was not any concern that dove so dirty and sick.
The boy took her to the shelter and watched with her three full days and two nights.When the dove went to recover the boy ask, but it is not there, and went to the place where to sit and beg. Exactly where he sat she saw a gold brooch with a white dove.
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Posted 10/10/09
It was an awesome story! ^^
Posted 6/22/10
thank chu...but its sad...on some way
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Posted 10/1/10
luv it
Posted 1/7/11
Morgan Ily did enter to one petshop. There,in a cage,was sitting one yellow hamster. Morgan was a little boy so he buyed a hamster and named it Tuffy. When he comed back home his mother said that they will move to the Texas. Morgan just sayd "Do what you want." and ran in his room. He made one plastic box and put Tuffy in it. He gived Tuffy some water,grass and crocets. Tuffy was happy. And Morgan was happy too. Next month they moved to one little village in Texas. Morgans mother Lisa buyed one huge house with a pool. One day,Morgan puts Tuffy on a bed and go to the pool.

Tuffy was alone in Morgans room but the window was open. Morgan was in a pool a long time...maybe three or four hours. But when he get in the house he enter to the bathrom and have a shower.While Morgan was taking a shower Tuffy was scared sitting in the room alone. But,he heard a eagle. EAGLE?! Yes,a eagle. Eagle saw Tuffy and he entered in Morgans room,trough the window. He taked Tuffy and fly far away. When Morgan finished showering he comed in his room and he didnt find Tuffy there. He was very sad and he was crying. Two years after that Morgan goes at high school. 1.grade of high school.

One day when he leaved the school and go home he heard some very weird and familiar sound. He looked at the bridge,in the bush,on the road but he didnt find anything familiar. Next day he was in the pool and he saw something moving in some hole in the grass. Morgan leaved a pool and check out that hole. He didnt find anything. Next day the same thing,in the pool,something in the hole...
Next week he looked that hole and saw Tuffys red necklace. He was confused. Next day he checked hole again and then he found Tuffys pendant. He looked a bit better and he saw one dirty hamster.

"Oh,just a wild hamster...Nothing special."-he said. But then he thought-"oh my gosh! thats a yellow hamster!" He tooked a patch and cleaned poor hamster. But then he saw it-one blue eye,one black eye. Tuffy had one blue eye and one black eye. "Tuffy!"-Morgan screamed. Now he turned back Tuffy in his old box and cleaned him with water. He lives with Tuffy even right now. And that is it,boy who loved hamster so much.
Posted 4/23/11
I luv 2 write stories ^^

In a far away place-Australia lived one little girl named Beatrice. She was 11. She was shy,nice and lovely so she wanted a dog. Her parents didnt have reason to NOT buy a dog to her so they did it-they brought a doggy. Beatrice was so happy,she liked that dog a lot. She named him Rudolph. When she was 15 she was walking a long walk with Rudolph. There,where they were walking,was a swamp. Big dirty swamp. Beatrice saw a little duckling swimming there so she went close to that swamp with Rudolph to explore that cute little duckling. Duckling was drowning. Duckling was scared and it swimmed away but Beatrice just jumped in that swamp and try to reach that duckling and saved it. Duckling acctually was okay,just a little bit scared but nothing. Now Beatrice is in a big trouble. She was in a quagmire. She was stucked there. No one couldnt save her...but the dog could. Rudolph could do it-he could save her. When Beatrice was in a half head in the quagmire Rudolph jumped in the swamp quagmire and bit Beatrices shirt and pull pull until Beatrice was on a safe place. Beatrice lived but the dog didnt. He drowned.
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