I Love You Like Crazy
Posted 1/23/09
I love you like crazy

“Did you see them?” asked a blond boy with clear blue eyes

Ruka is his name

“No” replied a purple-haired girl who goes by the name Hotaru

“Where could they be?” mumbled Ruka


At a country side,

“Natsume, where –Pant- are we –Pant- going?” asked a brunette, she was panting quite madly and her face looks pale

“Don’t worry… You’re not going to die” he replied

He carried the brunette in a backpack carry. He held Mikan thighs tightly so she won’t fall.

“Natsume, let’s rest there. I’m tired” she said while pointing her index finger towards a field

Natsume nodded, and then he went there and put her down gently so she won’t get hurt.

Natsume looked at her with sad-looking eyes

“Natsume… kiss me” she said “This could probably our last kiss”

“Ssshh, don’t speak of that way” he said while covering her mouth with his finger

“I could probably die any minute by now” she said

“Then let’s die together” he said in his mind

Then a gust of wind blew over their way

“Are you cold?” he asked

“A little bit” she replied

Natsume removed his jacket and he put it on her

“Thanks…” she said

Then something flew away, a picture of her smiling.

“Natsume, aren’t you going to get that?” she asked

“I rather stay here with you” he said

Then he lay down beside her, watching her asleep.

“Natsume…” she mumbled

“Yes, Mikan?”

“Go home” she said

Natsume rose up and stared at Mikan

“No! I’ll stay here beside you! I promised to myself that I won’t leave you” he said

“I know but I also made a promise that I’ll give you happiness” she said

“The only thing that is going to make me happy is--…” he said

But he was cut off by her

“But we can’t go to heaven together. I’m the only one who is going” she said

Natsume’s bangs covered his eyes; he stood up and went to the middle of the field and digs.

“What are you doing?” asked Mikan

“I’m digging my grave incase you die” he said

Mikan rose up and went to Natsume and tried to stop him

“No! Don’t do this.” she said

Unknown to her, he was crying.

Then she hugged Natsume from behind and that made him stop.

“Go home, Natsume” she said

“I don’t wish for that” he replied

Then he faced Mikan while touching her cheeks

Then he kissed her tenderly. After that, Mikan lost her consciousness and fainted.

“Mikan! Mikan!” he shouted

She was dead.

“Mikan! Mikan!” he shouted again and again

“Don’t leave me” he said while tears falling down from his eyes

“I haven’t told you what makes me happy! Don’t die” he said “Don’t leave me”

Then he stared at the sun which was shining very brightly

“I’m never going to fall in love again” he said to himself


5 years past, a blond man was walking towards a raven-haired man

“Natsume! Long time no see” he said “It’s been 5 years, right?”

Natsume nodded

“So did you get over it?” he asked

Natsume stared at the kids running around him

“Probably” he said as he brushed his hair “I’m a teacher now” he added

“So this must be your students” said Ruka referring to the kids

“Yup. Mikan wanted to be teacher so I continued her dream of being one since she is-…”

“Don’t continue” said Ruka while covering his best friend’s mouth

Natsume remove Ruka’s hand and scratch his head roughly

“The only thing I’m regretting right now is that, I lost her only smiling picture” Natsume said

“Huh? I thought you have lots of her photos” Ruka said

“Yeah. But that one is special, extra special.” He said “That smile is very rare for me to see, that’s why it’s my treasure”

Then Natsume looked at the sky and saw some birds flying while chirping. Then he sighed, it reminded him of her.

Ruka stared at him and sighed

“Um, I have a letter for you. It’s from Mikan. It fell down from heaven” he said

Natsume looked at him with doubtful eyes then he stared at the letter that Ruka was holding

Then he grabbed it from him

“I have to go now, bye” Ruka said then he left

Natsume waved his hand and stared at the letter one more time

As he was about to open it, a gust of wind blew it away from him.

“Damn, it flew” he said to himself

Then he stared out into the open air and saw an unclear figure. He squinted his eyes and he saw it was, Mikan.

“Mikan?” he mumbled

Then she held his hand and together they run


At a field which was full of flowers,

Natsume stared at the flowers “It’s her favorite” he said


Natsume stared into the open air and saw once more the unclear face of Mikan disappearing

“Don’t go” he said

“It’s not sad being alone”

“Wait!” he shouted

“Because you and I are…”

Then Mikan vanished completely

“Mi… kan…”

Then a kid came towards him

“Sensei! What happened? You started running all of a sudden.” He (kid) said

The boy looked at his teacher who was staring into space

“Are you looking for something? Do you want me to help you?” he asked

“It’s fine now…” Natsume replied

Then he looked at the kid

“I already found what I was looking for” replied Natsume

The kid raised his brow and stared at his teacher

“Let’s go home” he said while patting his head

The kid looked at the sky and saw something flying

“Something flew away” he said

The sun shone brightly down at them

“It’s so bright that I can’t see well” Natsume said “Is it going to heaven?”

“Huh? Sensei, you sure are acting weird” said the kid

I don’t know when but when we see each other again, I want to tell you to tell me without hesitation, just one phase

The flying thing was Mikan’s smiling picture

“Smile, Mikan” he said “From now on, I will always love you.”

The end
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Posted 1/23/09
so sad....
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Posted 1/26/09
*sob* *sob*.... no!!! Mikan can't die!!!
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Posted 1/27/09
so sad... so touching....
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Posted 4/3/09
too bad so sad that Mikan died!!! I don't want anyone dying!!
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