I Only Learned A Few Letters Of The Alphabet
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I only learned a few letters of the alphabet

Sequel to what is love?

Natsume’s POV

“Natsume-kun!’ shouted Jinno the kinder garden English teacher

“Sing the alphabet song!” he shouted…again

I stared at him expressionlessly hoping he won’t embarrass me in front of my crush.

“I order you to sing!” he shouted

“Sensei!” shouted Mochu while raising his hand

“What is it?” asked Jinno as he turned his head to Mochu

“Natsume probably doesn’t want to sing because his crush will hear his UGLY voice” teased Mochu

Then everyone started laughing including her, even though she doesn’t know that were talking about her.

Then Jinno turned his head towards me and taps his foot

“I’m waiting Natsume. Sing the alphabet song!” he shouted

“A……Urhgh…Um…I….Mmmmm…” I mumbled

Jinno slapped his forehead and ordered me to sit down at once. Then the bell rang which means: I will go home now!

My teacher scolded me…again. I run as fast as I could to reach home as soon as possible. I saw my mother watering the plants and hum a tune. I run towards her and immediately hugged her.

“Natsume!” she gasped

“Mom…” I mumbled, almost crying but I decided to stay firm and strong

“Nani?” she asked

“My teacher scolded me…again” I said

“Why?” she asked while patting her son’s back

“Because I didn’t sang the alphabet song” I said

“Why didn’t you?” she asked

“Because I only know a few letters” I said

“It’s alright. Anyway, what are the letters you know?” she asked

That question really made me happy

“Only A, I, K, M and N” I said

Mother looked at me

“Yare, Yare. You should also learn the other letters so you could create a confession for her” said mother

“Confession? What’s that?” I asked

Mother laughed lightly

“Someday, you’ll know what’s that when the time is right” said mother

Once again, my mother made me really confused…

But maybe someday I’ll know what that means…
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25 / F / on Earth XD
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wow...so...i dunno...cute?...touching??
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wow! that was really cute!
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the letters spelled Mikan:]
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24 / F / where the dreams...
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continue! it's cliffhanger!!
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More please =3
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