Is That A Confession?
Posted 1/23/09
“Natsume…” said Mikan in a low pitch

“Hmph?’ mumbled Natsume as he stared at her

“Remember 3 years ago?” asked Mikan


Under the Sakura tree,

“Natsume, you never confessed to me!” complained Mikan

“FYI, I confessed to you!” replied Natsume

“Yah right, saying “From now on you’ll be my girl friend” to me is not romantic at all” complained Mikan while pouting

“Tch. What kind of confession do you want?” asked Natsume who is almost fed up

“A sweet and unique one! In other words, ROMANTIC!” said Mikan blissfully

“Fine, fine, here it is:

The shortest word for me is I

The sweetest word for me is Love

And the only one for me is You

Mikan raised her brow and stared at Natsume for a moment.

“Is that even a confession?” asked Mikan

“…Sort of…” said Natsume uncertainly

Then Natsume slapped himself mentally

“Yeah, that’s my confession!” said Natsume violently

“Mou, how can you not be sure in your confession? Then what about our relationship? Are you not sure in that too?!” shouted Mikan

Mikan complained all day long then it finally came, Natsume couldn’t control his temper anymore.

“Oh, shut up, will you? I don’t give a damn about those ‘confessions’ that you keep complaining about! I don’t need those damn things to show my love for you, I just need my and your existence in this world. If you want a confession so badly, then let me tell you and the whole world that:

I love you so much that flowers can’t compare in your beauty

I love you so much that the sunlight can’t compare in your smile

I even hate myself that I can’t stop loving you so much that my life itself”

Then Natsume sighed and closes his eyes tightly then he opened it.

“Is that a confession?” asked the naïve girl

Natsume slapped his forehead and curses Mikan how dense she is in his mind.

End of Flashback

“Yah, I remember it” said Natsume recalling the past

“Then let me ask you about it, is that a confession?” she asked

“What kind of mind, does this stupid girl has?” asked Natsume in his thoughts

The End
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Posted 1/23/09
hahaha so funny!!!
Alice Student
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Posted 1/27/09
poor natsume! hahaha...
that was so romantic of him
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Posted 4/3/09
Mikan is sooooooooo naive!!!! hehehe..... but the story is cute!!! and funny!!!
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