What Is Love?
Posted 1/23/09
What is Love?

“You’ll know it when you see it”

A 5 year old kid named Natsume just got home from school and went to his mom as soon as possible.

“Oka-san!” shouted Natsume as he hug her

“Nani?” asked Mrs. Hyuuga in a soft tone and pats her son’s head.

Natsume stared at his mom and began to ask a question.

“What is love?” asked Natsume as he stared at his mom.

Mrs. Hyuuga chuckled and bent down to her son’s height.

“You’ll know it when you see it” she whispered to her son

Natsume scratch his head and stared at his mom with a confusing look on his face. Then off he go to his room.

“What does Oka-san’s word meant?” asked Natsume to himself

Next day, Natsume went to school with his buddy named Ruka.

“What’s your snack, Natsume?” asked Ruka innocently

Natsume opened his lunch box and peek at it.

“It’s pizza” replied Natsume “Yours?”

Ruka took a peek on his lunch box.

“Its blueberry muffins” said Ruka while groaning in disappointment

Natsume chuckled and smiled at his friend.

“Narumi-sensei is weird, don’t you think so?” asked Ruka, he completely changed the topic.

“That lunatic?! I don’t give a damn about him” said Natsume flatly

“You’re already saying bad words” scolded Ruka

“Don’t scold me! You’re not my mom!” shouted Natsume creating an ugly face which made Ruka sad

Then the two of them walk together towards the school’s gate

At the classroom,

“Natsume-kun, how are you?” asked a curly green-haired girl who goes by the name Sumire

Natsume ignore the poor girl and went towards his seat and took a nap

After a few minutes, Narumi the adviser finally arrived.

“Good morning, minna-san” sang the teacher out loud

Some replied but mostly ignored him (Poor Naru)

“We have a new classmate today” said Narumi

But everyone didn’t paid attention to him…

“Please come in, Mikan” said Narumi facing the door

Then a pretty brunette wearing frilly pink clothes and her hair is in pig tail style come in.

“Ohayo, minna! Watashi wa Mikan des. Yorusku!” shouted the brunette cheerfully

“KAWAII” shouted some of the classmates

Natsume finally had awoken from his nap and peek at the brunette. His heart was beating mad, his face is all red and he can’t stop looking at her.

Then he slapped himself mentally and tried to act that he isn’t interested at the girl

“Please seat beside Natsume-kun. He’s that boy” said Narumi to Mikan while pointing at Natsume

Mikan walked towards to Natsume and smiled which cause Natsume to blush but he manage to hide it.

“Please take care of me…” said Mikan as she bow down to him to show some respect

“S-sure” said Natsume (A/N: You might find it weird but he’s still a little kid)

Mikan sat down beside Natsume and look at Narumi

“Okay, today’s lesson is what Love is. Please put your answer on a piece of paper. You may start now” said Narumi

Natsume took a piece of paper and a pencil and stared at the blank paper.

Many minutes pass,

“2 minutes left” said Narumi

Natsume couldn’t write a single thing. He still kept staring at blank paper. He scratches his head and slapped his forehead.

Then it struck him, he finally knows the answer. He quickly wrote it down and passed it to Narumi.

Narumi look at the paper and smiled to himself and look at Natsume then he look at Mikan. Everyone was curious what Natsume wrote down.

Do you know what he wrote? It’s…


Now, Natsume finally knows what his mom’s words meant, you’ll know it when you see it

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Posted 1/27/09
wow! that was short but sweet...
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