Define Love
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Define Love: A Mikan version

Define Love: A Mikan version

I beg the principal to let me go inside the academy and he gave me a yes.

As I was walking in the corridors, I saw Sakura Mikan in a baby blue dress with pink ribbons on the bottom. She was walking right towards me.

“Hello” she said to me

“Hello” I greeted her

“Are you new?” she asked me

I ignore her question and put my hands on my pants and left her, then I remember something my mission: To interview some alices and let them define love.

So I went back to Mikan who is standing.

“May I interview you?” I asked

“Sure” she said and smiled

“Define Love” I said to her

“Mmmm… Love is…. Love is…” she said to herself

“I got it! Love is HOWALON cause I love HOWALON” she said

“Hotaru’s right she really is a fool” I thought

“Ja ne” I said to her as I left

I jotted down what she just said on my memo pad which is always with me except when im taking a bath of course.

Then I decided to find my next vict- I mean target YES target..

I chose Natsume Hyuuga



Define Love: A Natsume version

After a long walk I was finally under the Sakura tree where rumors about him and Mikan kissed.

“Natsume, may I interview you?” I asked

Natsume remove his manga a bit just to look at me but he put his manga back on his face again, I was getting impatient.

“Define love” I said to him even though he might not answer back

He jump down and stared at me

“Love is the stupidest word in the world” he said then he left me dumb founded

I jotted down what he said on my memo pad

Define Love: A Hotaru version

I suddenly felt hungry and decided to go to the cafeteria and I saw Hotaru munching her crabs.

Then it struck me, I should interview her too!

I went near her and bowed at her.

“May I interview you?” I asked

“… Sure” she said while munching her crab which probably adore

“Define love” I said

“… Love is waste of time and time is gold so if you’re wasting time, you’re wasting money. Just like what we are doing” she said to me and glared at me.

I felt the chill in my spines and run for my life before she hits me with her baka gun

Define Love: A Ruka version

I jotted down what Hotaru said.

I suddenly loss my appetite and began to roam the whole place.

Then I saw Ruka walking towards me in my direction and I suddenly grabbed his arms which caught him off guard.

“May I help you?” he asked

“Define Love” I said to him

He thought for a moment and he finally said “Love comes when you at least expect it”

Then he left me alone…

I jotted down what Ruka just said.

Define Love: A Yuu version

I saw a door near me and I went in.

It’s the library

I saw Yuu sitting and reading a book called Twilight, he looks absorbed on what’s he is reading.

“May I interview you?” I asked

He put his book down and fix his glasses and stared at me

“Sure” he said

“Define Love” I said to him

“That is easy; Love is a strong liking for someone or something; a passionate affection for another person; object of such affection. I memorize it from Webster’s dictionary” said Yuu to me

I jotted down his words and left him alone

Define Love: An ejo version

After a long day, I sat on the bench and look at my list of definitions.

I wrote at the second to the bottom of what my definition of love is:

Love is like a slipper that can’t move on without its partner

There im finally done I said to myself then I notice something is missing!

And it’s YOUR definition!

Define Love: Your version

I smiled at you and took my memo and ask you this simple question that you have to answer in the review section:

“Define Love”

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define love??love is something what u feel and you're sure it's true...but then again...we can always regret for having such feelings..
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Posted 1/27/09 , edited 1/27/09
definition of love?? hmmm...
its like seeing all the person's flaws but realizing it doesn't really matter if that person is far from being your ideal.

but then again...
i think love is something that can only be described and understood by someone who trully experienced it...
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