DBSK Jokes~
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1.During a fan meeting…

MC: Yoochun sshi, I heard that the members share underwear, is it true?

YC: Yes it is!

JS: Can I answer for him? Actually, when we can’t find our own, we just grab a random one and wear it.


2.MC: I heard that Junsu sshi’s butt tend to stick out, does it cause problems for you?

JS: Problems? (thinks) … NO! (Answers with confidence)

JJ: But its caused problems for me! ...(joins in) When I wear his underwear, it always feels too big!

3.In the variety show <X-man>, the “of course” game, Junsu VS. Yunho…

JS: Hyung! You know there’s something that I’m really not satisfied with…

YH: Eh?

JS: He always takes so long in the wash room… he sings 5 songs and does 3 dances in there… (YH blush)

YH: …Junsu yah, actually I have something that I’m not satisfied with also. Every time we go out, your always the last one to come out.

JS: That’s because you were in the washroom so…

4.Variety show <Love Letter> …

MC: yah, our handsome Changmin! There hasn’t been a lot of trouble for you growing up right?

CM: Actually yeah I did have some problems when I was 10. Everyone has problems in the teenage period, for me… I had a lot of dandruff…

MC: Changmin ah, your mom is here. (Camera points to CM’s mom)

CM: But.. but it’s true…

MC: Even your mom is looking away from you now…

CM (!^_^): Even though it’s a little dirty and messy, I’m used to it now… I even look at how big the dandruffs are in my hair once in a while… (Fans scream)

5. Variety show…

MC: Does Yunho sshi have secrets that we don’t know of?

YH (!-_-): Umm… I don’t know if I should say this but… I kind of have large chests…

MC (O.O?): Do you mean you have a lot of muscles or it’s just big… (The MC did some hand motions with her/his chest)

YH: uh… the front and side are both very … developed

YH (!^_^): Actually, other parts of my body loose fat very easily, it’s just my chest… (does hand motions in front of chest)

YC: Last summer, we were curious on how big it actually is, so we wanted to take pictures… (fans scream)

YH: They told me to take them myself, it was very awkward for me... but Junsu is an expert in this area…

MC: What happened then?

YH: What could I do? I let them do it… Yoochun saved them and sent them to our producer. The reply that we got was: “Who’s this woman?”

6.MC: What about our Changmin? You’re younger, do you have secrets as well?

CM: eh… you know 99.9% of men have all watched those 'special films' before right?

MC (O_O?): then our Changmin is the special 0.01%?

CM: Of course I’m like the average men living on earth!

MC(._.?): Where do you get them from?

CM (serious): I found them online!

YC: One day, I asked him how to download music; he clicked around for a long time and told me… I only know how to download those special films…

MC: So when you recommend it to other people, what are your standards?

CM: Uhh… the length… and…and the visual effects…

7.In one of the fan meetings, they exposed some things that happened before debute…

The members were very nervous on the night before their big debute. Everyone went to bed early for the next day’s big performance…

1 hour later…

JJ screamed: AISH! I CAN’T SLEEP!

After a while YC followed: I CAN’T SLEEP NEITHER!

JS: Yeah! I don’t know why but I just can’t sleep!

CM: I know…

Another hour passed… the members were all starting to fall asleep… then YH suddenly yelled: YAH GO TO SLEEP!

8.The next day, after their debute performance…

JJ: Oh my gosh, I’m so happy! My English teacher from middle school came…

CM: Really? Hyung must be really happy. So which subject did she teach?

JJ (OvO): Korean…

9.After their sucessful debute, their manager decided to treat them to BBQ, JJ was picking his food…

JS: Hyung! Why don’t you like pig tongues?

JJ: Ah, they’re very dirty; they’ve been in the pig’s mouth!

JS: Then what do you like to eat?

JJ(): Eggs…

10.The members were looking back on their trainee days…

MC: I heard you guys worked really hard before debute?

YH: Yeah. We had to go on diets often to keep fit.

YC: We always go to bed without eating dinner…

JS: It was hard for us to sleep because we were so hungry…

JJ: Last time, when Changmin and I really couldn’t sleep, we went out to walk around…

CM: We were really hungry that day, and when we passed a really high class restaurant, the smell of food hit us. Then Hyung asked me: “Do you like that?” I nodded. Hyung looked at me and said: “Then let’s walk back…”

MC: … What happened next… ?

JJ (@[email protected]): We wondered in front of that store until closing time…

11. MC: The members look like a family now, but what were you guys like when you first debuted?

YH: I’m the leader, so when we got together, I told them that from now on, we have to use “our’s” instead of “mine”.

MC: That must have been very heart-warming!

YC (v_v): Yeah! I remember this one day, Jaejoong hyung was showering and he took a long time. When he came out Yunho hyung asked: “What took so long?” Jaejoong hyung answered: “Oh, I was shaving our beard.”

12.TVXQ on a radio show in Korea…

MC: I heard that Yoochun sshi has a habit of asking for gifts…

JS: He does that a lot! And he also like to grab the best gift…

YC (a little embarrassed): Yeah, when it’s almost my birthday, I’ll ask the members… but I don’t do that anymore…

JJ: After a while he turned into a good boy and stopped.

YC: Actually… I’m still hopping for a day when the members can take initiative and give me gifts …

13.JJ loves to film random things…

On a very hot summer night, the members were eating watermelon. Their manager suddenly walked in…

Manager: Can I eat some too?

YC: Hyung… you can eat the seeds and leave the watermelon…

14.SJ’s Heechul visted them last time and was about to leave…

JJ: Have dinner with us before you leave!

HC: That’s ok, I have to go do something.

JJ: What kind of important business is keeping you from dinner?

HC: I have to go eat dinner…

15.Variety show…

MC: Wa, everyone’s grown so much in the past year! (Referring to their photobook)

YH: Yeah, everyone’s changing slowly, but Changmin changes very fast.

CM: I grew? (proud)

YH: Naw, as a person, not really. But you did grow height wise.

CM: (!)

16.In a variety, when the girl guest is getting punished, she can call the black night (which is her male partner) and let him receive the punishment for her. Yoochun was a guest at the show and his partner was about to get punished when he suddenly cut in…

YC: You can call black night in this round right?

MC: Yes! (Admires his braveness)

Girl (Calls out gratefully): BLACK NIGHT!

YC (@[email protected]): Why are you calling me? I was just confirming the rules…

Orig. Credits to Baidu TVXQ Bar...
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24 / F / duh... EARTH?
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lol are these true?
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These made my day xDDD

Numbers 1, 2, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 11, 14 and 16 were my favourites xD (Okay, that's pretty much all of that xD)
JaeJoong is such a funny guy x)
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haha !! they're all funny !! especially the last one !!
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ROFL! I love #11! xD
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KaWd0rablez wrote:

lol are these true?

yes they're true...they're translated from video clips of dbsk..
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F / In Junsu's heart~
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=_= another thread just to share ONE news article/translation ..
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