Post Reply Who do you think Mello is better off with?
Posted 1/23/09 , edited 1/24/09
i think matt because in every scence matt was in he had something 2 do w/ mello in some way and when matt died mello looked so sad so i think there might've been something goin on ;DD

near... mello hates near T_T i dont think if mello "liked" him he would threaten 2 shoot his brains out O__O

well enough said about my opinion im mostly interested in other ppls
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Posted 2/23/11 , edited 2/23/11
I think he's better off with Matt c:

I just can't see Mello/Near happen (much less Near/Mello O.e *shiver* think good thoughts, think good thoughts, make the bad ones go away...). They would probably have a pretty abusive relationship seeing as Mello hates Near's guts.
But then again, I was never much into love=hate relationships.

And no, pointing a gun at Near's head is not "sexual tension." =___=

While Matt and Mello are friends I can imagine their relattionship 8D

Please, if anybody is a Mello/Near fan please don't get mad C: That's just my opinion and you're free to ignore it ^^

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