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Posted 1/23/09 , edited 1/24/09
Spamming and advertising on Crunchyroll is NOT allowed. This may include anything from off-topic comments to ads of different websites to watch anime on. It's AGAINST THE GUIDELINES! Anyhow, many people do not seem to be even paying attention to this, so if you do this, and I see that you do it more then once, you will be reported, and may get banned or deleted. So, this is your last warning. Some people have already been reported~

BasouKazuma posted: (For all series mods)

Simple Guide:

1))Look for duplicate or inappropriate threads. Once you do you should post in the thread with a reason why you are locking it, then lock it and send it to the closed section.

2))Browse the posts in threads for spam, flaming or off-topic comments. Delete them and post in the thread as a warning if necessary. You may also need to PM the user(s) who were breaking the rules and respectfully inform them of what they did wrong.

3))Skim the Wall/GB Posts on the group and delete any spam, flames, and otherwise off-topic comments. If you notice an account that seems to just spam advertisements for other websites, you should go to the user's page and report them first, then delete their comments. A Forum Moderator will see the report and delete the account if necessary.

4))Make sure the Photo Gallery only has pictures relevant to the group and do not contain nudity.

5))If there are users who are repeatedly problematic, you currently don't have the ability to block them from accessing the group so you should ask a Global Forum Moderator to ban them, as long as you have and give a good reason for the ban.

P.S. If you have any questions or concerns, please PM a mod, Adriana13 or xbloodyvalentinex.

***This is just for YOUR reference. Do not reply~***
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