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What are some similar anime to Skip beat?
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Posted 3/3/09
i am going to agree with another poster and say full moon. it deals with the industry and the ugly side of people.
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Posted 3/5/09 , edited 3/6/09
Honey Hunt.
It's almost identical to skip beat.
Main character goes into acting for revenge. Falls in love, seems to have a love triangle.
She is also good at acting unexpectedly...

One thing I need to point out is that I think kyoko's personality is a bit more crazy, and i like that more than the girl in honey hunt. =P
yay for craziness!

[edit] Honey Hunt is a manga, no animation of it has been made ^^;;
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Posted 3/5/09
Special A
Ranma 1/2
kamisama Kazoku
Hakushaku to yosei
hana yori dango is really good....
Ginba Kaleidoscope
Haruhi zusumiya
and Kodocha( kodomo no omocha)

i have some more but them she will have to read alot ......LATER
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