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Posted 1/24/09 , edited 1/28/09
ok here u can ask 4 any tutorial or any questions u have
im going to show how to render/crop pic ^^

Select your Fuzzy Select Tool.

Click on your Fuzzy Select Tool Option Tab, if it not active right now. Do you see the "Threshold"? It VERY IMPORTANT. I will tell you why?

As the selected area expands outward from the center, it does not only propagate to pixels that touch each other: it is capable of jumping over small gaps, depending on Threshold option. To increase/decrease Threshold, during the use of Fuzzy Selection, after the first button-press, dragging the pointer downward (or to the right) or upward (or to the left).

Once you determine the Threshold you want. Start clicking all the spots that you don't want by hold down Shift.

Unfortunately, the Threshold I chosen didn't get those small gap. In order to do this, hold down your Shift and move your Fuzzy Select tool inward until you get those small gaps or click on them as you hold down your Shift.

There you go, now you have the small gaps select too. If you don't believe me then you can compare the picture together.

Right click on the picture go to -> Layer -> Transparency -> Add Alpha Channel

P.s If your Add Alpha Channel option is not available to you that because your picture have an Alpha channel already.

Then hit Delete. There you go.

If there are some unnecessary spots that you don't want then use your Eraser Tool to eraser them.

All Done. See? That wasn't hard XD. I hope this was helpful.

credit to: yukiritsuka
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A wet box under a...
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How do you get all these special brush effects I keep seeing?
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