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Conan walked in to the new build hotel and gazed at the large reception hall. It had crystal chandeliers and the floor was made out of marble. Yet surprisingly the airco didn’t look to work. He wondered if something was wrong with it, but when ran asked him what was wrong.
He forgot all about it and just said: ‘nothing Ran-neechan’. ‘Its just really pretty’. Ran smiled and said: ‘uhuh the interieur of this hotel is absolutely stunning’. ‘It kinda has a romantic vibe’. Conan looked at her and thought: ‘Idiot, the pretty one here is you’.
He walked away and looked at the map of the hotel. The hotel was surprisingly big. It had a pool and restaurant in it. He looked up when he heard a very familiar voice. ‘Oi RAN, over here!!’: sonoko shouted while waving.
Mouri, Ran and himself came to this hotel, because she invited them to come. In this hotel there would be a great party later on the day. A party to welcome Kaitou Kid.

This all happened because Kaito send a new message. The message said:

‘In the next full moon
I’ll take the rough diamond
That shines from within the darkness
As small as it might be
It’s justice will always prevail.

This mysterious message dumbfounded many brains and the conclusion was that it had to be the diamond of the apos-necklace.
This necklace used to be worn by a great actress that was being ignored by the producers. Until she landed a part in a spy drama. She then stood in the spotlight. She already passed away. But her legendary necklace was handed down in her family and her descendants where here with the necklace.
Tonight the party would get started and of course Sonoko was really excited to see her kid-sama again.
Finally the party was starting. Conan quickly fixed his necktie before walking into the large hall. Everybody was dressed op really nice and Ran, Ran was forced on to put on a Chinese dress by Sonoko. And not just any Chinese dress, but one with a high split on the side.
The dress was bloodred and looked stunning on her. Conan caught himself staring at her the entire time. Yet every time his eyes averted to her tighs and he caught himself blushing.
Ran bended over towards him to see if he had a fever. What wasn’t the case. She looked really worried and frownsed. ‘Conan, I think it’s better if you don’t wander off to far’: she said. Conan smiled at her and said: ‘don’t worry ran-neechan’. ‘I’m okay so’. Conan smiled a little goofy and so Ran just nodded.
Then something unexpected happened. The lights went off and the place went dark. Conan ran towards the necklace in the dark thinking that kid couldn’t be far.
Suddenly a large hand clutched his mouth and a weird smell came from the handkerchief. Just before Conan closed his eyes. He thought ‘Chloroform’ and his conscious drifted away.

When he slowly came to he couldn’t see a thing. His wrists hurt and he asked: where am i? and a slightly familiar voice whispered..
welcome to your hell..

conan opened his eyes but was blindfolded and even his hands and feet where hold by a rope. He could not move..

He yelled LET me out!!

Sorry but we cant do that yet.

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