who is who?
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Posted 1/24/09 , edited 1/24/09
here is my bio first. please do it to

Name: Leona

Age: 18

kind: half Elf Vampire and human

characteristic: She is a bit lonely because she has the blood of three kinds. the most of the people araund her avoid to come to close to her. only her brother and her childhoodfriend are close to her.to others is she most conservative but when she have friends in danger she can become realy persistant to fight. most of the time she is in her human or elf form but when she dont have a other chance she wake her inner vampire up.


Leona in her human form

her elf form

and at lasther vampire form
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Posted 1/25/09
Sia is a great fighter and is a pessismist. She doesn't remember her past to well but doesn't dwell on it either
Human Form:

Wolf Form:
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Posted 1/25/09 , edited 2/15/09
Name : Rukia
aged : 15
kind : pure vampire
bio : a unknown vampire who is very lonely..sometimes shes cheeful and sometimes not
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24 / F / Living in my Story
Posted 2/3/09
Name:Amber Li


Kind:Wizard Ninja
Amber is the youngest in the richest family
She have a Beautiful voice her mother died at the
age 7. her father remarried and her stepmother was
very kind and gentle. Her stepmother love her like a child
She have 2 older ,2 older stepbrother and 1 younger stepbrother.
They love her like a value daimond in their lives. Amber was suppost to
get marry to her aunt's 2nd child at the age of 23. In her school is special
because she is train to become the protector of the earth.


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F / In a corner .
Posted 2/12/09
Name: Erica

Age: 12

kind: Wind Phoenix

She's friendly and everyoen loves her. She lives in the human wold but luvs to fly around everywhere in the phoenix kingdom. She's optimistic and not a pessimist. She defends anyone close to her. She lives happily with her parents and brother. SHe plays the guitar and Loves to play video games and computer

( human form is different clothes without wings)
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25 / F / iN yOuR hEaRt~♥
Posted 2/15/09 , edited 2/15/09
Name: Yaya

Age: 16

Kind: Pure Vampire

Characteristic: Yaya experienced alot of things in her life. She lives in a small town & protects it from the other unkown creatures. She tries not to be exposed in her mission.She has her little black cat. When she transforms, everything changes about her like a totally different person. Her family were killed because some of her family were half humans. After all what she's been through she wants to do her best even if shes alone. She practices everyday for her skills to get better & so that she could fight really well. She doesnt trust unknown creatures & she when ever there danger. She would save them even it costs her life.

Posted 4/18/09
Info: Her father is Dr.Kurama (Elfen Lied). She is a sweet gentol girl. She loves making friends and her family. Her father never locked her up like he did to her sister. Whatever you do never ever get her mad it may be the last thing you do.
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