How Do You Feel About the Current Economy?
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Posted 1/24/09
Hello. If you would kindly take the time to answer the questions below for my project that would be extremely kind of you. The questions relate to the current economic situation and how the people who live in the United States feel about the economy.

Question 1: How do you think the dollar will do this year? Will it weaken? Please explain.

Question 2: I have heard from and read from many sources that say the recession is caused by lack of confidence of consumers. Do you agree? Please explain.

Question 3: How much do you usually on average spend on gifts for holidays? Do you intend to cut back? Please explain.

Question 4: There have been an increasing amount of layoffs lately. Do you feel the pressure? Please explain.

Question 5: What do you believe is the cause of the current economic situation? Please explain.
Posted 1/24/09
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~reported being a idiot and making a personal thread ^____^
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Posted 1/24/09
1 yes because my teacher says so

2 no its all bush's fault cuz my teacher says so

3 i dont buy any presents unless its for myself

4 no because i dont have a job

5 started ever scince bush came into office and destroyed this wonderful country regan and clinton made. giving republicans a bad name and ACTUALLY GOT A DEMOCRAT to be president DAMN LIBERALS
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Posted 1/24/09
personal threaddddddddddddddd
Posted 1/24/09

Kippu wrote:

US Economy Collapsing Death to Fed
The incoming economic break

You can use the thread stated above or posted it in the homework group

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