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F / My own world
Posted 12/17/10 , edited 12/17/10
quotes:star always beautiful
size(tall,short): tall
colors: anything is blue
others(brushes): (at the colors)
animated?(takes longer):random

Posted 1/5/11 , edited 1/5/11

Name: Qwaser_Rossario
Quotes: Awww..yes, you're so kawaii ♥
Size(Tall,Short):tall & thin
Colors: something that matches
Others(Brushes): brushes
Animated?(Takes Longer): no
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22 / F / Japan
Posted 1/26/11 , edited 1/27/11
Name: Lil_Pri
Quotes:" I Love You Forever And Ever Even When The World Ends.."
Size(Tall,Short): Tall And Thin
Colors:Anything Awesome Random And CUTE!!
Others(Brushes): Anything Awesome, Cute, Matches Me and profile
Animated?(Takes Longer):NO DX
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Posted 2/24/11 , edited 2/24/11
Name: Risa_Chibi
Quotes: "To whom you really love someone, can't get this feeling out."
Size(Tall,Short): 200x600 (this size)
Colors: any its up 2 you
Others(Brushes): textures, notebook, any effects
Animated?(Takes Longer): scans (goes up and down)
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Posted 5/21/11 , edited 5/21/11
Name : fofo88
Quotes : here there and every where !
Size(Tall,Short) : tall and thin
Colors : bright or colorfull
Others(Brushes) : anything ^^
Animated ? (Takes Longer) : NO
Picture : In Spoiler
Posted 6/12/11 , edited 7/2/11
Request Form:
Name:Hshan, Teheee
Quotes: Teheee, Snoreeee
Size(Tall,Short): Tall & Thin
Colors: Up to You ;D
Others(Brushes): Brushes and anythinq nice?
Animated?(Takes Longer): No thanks.
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23 / F / Stafford, Texas
Posted 9/23/11 , edited 9/24/11
Request Form:
Name: ProxGirl
Quotes: I'm the one and only NibbPower
Size(Tall,Short): Tall
Colors: Every single color you think it'll be great
Others(Brushes): It doesn't matter.
Animated?(Takes Longer): No thank you. (:
Posted 1/16/12 , edited 1/17/12
name: yui-chan
Quotes:"there’s nothing more depressing than having it all and still feeling sad."
Size(Tall,Short):tall and thin
Colors: anything that matches
Others(Brushes): brushes,textures....nice stuff
Animated?(Takes Longer): no,but thanks
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Posted 6/16/12 , edited 6/16/12
Name: Eliza-chi
Quotes: Forget the yanyan, I has Pocky!
Size: Short, thin
Colors: Purple and yellow
Brushes: Brushes and anything nice and or random
Animated: Not animated
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23 / F / School Time!
Posted 8/6/12 , edited 7/22/13
Name: dbskhey123
Quotes: dbskhey123
Size(Tall,Short): thin and tall
Colors: gray and pink
Others(Brushes): swirls
Animated?(Takes Longer): no
Picture: In Spoiler
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