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okay so I've been reading a lot of Fanfictions recently
so i finally decided to give writing FF a try!
anywayz...this is my first time and feel free to give me criticism
im gonna to utua and kukai cuz i think they would be REALLY cute together
i was gonnna do amuto...but there's so many FF of those two... so i decided to do something different

writer: rainfall22 (MEE!!)
fictional characters: um...none for now?
pairings: utau and kukaii!!!!!

disclaimer: i do not own shugo chara or any of the characters, i only own this fanfic!!

chappiee 1!!!
Utaus POV


i stormed out the door, forgetting to put on a disguise. All heads turn to me and everyone gasps, HOSHINA UTAU?!?!?!?!! i run for it....stupid ikuto...i cant beleive he left without me!



"okay okay....bye"

end of flashback

ugh....stupid hinamori amu..
shit they're fast! WHY IS THIS HAPPENING TO ME???
dammit now the paparazzi is here too!! UGH the teacher is going to kill me!!

Normal POV
As Utau was dashing done the street trying to escape the paparazzi, kukai was depressed after being dumped by amu....he always knew that she only liked him like a brother and that she liked ikuto ...but it still hurt....utau turns at a corner and ...
BAM they bumped into each other as utau tripped and landed in Kukai's arms.All her fans wondered, where did utau go?

utau: ehhh? let go of mee!!(turning bright red)
kukai: shut up people are still looking for you!
utau: and why do you care? >_>
kukai: well if they see you now they'll think im your boyfriend...
utau: UGH im going to be late for school!!! SHIT im going to get detention again!
kukai: detention, school ? today's a saturday.
utau: NANI???? so when ikuto told me to get up...OMG, I HAVE A RECORDING SESSION TODAY
kukai mumbles:what a dumb blonde..
utau: EXCUSE ME?!?!?!
kukai:ahh gomenai gomenai...wait your ikuto's sister?
utau: uhuh..and i might not be the smartest*glare*.... but im a great singer*blush*
kukai: i know :)*blush*
iru: you guys are still in eachother's arms...

Both of them move apart abruptly and started blushing some more. Utau hurrily said bye and hurried to the studio.
sanjou: UTAU!!?!?!?! where were you? your half an hour late and you didnt answer your phone!
utau: ah gomenai...i ran into some troubles.
Utau blushed remembering what happened and went into the studio and sang...

Kukai's POV

*sigh* Today's been a long day. I look up at the sky and wonder...when's the next time im going to meet
Utau? *chuckes* That was some encounter. It's so funny seeing her get so fustrated.Hmm...the sister
of ikuto huh?

daichi: Utau's pretty cute ne kukai? i know your still getting over amu but-
kukai: shut up daichi. Just dont mention talk about amu okay?

*sigh* amu.... i saw it coming but it still hurt...besides we were never exactly boyfriend-girlfriend
i guess to amu im just a brother..

kukai:oh gomenai its just that..well remember when that lady offered to make me a star?
daichi: ya...what does that have anything to do with this?
kukai: hmm..maybe i will accept it.
daichi: ?

Maybe i can show people that i can do other things other than sports. I always did like singing.
Utau...who really are you?

Utau's POV

I wonder whens the next time i'll see kukai again *blush*...

eru: aww are you thinking about kukai?
iru: why would she be thinking about him?
eru: ITS LOVEEE!!!!
utau: sh-shutup! i dont like him he's an idiot. He's just some soccer jock from school
and he's not half as hot as ikuto-kun.

*sigh* i look up at the sky and wonder. Ikuto already has amu...but why do i even like ikuto?
he is my own brother what have i been thinking?Ikuto doesnt even care about me most of the time
love is a complicated thing...why does kukai make my heart beat so fast !?!?!!

kukai...just who are you?


authour's comments: okay so how was it?????okay its pretty short but i'll try to write longer ones next time. its is my first time. Please comment people!! i know im not that good of a writer but i got inspired by all these people..(too many to name) so yaa....if its bad i wont continue it so no worries
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!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GOOOOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!KEEP GOING!!!! U R SOOO AWESOME!!!! I LUV IT!!!!!! ARG!!!CANT WAIT TILL NXT CH!!!!! xD WOOOOT!!!! and haha i did lyk that pairing a lot too!! they match eachother soo wel!! ^^ good choice!! ^^
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im am BACK!!

aww only one comment
well thank youu soo muchhh *hug*

writer: rainfall22
fictional characters: soon to be one!!! ( i havent thought of a name for him yet -_-")
pairings: utau and kukai (well ikuto and amu but thats kinda jus at the sidee....)

disclaimer: i do not own shugo chara! or any of the characters. i only on this fanfic

Chapiee 2!!!

Kukai's POV

I wake up and trip over my guitar case. ow!! that hurt >_> my guitar...
its been such a long time since i played. where was that business card that lady
me? UGH why is my room so messy!?!? ahh there we go, Sanjou Company (authors comments: i dont know alright, i just made that up)
Why did i quit playing music? Being a soccer player is going to be hard, but being in the music industry is going to be hard too.
*sigh* im not that good at playing soccer anyway...and maybe i'll get to see utau. *chuckles*
I dial the number on the card and wait.

"Moshi, Moshi, Sanjou Company."
" this sanjou-san? remember when you asked me if i wanted to become a star?"
"hai. I saw potential in you but i warn you, being in the entertainment industry is tough."
"I know. Can i come over to the studio at 1?"
"okay see ya bye"

For once i feel really excited! I take a shower and change. i take out my guitar.
OMg, It's all dusty. I play a few notesand carefully put it away. WHile I do my bed, I see a egg with a music note on it.

Utau's POV

"Utauuuu-chaaan wake uuuppp its alreaaady 12!"

I groan. OMg its bright. Did i seriously sleep that long? I walk/trip down the stairs to find a note and the kitchen table.

Dear Utau,
I'm going shopping with Amu today. There's some sandwiches in the frige.
I'm sorry i cant go to your concert tonight.


UGHH. he;s out with amu. AGAIN. he couldve at least came to my concert >_> i wonder if kukai's going?
i know he's a jock and all but maybe i should invite him. I still havent thanked him from saving me from complete embarrasement.

I look out the window and see..KUKAI?? wait is that a guitar case he's carrying?
i had no idea he was so...musical? he looks kinda hot in american eagle (author's comments: okay well waht else am i suppose to write?)
*blush*....OMG no i dont like him. utau there are plenty of guys out there who would bow before you
so why would i bother with a guy like him who always laughs at me!

I quickly change and dash out the door. SHIT! i forgot to where a disguise again. WHy does my house have to be beside a park? where ALOT of people are?

"HOSHINA UTAUU???" Everyone gasps. Fangirls and guys start screaming and chasing after me

Kukai turns and chuckles. UGh that idiot COME HELP ME!!!

Kukai's POV

*chuckles* That idiot. She's getting mobbed again. Should i help her? not that mean to leave a damsel in distress alone
BUT she has to learn to wear a disguise or deal with her fans. *laughs* this is just so funny.
Hmm...maybe its about time i help her.

Normal POV

Kukai starts playing his guitar infront of the crowd. He was good. Really good.
Everyone was so distracted that Utau had time to put on a hat. He started singing Tongue Tied by Faber Drive.

Everyone was starstruck. tHere was an empty silence before the crowd erupted in applause.

Utau's POV

Oh. My. God. He's so good! who knew he had talent in music! *blush* i would make a good star...he looks so happy right now
he's looking right at me, laughing, he looks so happy...he's pretty hot...*blush*... wait is he laughing AT me?!?!!UGH that idiot >_>

Kukai's POV

*blush* everyone's clapping for me...HA! Utau looks so shocked...*chuckles* at least she was smart enough to put on a hat now.
I look at her and start laughing. For a second there i thought she was blushing...OMG its almost 1!! im gonna be late!
*sigh* all utau's fault >_>...i couldnt leave her alone afterall...

I take one last look at Utau, and walk away. I can't stop smiling. I hurry to the studio and see Sanjou-san waiting impatiently.

"oh gomenai..i ran into some trouble..."
"*sigh* that's alright, now i want you to go to Hoshina Utau's Concert tonight.I want you to perform as a guest. If you do it well it will be your debut, if not, i guess you won't be star anytime soon."

Normal POV

Kukai walks back home, trying to decide on a song to do. *brriinngg briiingg* (phone)

"moshi moshi, kukai speaking."
"Hi, its sanjou, be backstage at 3 okay?"
"alright bye."

Utau sees kukai talking on the phone and walks over. She can't help but ask about his performance

"Kukai! congratulations on your performance! and thanks for helping me before..."
"Ne, Utau, are you alright? your being awfully nice today."

Utau turns bright red and stomps away. Kukai follows her laughing.

" I'm going to be watching you perform tonight...if fact your concert is suppose to help me debut."
" your kidding.:O"
"*laughs* you know you want me to be there."
"NO you IDIOT! *humph* i have to prepare now so bye!"
" byee hoshina utau, see you at the concert!"

Utau starts blushing as kukai emphasized her name. Kukai laughs and walks home.

Utau's POV

that stupid idiot...why do i always get so worked up around him! And why is my stupid heart always beating
so fast around him!?!?! And that smile of his..WAIT why am i thinking about him?!
okay utau calm down. you have to look good at this concert. OMG HE's going to watch me perform!!
EH?!? *sigh* It's going to be one long night....

Kukai's POV

*sigh* im so nervous right now...This is going to be one long night.. *chuckles* Utau is so fun to tease...

At that moment, i realized that i havent thought about amu for a long time and i used to be crazy about her. Am i really over her?
Yesterday morning it felt like my world was falling apart...but ever since i met Utau (like starting talking to her..), I started to play the guitar and sing again, i feel like a whole new person, i have a second egg...i wonder what's to come?

OMG its already 2:30!! I rush out the door and decided to pass by Utau's house (author's comments: okay let's just pretend that Kukai knows where her house is because he was stalking her one time (( by accident, they live close to each other)) home)
i wonder if she left yet..hahaa...probably not, but maybe she has to be there at a different time.

In the middle of my thoughts she comes storming out the door, in a mess.

"Utau?" i cant help but laugh. She was spazzing at her chara's and when she saw me her jaw looked like it was about to fall off.
"K-Kukai?W-What are you doing here?"
"im walking there, its not so far."
"oh alright..."

SHIT it;s 2:45 It takes about 20-25 minutes to walk. I grab Utau's hand and run.

Utau's POV

EH?? why did he grab my hand? i look at him blushing. OMG why is he running to fast? After a couple of blocks i get out of breath and stop.

"Utau? what's wrong?"

i couldnt say anything, i was too tired. Im not him, the jock, i cant run that long. He laughs and tells me to climb on his back. I feel my face turning red. I guess i have no choice. I nod but instead of me climbing on his back, he lifted me up. Bridal style. He chara changed with Daichi and we got there in no time.

"Ne, kukai, why were we running? i didnt see any paparazzi or anything."
"you idiot >_>....we were going to be late if we didnt run." We talked wh- or i mean argued while we were walking. Sanjou is getting so freaked out because we still werent there. She sees us and looks so relieved!

" Where have you guys been???oh never mind just go get changed and get your makeup done."


I hurrily change into my outfit. I still dont know what song im going to sing for my choice. Sanjou said i have to sing certain songs but i have one of my choice....what song should i pick?? hmm...what song is kukai singing? he said he wanted to sing a song for someone...does he have a girlfriend? why does that thought make me sad??*sigh* i wonder if kukai's nervous...because even I'm nervous..when i never am...ugh its all kukai's fault>_>...but why should i care if he was here or not? Did i really fall for kukai?

Kukai's POV

While they were doing my hair and all i was panicking. i still had no idea what song to sing. I wonder what song Utau's gonna sing. She said she wanted to dedicate it to someone special. Does she have a boyfriend? why does the thought of that make me a bit sad..? Did i really fall for her? *sigh* i look at the second egg. I wonder when it will come out?

Normal POV

It was finally show time. Both kukai and Utau decided to dedicate it to someone special, only they didnt know, it was for eachother. Utau is done all the songs she was suppose to sing, leaving only the song of her choice. She sang with all her might, afterall it was for her special someone. Love you so by Natalie (authour's comments: i love this song!! i think its like perfect for this. READ THE LYRICS!! or even better, LISTEN TO IT!! )

Utau was looking at Kukai the whole time as kukai was looking at utau. They were in there own little world. Only the applause of the audience broke the spell. They were both blushing as they realized that. Sanjou then came up and introduced Kukai, the next superstar. He sang, Crush by David Archeleta. He was good. Just as good as before. or even better. But both of them still didnt realize, that the songs, were for eachother. What will become of the one star and one soon to be star? Will it stay a secret forever?


Author's comments: YAYY!! another chappie done....comment pleaseee!!! i think this one was pretty long. oh and HAPPY NEW YEAR GUYS!!!!<3 *hugs*
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did you listen to love you so?? OMG i love that song....
Posted 1/27/09 , edited 1/28/09

rainfall22 wrote:

did you listen to love you so?? OMG i love that song....

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i have good tastee!!! thank youu soo muchhh!!
wahhh still only one comment -_-"...oh well...(am i that bad at writing??)

im really starting to like this fanfic i wrote!! utau and kukai are just so cute together...omg i couldnt write lately cuz of chinese new year and stuff...hahaa i skipped school on monday to celebrate !! and then on tuesday i had to catch up on monday's work...and omg why do all good things have to endd?? okay well im gonna stop rambling on now...

Here's chapter 3!!

Chappie 3!! :O!!

Kukai's POV

*yawn* why did the concert have to be on a sunday night? im so friggin tired! I look at the clock.

8:50 a.m.

SHIT! i only have ten minutes to get to school. Ugh..why didnt mom wake me up?!?!*sigh*
i hurrily change into my outfit and books and dash out the door. I look at my watch.

8:55 a.m.

OMG im going to be late! daichi, chara change! Just as im sprinting to school, i crash into a blonde who apparently is doing the same thing.


"AND YOU THINK IM not going TO BE LATE???!!"

they both glare at each other...evily...and then daichi speaks up,
"wouldnt it be a good idea to get to school first *sweatdrops*"

an idea comes in to me head...heheee..

Utau's POV

StUPID KUUKAII!! that idiot >_>

"hey i bet you i can get there faster then you" i just cant turn down a challenge.

"bring it on."

we dash down the street and just as the bell rings we somehow made it on time.

"HAAHA you losee!!"

"shut up kukai>_> you cheated!"
"your just afraid to admit it." i smack him in the head and walk to class...or my like stomping..

that arragont jock.... a bunch of girls surround him with heart in their eyes.
i cant help but be annoyed...*pang* why do i care? ugh he's just messing with me
i blush a bit remembering what happened yesterday.. wait there's no way i can like him
or vice only feeling this way cuz he stole the attention from me...YES that's it...
but there is still guys surrounding my desk..why must i be so popular even when im not hoshina utau??

the second bell rings and everyone goes back to there seat. Thank goodness
i dont think i could've stood another moment of those snobby girls looking at kukai like that.
the teacher starts talking but im not paying attention... i start doodling absentmindly.

i put on my bored look and pretend to do my work. the margins are filled with hearts saying
U+K=love forever and things like that. wait WTH?? i cross out the ddoodles and throw the paper away.
The teacher comes up to me and says. "tsukiyomi-san? can you stop day dreaming and start your test?"
The class looks up and gasps.

i give him my best glare and start solving the problem.I hear everyone going, utau-chan is so cool!!ugh. Five minutes later im
staring out the window. I look over to kukai. I blush and look back at my work. UGH i dont
get this. am i really a dumb blonde?? i dont understand why we numbers have to be replaced
by letters!! isnt the whole thing a bit POINTLESS!! maybee i shouldve listen when the teacher
was teaching but....omg its already 11:00....HOW AM I SUPPOSE TO FINSIH THISS????

Kukai's POV

i look over at utau and blush. She's really pretty. At school no one knows she's hoshina utau.
funny thing is that she's still super popular. Tsukiyomi Utau. At school she clips up her bangs
and leaves her hair out. She wears these nice black glasses. hang on...i should be doing her work
not thinking about her....ugh okay so now back to the last question.

Normal POV

Utau was still stuck on the first question when the bell rang.

"what you havent finished will be homework" said the teacher. no one was really listening since
everyone almost finished...well except for utau. Kukai is surrounded again by fangirls with
hearts in their eyes. Utau gets jealous and walks out of the class. She walks to the cafeteria
followed by a crowd of guys yelling " u-utau-chaan, aisheteru!,utau-chan marry me!"
Utau put her bored on a bored expression and looked over to kukai. Coincidentally they're eyes met
and there was somehow this connection. kukai rolled his eyes, and utau have a knowing smile.

the bell rang again to go back to class. While everyone was getting their books, kukai went up to utau and said,

"hey i couldnt really eat cuz those fangirls were surrounding me...*cough* you want to go eat ramen or something
after school."

Utau, thinking he was just teasing her so she flipped her hair and said," psh why would i want to?"
Kukai was crushed but hid it giving her a cheery smile and waving good bye, but he couldt fool utau;

"WAIT!uh...i love ramen guess i willl go with you" said Utau blushing.

they smiled at each other and walked to class.

Utau's POV

kYAAAA!!! does that mean its a daateee? ugh no were just eating romantic is that?
*evil smile* but i love ramen so...wiat how did he know taht? omg im thinking too much.
he probably likes it too tahts all. yes thats it..nothing else...

"TSUKIYOMI UTAU! tahts the second time today! do you wANT a dettention?"

NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! my date with kukai?!!! WAIT DATEEE?!?!

"gomenai sensei. i promise i wont do it again. do i still get detention?" i put on my puppy face:(

"*twitch* more time and you will..."

hehee no one can resist tskuyomi utau's puppy face! (a.n.=authours note: okay i know this is not utau's character but i just couldn't help but put it in.
i see kukai trying to hold in his laughter. taht stupid idiot >_>...okay so maybe
i have some childish sides. he should'nt even be talking! humph...

Kukai's POV

its really hard not to laugh right now. Utau sees me and sends me a death glare. i smirk.
i cant beleive the teacher fell for it...and i cant beleive the oh so cool and independent
utau, would do taht. the teacher kind of whispered all that into her ear while the class was doing a test,
so only kukai would hear. okay i admit it, i was glancing her way every few minutes so yes tahts how i saw
she's still glaring at me and i imitate her puppy face. She gets really red and if eyes could kill
i'd be long gone. i smirk again and go back to doing my test. i can tell she's really annoyed because there's this dark aura around her.
hehee...this will be interesting (a.n. i know this isnt really like kukai, but lets just say he acts differnt around utau.)

Normal POV

the bell rings and everyone goes home. Kukai waited outside for utau. He was playing soccer
with tadase (a.n. *barf*) while he waited. Kukai saw utau come out, and quickly said bye to tadase.
he didnt want his friend thinking all sorts of things. Its hard for tadase to keep secrets.
Not that kukai cared if it was a secret because there was nothing tehre anyway (a.n. *cough* yea right...)
He ran up to her cheerfully and when utau saw him she got that dark aura back again. Kukai noticed
that utau took her diguise off(except for the glasses and she added a hat)and her regualr hairstyle was back.

"YOU! if you tell anyone you won't be here to see tomorrow!!!"

"omg im sooo scared." replied kukai sarcastically. Utau sends him more death glares.
"*chuckles* fine...i wont....if you win the bet."

"what bet?" utau raised her eyebrows.

"if you win the eating contests for ramen, i wont tell anyone. if you lose...well i'll have to think about taht."

" bring it on." she just couldnt turn down a challenge besides, she knew she would win.
" oooh i admire a strong women." kukai smirked. With that kukai walked ahead.what he didnt see was
utau's blushing face which quickly turned into a glare as she followed him

Utau's POV

taht stupid idiot! *laughing evily* he wont know what hit him. who would think an idol like me won every eating
contests thrown her way. HA! We walk side by side and chat about school and stuff.
i look over at him and smile. I just cant help it. The way he full of energy and
that cheerful smile...WAIT im suppose to be planning my evil Revengee!??!!


we arrive at the ramen shop and both of our eyes twinkle in excitement.

"whoever finishes four bowls of ramen the fastest wins."

"oh your going down!"

Normal POV

Both of them were determined to win. Coincidetally Yaya was there and was now apparently the judge.
Yaya's jaw dropped right open. (a.n. omfg :O!!XD) both of finished 4 bowls of ramen in 2
minutes and 30 seconds!! Yaya couldn't beleive her eyes. First of all, HOW DO PEOPLE EAT SO
FRIGGIN FAST!!?!?!?!? and second, UTAU?? surprises surprises.


"NANII?!?!?" utau and kukai say at once. They start arguing about the bet and yaya decided to break it up.
"oh cmon you guys, it was just an eating competetion. Just do it another day:)"

kukai and Utau glared at each other and left the ramen shop leaving the confused yaya. When they were outside, kukai burst out laughing.
utau raised her eyebrows with the whatthehellareyoudoing look.

"did you see Yaya's face? haha...well now how do you know im not going to tell everyone about it?"
"you wouldnt."
"oh?and how do you know that? I even got a video of that eating competetion!"
"calm down i was kidding..." Kukai dragged her somewheree...

Utau's POV

He better be kidding. He then gave me one of those kind but teasing smiles that i lov- i mean hate.
It was pretty late at night and i realized i was alone with kukai and still holding his hand.
I start to blush and kukai let go of my hand and started blushing...

Kukai's POV

Utau starts blushing and i realize why. I let go of her hand, and-omg she looks so cute when she's blushing.
I look into her eyes, and saw complete innocent. Different from the usual utau.
I dont know what posessed me. but somehow it felt right.

Utau's POV

I look into Kukai's emerald eyes and i dont know why, but i leaned in...

Kukai's POV

and i closed my eyes...and felt her lips against mine. It was short and sweet. I look down at my feet, embarrassed,OMG
i just kissed utau! she's really going to kill me..or so i thought. I look up and
see her pink face...her eyes were wide open and her fingers lingering on her lips.

" dont know what happened. Its not like it meant anything." i quickly stammered..
"um..ya...thats okay, it was just an accident right? It was probably from all that ramen" said utau laughing nervously
"see ya tomorrow?"

I take a deeep breath and look at the sky.Why? it just ruined everything between us. Just an accident huh?
why? do i feel like my world is falling apart again? why am i so crushed by what she said?
My first sorry if i stole your first kiss..god why did things have to turn out this way? whyy??

Utau's POV

did i kiss him? or did he kiss me?? not like it meant anything...why is it that i feel so depressed by what he said?
it was my first kiss! but in a way im glad it was with kukai..-wait i mean like...oh i..
i feel so lost right now...eru and iru disappeared for a while...i wonder where they went...
He said it didnt mean anything, but how come his eyes didnt quite convince me? so much stuff has happened lately.
I go home and lie on my bed staring at the ceiling. Kukai..what do you really think of me?
I dont know if this is love...but ever since ikuto i havent been able to love anyone else.
kukai...why do you make me feel this way? *sigh* i turn on my Ipod on listen to some music.
Love you so by Natalie comes on...i love that song...kukai who is your special one? i feel
so sad knowing there was no way it could be have my hopes up but then dashed...
Ikuto comes in and i realize this is the first time ive actually seen him in a while...
but i dont really care....

"ne utau why are you crying?" my amethyst-violet eyes(a.n. is that how you spell it??) widened in shock.
I touch my cheek. Sure enough, salty tears were rolling down my cheek.


mwuahaha sorry about the cliffy ending...
i just had to!! you like it so far??? do you think its too short? or too long? plz tell me what you think! comments plz!!
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okayy.. so i have so problems

i decided to change tthee title to Just my luck
but i dont know how to change it on the title of the furom thingy...HELP PLZ

OMG chappie 4!!!!! : O what’s going to happen!?

Utau’s POV

Stupid Kukai….>_<
Why does he make me feel this way? I look at the clock.

8:30 a.m.

If I don’t get up soon, I’ll be late….*Sigh* ….i don’t want to see Kukai today…its just going to be so awkward. I touch my lips. Kukai and me…
I shake my head and take a deep breath. I tell myself, Utau calm down…just forget about him…its not like he matters to you. UGH! I cant lie to myself!!! I take a quick shower, change and walk out the door.

Eru says, “Utau-chaannn, why are you so upset? You were so happy yesterday with Kukai. Besides you finally saw Ikuto.”
Iru smacks Eru in the head and whispers to her, “BAKA!! Don’t mention Kukai! She’s obviously upset because of him.”


*sigh* why is Eru so clueless?

“Eru, I don’t like Ikuto anymore…I…I think I like Kukai.” I start to blush. There. I admitted it. Eru and Iru shut up because they knew I needed time to think.

Eru’s POV ( : O )

I’m not an idiot…besides I finally got Utau to admit it! HA! I even got it on tape! Utau’s too stubborn. Ah…teenage love. I hope Utau is okay though. It’s a good thing I decided to pair them up. And people say I have no matchmaking skills!

Kukai’s POV

I’m walking with my friends to school when I see Utau talking to her charas.
“Hey, guys I have to go somewhere first. See you guys in class!”

I jog over to Utau. I heard Utau say something. “Eru, I don’t like Ikuto anymore….I…I think I like Kukai.” I remember yesterday’s kiss. Didn’t she say it was just an accident? I start to blush. Utau…liking me? *smirk* I walk up to her quietly and whisper “ BOO!” into her ear. Utau jumps up startled.


“You’re so easy to scare. I’m sorry I can’t help myself…its just too funny.”

Utau’s POV

I send him a death glare and walk away. I sense him following me. Am I just a toy to him?!?!? Okay. I decided. I am going to forget about Kukai. It hurts too much to see him. I admit it. I will still like Kukai…but…he doesn’t like me that way…so there is no point. Besides this is just…oh I wish I could tell someone how I feel. I look at my cell phone. 8:55 a.m. *sigh*. I start walking faster and ignore Kukai calling my name. Kukai runs and catches up with me.
“Utau, why are you walking so fast? There’s still 5 minutes and we’re not that faraway…”
“What do you want Kukai?” I snapped. Can’t he see that I need some time alone?!!?
“um…about yesterday’s kiss…”
I interrupted him, “Just forget about it.”
Kukai looks so shocked…and a bit hurt? I can’t take it. I want to run out of there so badly but I just continued to walk away leaving a shocked Kukai standing there. I hold back tears as I walk into the classroom. UGH! Utau, when did you become so weak?

Kukai’s POV

Why…is Utau so upset? Did I just ruin her life with the kiss? She obviously likes someone else…or else why would she be so mad? But didn’t she just say she liked me? *sigh* I walk into my classroom and I see Utau already at her desk. She was looking at the window, looking bored but I could tell she was really pissed off…and somewhat upset. Is she really that mad? I look over to what everybody’s crowding around. My eyes widened. On the front cover of a magazine was a picture of me and Utau kissing the other night. Well the popstar Utau. Her arms were around my neck and mine were around her waist. We looked like the perfect couple. I try to act like my cheerful self.

“Hey guys, what’s that?”
“Hoshina Utau has a mysterious boyfriend!!” screamed one of the fangirls and she continues to read aloud. “Hoshina Utau, and her mysterious boyfriend were seen kissing yesterday night. Who exactly is this lucky guy? Many people have come to the conclusion that it’s Souma Kukai?!?!”
Everyone gasps and looks at me(excluding Kukai and Utau). I look over to Utau. She was looking over here with her eyebrows raised and the whatkindofrubbish is this look. She obviously cared. One of the fanboys said, “Keep on reading.”
“…He debuted at Utau’s concert and looks a lot like the guy in the photo. Hoshina Utau is having an interview with E-news tonight and….”

Utau’s POV

I couldn’t stand it anymore. I stood up slamming my books against the desk.
“What kind of rubbish is that?”
“Humph. Utau-chan I think your just jealous because the all the attention is on Hoshina Utau and not you, Tsukiyomi Utau.” Said Sonya. “ OHOHOHOHO”
(a.n. Sonya is Saaya’s older sister.)

“As if.” I flip my hair and sit back down. I hear the fanboys screaming, “So cool and mysterious!!!”

Me and Kukai? Together?! What garbage! I do NOT like him that way! It’s just because we kissed…so…
Ugh…stupid paparazzi.

The bell rings and everyone goes back to their seat. The teacher starts the lesson but I’m not even listening. I’m staring out the window as I think of what recently happened. Kukai…I guess it was mean of me to snap at him like that…but what else could I do to keep him away from me? Do I really want to forget him…? In the middle of my thoughts the teacher calls me.

“Tsu-ki-yo-mi Utau. Can you please answer the question?”

oh shit…what was she talking about…


I see Kukai turn around (he sits like diagonally from her..?) and showed her a paper with the answers on it.

“Um…it’s impossible because a triangle can only have 180 degrees and two right angles already make 180.”

The teacher looks extremely shocked. I put on my bored look again and start playing with my pen (a.n. like spinning it around…I do it all the time in class =3). I really have to thank Kukai. He still helped me even though I was so mean to him. Now I feel like a jerk. I’ve never felt like a jerk before. Why does Kukai make me act so different? No…its impossible for us to like each other. I can’t say at the interview that we’re not together and I don’t like him though. It’ll ruin my image. Omfg…..what do I should I do?!?!?

The day slowly passes by and it’s finally time to go home. I hurry to the studio and change. I unclip my bangs and put up my hair in pigtails. I took off the coloured contacts and I’m Hoshina Utau. *smirk* that Sonya is so stupid. Hoshina Utau, Tsukiyomi Utau, it’s the same person. I wonder what she would say if she knew….

“Utau-chaann!! Hurry up!! The interview is starting!!”


I walk into the room and I see an extra seat.

“Sanjou-san, why is there an extra seat?”
“oh, utau-chan, I know you might be upset, but I’m doing this to maintain your image….”

“Can you just get to the point??”

“Souma Kukai is your boyfriend. I already called Souma-kun and he’ll be arriving soon.”

Oh. My. Goodness.

“Isn’t there some other way…?”

“Utau, he IS the one you kissed last night wasn’t he?”

“Well…yes but it was an accident.”

“Right, and the reporters will obviously believe that JUST because you said so. Look at these pictures. I don’t think it was an accident.”

Does she have to be so sarcastic?? I look at the pictures. *sigh* I got her point.

“OKAY fine…I understand…”

Stupid Kukai. Now we have to pretend to be boyfriend-girlfriend. UGHH!!

Kukai’s POV

Hm…this is going to be interesting. I see Utau sitting on the couch looking annoyed.

“Utau!” I flick her on the head. She jumped up startled.

“EH? When did you get here?” I just had to laugh. She sends me a death glare.
“So…Utau…I guess you’re my girlfriend now.”

She sends me another death glare. Sanjou-san comes in.

“Oh, Kukai you’re here. We can start the interview now.”

Utau’s POV

A bunch of reporters were there.

“Is it true that you and this Souma-kun we’re kissing last night.”


“Are you guys together?”


“When did you guys start dating?”

“umm…” shit what do I say? As I was thinking Kukai speaks up. “We’ve been together for a little less than 1 month…but we’ve been secretly dating as we didn’t want it to be all over magazines.”

I look over at Kukai. I should probably apologize to him after. Why did he agree to help me? *sigh* Even though I know we’re not actually together…this makes me happy in a way.

“Utau, did he debut at your concert because he is your boyfriend?”

What is that suppose to mean? “He has talent. It has nothing to do with that. Sanjou wanted him to debut at my concert.”

I just wish the stupid reporters would shut up already. Just how many questions do they have to ask?!?!? Thank goodness for Sanjou.

“Sorry to interrupt, but it’s gotten quite late and Utau and Kukai still have school tomorrow, so can you guys please leave?”

After all the reporters left I put on my hat and a pair of sunglasses and walk home. I was about to walk out the door when I remembered Kukai. I waited at the door. Kukai looked surprised when he saw me. OMG I noticed he wasn’t wearing any type of disguise what so ever. And he thinks I’m stupid.

“BAKA!” I smack him in the head. “Do you want fans chasing after you? You’re quite famous now thanks to your debut at MY concert and being my so-called my boyfriend.”

“oh ya. Thanks for reminding me.” He gave me the most charming smile ever. “N-no problem.” He put on a hat. He looked so cute in it…wait what am I thinking?!?

“I might as well walk you home. Besides we live close to each other.” I nodded. It was a good thing it was dark outside or else he would’ve seen me blush. He took my hand and we walked home in silence.

“Ne, Kukai? Thanks for helping me out.” I heard him laugh a little.
“I thought you would be annoyed…” I was about to say something but we already reached my house and Kukai pulled me into a hug. “See ya tomorrow Utau.” “ya…” Really Kukai, you can make me so angry sometimes…but im really glad we got to know each other better.

soo... ya...comments plz =3 okay well just to clear some things up, Eru was trying to get them together (secretly!!) because she noticed how depressed Utau was cuz Ikuto was with Amu and all that. And then when Kukai and Utau hugged on the streets in ch.1 Eru started her mastermind plan XD then she convinced sanjou to convince kukai to debut at Utau's concert....btw was this chappie to short or too long? or likee just right?

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woot!!!!! "fake" gf and bf to REAL!!! cant wait!! and lmao they r both so funny, dense, clueless, and STUBBORN!!! ohh!!! cant wait till nxt ch!!!
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