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Posted 1/24/09
Translated Tegoshi's article in POTATO Feb 2009.

I want to become a guy who can cook!
Because it's cool!

Released an album and three singles with NEWS, and a single with Tegomass. We were able to release lots of CDs in 2008. Because of that, I felt that it was a very fulfilling year. As for my private life, in the 5th year since our debut, I played a lot during the summer *laughs* I went to the pool and also to the beach, and I also went to the hot spring with a male friend. I have a lot of memories of summer. As for work, the recording for "Sekai no Hate made Itte Q!" was fun. Especially the one when I traveled with Mr. Miyagawa Daisuke and Mr. Uchimura Teruyoshi for festivals! The local festivals of other countries isn't something you can really experience if you go there privately. It required lots of work, but I would like to go there again. The next time, I'd like to experience an European festival.

I'm very happy that I'm able to end off 2008 with a concert. I'm also very happy that I'm able to start off 2009 with a concert, and I'm sure it'll be a very good start to the year. For 2009, I'd like to show the fans something better, even if its slight. Something I want to challenge privately is cooking. Because guys who can cook are cool. Now, I can make stuff like burgers. I ate it myself but it was good. I want to be able to cook anything. When my friends come over, I want to be able to ask them "What do you want me to cook?". And then, to cook the requested dish in a fast manner is my ideal.

An ideal day for me is to play soccer in the morning, and then after dinner at night, play darts. Something like that. I'll never get bored of soccer even if I play it every day. The other time, we had concerts for two days out of a week, and then the following four days I played soccer, and not surprisingly my legs became heavier day by day, and by the third day the heaviness was at its peak *laughs* But even if it becomes like that I still want to play! Soccer is a game that you cannot win without teamwork. So you can learn about teamwork in that sport. My image of soccer players are that they really take great care of their teammates. That's why I want to do it too.

credits to: likeyesterdays @ LJ
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