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24 for 24 hours Q & A October 2006
Love Battle Talk Tegomasu February 2007
Crushes Tegoshi Yuuya July 2007
Recent NEWS Tegoshi Yuuya October 2007
66 rules to love NEWS more & more! October 2007
Winter Date interview Crosstalk Koyama x Shige x Tegoshi x Massu December 2007
NEWS 10 Q&A on Love Survey December 2007
NEWS as babies
Midwinter Special Photo Book March 2009

Kuri's note: Sorry if there aren't any 2008s I dont have the time to do it.. o_o so I just posted up March 2009 for now.. sorry for the major jump in time.o_o Enjoy reaading!

24 for 24 hours Q & A October 2006

Eat, then play, then work. In large pursuit of Tegoshi’s day!

Q1) What time did you wake up today? What was your mood?
5am. Surprisingly, my mood was good. But usually half my senses are gone, and it feels like an out-of-body experience (laugh). It was fine today.

Q2) Is your ability to wake up good? What’s your secret to getting up early?
There’s no real secret. When my phone’s alarm clock goes off, I wake up. This might be a little creepy, but right now I wake up to Yamashita-kun’s “Yubiwa” (laugh) I like the lyrics.

Q3) After waking up early, what do you do and how long does it take before you leave the house?
Umm. . it could be 30~40 minutes. I wake up, eat and brush my teeth. When I’m going out to play I take a shower and wash my hair. I definitely eat breakfast.

Q4) What do you eat every morning? What did you eat this morning?
Tomato, apple, yoghurt and bread. The breakfast menu at home is decided every day. If it has vegetables and is healthy it’s good.

Q5) When commuting to school or work, how do you pass the time?
While commuting I read a novel. Now I’m reading Nishimura Kyotaro’s “Police inspector Totsukawa ‘elegy to a friend’”. I love Nishimura-san. For how many years have I already kept reading his books? (laugh)

Q6) In your role as a high school student, what were your thoughts on putting on your uniform for the first time?
As I expected, I didn’t really feel strange wearing it, since it was just my high school graduation ceremony. But I was happy. Not having to wear my uniform for the first time I understood the value of wearing one.

Q7) Up until what age do you think you could act as a high school student?
I think I want to try looking like a genuine high school student until I’m 22 or 23~. But there might be a bit of a generation gap (laugh)

Q8) Between having to do recording for your drama, what do you do to pass the time?
I almost aaalways do things like talking and playing with Nagase-kun. Today, we had a man-to-man conversation, the contents of which can’t be written in the magazine (laugh)

Q9) Have you gone out with your drama co-stars in your private time?
I don’t go out with them at all. I don’t ever ask for their email address or anything like that*. Recently, Nagase-kun invited me to go play billiards but I couldn’t go because of work.

Q10) When and how do you memorize your lines?
Before filming the first episode I reread the script 2 or 3 times, I try and grasp the tone and remembering it in detail is, eventually, the night before filming. I read it many times.

Q11) Are you the type to write notes on your script?
Yes. While I’m reading and in some places I think “Tomorrow, I’ll ask the director about this” I’ll make a note with a pencil. But there’s also times when I write nothing at all.

Q12) The things you and Sakurakoji have in common are?
In putting all of one’s effort into really small things. From my first year of middle school to my 2nd year of high school I went to a boys school and at the school there were these popular donuts and I would go buy them while getting into fist fights (laugh)

Q13) Your favourite menu from a location was?
Chinese chilli prawns. They would only be served sometimes but they’re really really good. It’s a standard food for the bento maker, but I really like it.

Q14) On a day you don’t have drama filming, what do you do?
Rather than resting, I play with my friends. Lately I’ve been into bowling. I did it too much, and the skin on my thumb peeled but I recovered in a day (laugh)

Q15) When do you write your Johnny’s web diary?
At about 7 at night a mail demanding me to write will definitely come (laugh) Sometimes in between filming scenes. After that, there are a lot of times when things I want to write about come to mind.

Q16) What things will you definitely buy from the convenience store?
I buy a lot of things like candy and gum. If there’s gum in the studio, I’ll take some and not have to buy any (laugh)

Q17) When and where do you watch your drama when it airs?
I usually have work on Saturday, so after work finishes. If it’s a day when I’m really tired, I’ll watch it a day late on Sunday. There hasn’t been a time when I’ve watched it live yet.

Q18) What are the thoughts of the people watching the drama with you?
Everyone watches pretty seriously. My close friend honestly said “It’s pretty interesting”. I get mails saying stuff like ‘It was pretty interesting sakura-nantoka”.

Q19) Where’s the most calming place in your house?
As I thought, probably on my bed. It’s nice isn’t it~ Kind of like your own smell or the smell of sheets that were washed. I fall asleep quickly. Right after I get into bed, I fall asleep.

Q20) What time do you have a bath? Is it a long bath?
I usually have a bath right after I get home. After I have a bath I eat dinner. Because I get dizzy right away my baths are short. That’s why I’m not good with things like hot springs.

Q21) What do you wear to sleep?
In kinda sweat pant-like pants, and a T-shirt. It doesn’t even change in Winter. Except that I wear a long sleeved shirt then.

Q22) What posture do you sleep in?
I hug a pillow. And, for some reason, I have a soft dolphin toy in my room, and I also hug that. It’s calming. I sleep on my side with my dolphin (laugh)

Q23) If a day could have any number of hours, how many would be ideal?
About 48 hours or 72 hours. After drama filming finishes I want to go play with my friends and after enjoying time by myself too I want to sleep. I want to play with my friends more.

Q24) Tell us the latest news about yourself!
I went to the Sumida river fireworks festival with a really good guy friend. Everywhere around us was filled with couples in yukata. They seemed really happy. I’m jealous!

Translator's Notes:

- Nishimura Kyotaro. He writes alot of mystery stories.
- For those who haven’t watched my boss my hero, Sakurakoji is Tegoshi’s character and Sakura-nantoka (sakura-something) is what Makky calls him lol
* I wasn’t sure how to word this too well but he meant that if he’s the one who has to ask, then he won’t ask for their email address or anything like that. But if those senpai’s asked him if they could exchange email addresses etc, of course he would lol


Love Talk Battle February 2007 [Tegomasu]

“If she says “I want to see you” I’d fly to her right away”

When I’m in love
Tegoshi had a bellybutton fetish!?

Tegoshi: When you meet a girl, what’s the first thing you look at?
Massu: Her eyes!
Tegoshi: Ahh, me too. More than eyes that slant upwards, eyes that curve down at the corners are better.
Massu: That’s not right is it. You would look at her bellybutton or something (laugh)
Tegoshi: When she’s stretching and her shirt lifts up and you can see her belly button, that’s surely good! It would also be good if she had meat on her. It fascinates me (laugh) More than a girl who’s too skinny a girl who’s chubbier is better.
Massu: Me too. I don’t like a girl who restrains herself when eating and looses weight unreasonably. After that, I’d probably look at something like her whole body silhouette or the atmosphere she has. Things like if she’s nice or if she suits me, I’d know right after meeting her.
Tegoshi: I’d know if the person suited me too. The second I meet her, I would get a feeling instantly. But, I don’t match with your tastes Massu. When I see a girl and think “She’s cute, but not right”, you like her. I think there would 100% not even be 1 girl that we would compete for!
Massu: Really? Well definitely with girls in a magazine or something, when asked “Which is cuter?”, you’ll probably choose a girl that’s different to the one I choose.
Tegoshi: Also, what about her fashion? For me, because it’s summer, I said it before but a somewhat short T-shirt would be good.
Massu: I know (laugh) I like people who wear a lot of clothes. Wearing a tank top and then layering on top of that with something with jersey like material, then has a jacket on and a scarf , something like that. Stylish layering!
Tegoshi: For me, if it’s winter, it’s knit caps. That’s cute~ (laugh) Her wearing all military type fashion with a pink knit cap with bobbles is the best!
Massu: And then half pants with pinstripes made out of suit-like material would be good
Tegoshi: hee, you like that?
Massu: Yeah, I like it. Then, the last thing I’m interested in is don’t girl wear really really tight jeans? How do they get into them? I wonder if even when they’re taking them off it takes a lot of time (laugh)
Tegoshi: Isn’t that alright though? (laugh) But you know, a girls fashion is cute. No matter with what kind of clothes, there’s not really ever a time when they’d think “But that wouldn’t be in girl clothing right”. But, there are for guys. I think there’s no such thing as my old clothes anymore.
Massu: Yeah, there wasn’t any (laugh)
Tegoshi: I would wear stuff like jerseys and weird polka dot kind of shirts~
Massu: Tegoshi would wear stuff that looked like his school PE jersey and you’d have a triangular slanted bag (laugh)
Tegoshi: In that respect, girls are cute with any kind of fashion.

When I’m in love
"A fresh smile will strike at Masuda!"

Tegoshi: A gesture would be. . . . . . . . ummm. . . . . . .ahh, I have one! When you look at her for a long time, she gets embarrassed and when kind of covering her face with her hand and says “Don’t look~”. That’s cute!!
Massu: But she wouldn’t like it! She’s be like “How long were you looking at me” (laugh)
Tegoshi: Not her disliking it for real. Just because she’s embarrassed.
Massu: That wouldn’t be good for me. If I was looking at her and she said “What?”, she’d seem shocked (laugh)
Tegoshi: Oppositely, what if she was looking at you?
Massu: I’d say “Don’t look!” (laugh)
Tegoshi: You’d say that yourself.
Massu: Nah, I wouldn’t say it. Because it’s embarrassing I’d probably do some movement telling her to look at me.
Tegoshi: You don’t have any other gesture that would strike at you?
Massu: umm, I wonder what it is. Ummm. . I don’t know. Uuummm. Everyone, what do you think? If you were going to think “I like this person” what would they have done? (He asks the female staff around them)
Tegoshi: What are you doing (laugh) Massu, we’re asking for your answer, hurry up!
Massu: Ahh! Her smile maybe.
Tegoshi: Ah, a fresh smile is good.
Massu: A person smiling who doesn’t usually smile is good and a person who smiles a lot is good too.
Tegoshi: That’s right. I also like seeing a girl paint her lips. And after they paint their lips, they do a sort of “mm~wua” with their lips right. That’s good!
Massu: Is that so~ Ah, but I would think that her lips were dry (laugh)
Tegoshi: You’re not a romantic, are you~ (laugh)
Massu: But a girl carrying around lip cream is surely good. There was a time where I liked lip cream and would carry some around but it didn’t really suit me so now I’ve already stopped (laugh)

When I’m in love
"If it’s the girl I like, her being selfish is welcomed."

Tegoshi: If it’s a girl that speaks sort of sweetly spoilt, anything would make my heart skip.
Massu: For example?
Tegoshi: Something like “Good luck with the concert. Even if we’re apart, I’ll always be supporting you. But, during the concert, also be thinking of me ok”. Wouldn’t those last words strike at your heart?
Massu: You’re inflating your wild idea (laugh) You’d want that said to you?
Tegoshi: I would! If my girlfriend herself, without discussing it with friends or whoever, faces me directly and honestly says this it would be good. My future girlfriend, say it (laugh)
Massu: If she said she wanted to see you in the middle of the night? What would you do?
Tegoshi: I have my driver’s license now and if I was told that I think I’d fly to her right away! How about you?
Massu: Yeah, I would probably just end it with “Yeah, I want to see you too”. . . . . (laugh) I’m lying, I’m lying! I’d go!
Tegoshi: Really?
Massu: Even though I kind of think I wouldn’t really like it if she was overly selfish. Because I think a person that I’m dating, wouldn’t say unreasonable things to begin with. I think I’d also want to listen to my girlfriends wishes.
Tegoshi: After that, is there anything else?
Massu: A person who has an interest in my job would be good. For example, if I were in a drama, I’d want her to say thing like “you were good in this part” or “not so good in this part”, I’d want her to say anything. I think that I’d be happy if she looked at all of me and cared about it all. Even though it already aired, if I was told “Ah, yesterday it aired”, I’d be like “Ahh, that’s right, it already passed though right”, it seems like I’m getting defiant here (laugh)
Tegoshi: I’d be happy with that too. After all, you’d want her to look at you and worry about you and to support you in things you’re trying hard to do.
Massu: Don’t copy me! (laugh)
Tegoshi: I think that too, so it can’t be helped (laugh)

“A girl’s smile is the most beautiful!”

Extra section
When you fall out of love
"I don't like a person with no common sense."

Massu: I don’t like a person with no common sense. Doing things as if generally there’s no such thing as common sense.
Tegoshi: Yeah yeah
Massu: For example, I don’t like a girl who thinks sitting on the floor while in a train is normal. A person who’s thoughtful and thinks that when they’re sitting on the train and an old lady comes in, because she’s older than them they’ll give up their seat, is a good person.
Tegoshi: I see. . . .Somehow, that overlapped with mine (laugh)
Massu: As expected, it’s not good. Is there another time you’d fall out of love Tegoshi?
Tegoshi: As expected. . . . the way she phrases things probably.
Massu: That’s right.
Tegoshi: I think that’s really important. I think that even if she’s fickle towards me, if I really love my girlfriend I would forgive her. If it gets to a point where I don’t like it, I think I wouldn’t go out with her anymore. But. . . .
Massu: But?
Tegoshi: For example, when we have a fight, if she says things like “What the hell’s up with you!” and “You really piss me off!” I would fall out of love. . . .I think that would be worse than her being fickle.
Fickle means changing interest, affection, loyalities frequently
Massu: If I was spoken to like that I would be like “hahaa~” and even if it wasn’t my fault I’d apologise (laugh)
Tegoshi: You’re weak aren’t you (laugh) Massu, you’re definitely not the type to become the domineering husband right.
Massu: So, after all it’s a problem about personality. Someone who has an unbelievable personality isn’t good.
Tegoshi: Also, for me, I’d want my girlfriend to cook for me. But a person who says “Ahh, I can’t do it so it’s impossible!” isn’t good. I want her to feel like no matter how bad it is, I’ll still make it. A person who doesn’t take up challenges would make me loose interest. I don’t mind if she asks “How’s the taste?”! because she’s the one that made it. If she’s the one that made it, it’ll taste good.
Massu: A person who tries hard no matter what they do is good. It’s like that for cooking too. Properly thinking about it and whether or not to tackle it seriously.
Tegoshi: That’s definitely true! I think I couldn’t hate a girl that had those sorts of feelings.

Credits: chibi_news @LJ

Crushes: Tegoshi Yuuya July 2007

By someone

I can’t say it fast and you’re caught by someone
You hate this me, don’t you?
You’re amazing when you’re confused
This me isn’t good enough, is it?
This chest is trembling
This love is crying
So that I’m not in this sad, unrequited love
Hold me
Because you’re shining
I can’t escape you any longer


Just thinking, not saying

There is just one crush that I regret. Our schools were different, but we met through friends and I fell in love at first sight. She had a healing atmosphere and a pretty voice. We played once together and I came to like her more. But since then I hadn’t been able to meet her. Occasionally I’d call, but I couldn’t tell her my feelings, and like that half a year passed.

Then one day, I called and was told, “I have a boyfriend.” (bitter smile) Oh my gosh, I thought, and my head felt like it was being attacked. While I couldn’t tell her my feelings she got a boyfriend! It’s a lie, right? I thought. “I also liked you,” I said, and even though I told her like that, the reply that came was, “Sorry.” That was THE END.

After I hung up the phone I cried. That was the first time I had cried because of love. I was sad from being dumped, wondered what in the world I’d been doing, and was very miserable. I think if I were to have expressed my feelings then, then I think maybe things would have been different, and I kept thinking about it too much and ended up not saying anything and I got mad at myself. Kuri's note: O__O ehhh he had that feeling too? D: i know how that feels T_T

That was my big crush failure. If there was someone I liked now, I would absolutely tell them my feelings soon. I’ve learned that just thinking without saying or doing anything is no good. And getting dumped is not really good. Being able to taste the human emotion of love is one of people’s strong points. That’s bluffing, though. (laughs) But I seriously think that people in love shine. That’s why I want to have a lot of loves.Kuri's note: o_o Unintentional player boy?

Credits: resa_love @ LJ

Recent NEWS Tegoshi Yuuya October 2007

Report on recent activities:
Ate grilled meat for consecutive 3days!

Yesterday, the day before yesterday and the day before the yesterday, ate grilled meat for 3days! The first two days was with futsal team mates, yesterday was with Tegoraji's staff members.

Special Report: What's NEWS No.1 song?

I especially like "Hoshi wo Mezashite" 's lyrics.
I think before this song, there wasn't any song that was singing about us. There is a sentence in the lyrics "“歌いながら仆は歩きだす" (while singing, we strive for the future), i especially like this sentence.

"Debutting was the biggest shock!"
NEWS have been formed for 4years!
Interesting event No.1

2003 went to Taiwan's music festival's first overseas experience!
Was able to participate in Taiwan's music festival immediately after forming, there were 100000audiences, overseas artists also participated, its really great. I sat on a swing 10m above the ground, singing a ballad, but because i am scared of heights, its impossible to concentrate on singing(laugh) ---> this sentence i am not sure how to translate (i didn't know tesshi was afraid of heights...) Taiwan fans used broken japanese to tell me " Tagoshi kun migh not be known in Taiwan yet, but after today more and more people will know you." its also my memory.(laugh)

NEWS have been formed for 4years!
Shocking event No.1

I actually entered NEWS was a shocking thing!
The most shocking was 2days before announcing NEWS debut, the members were called to gather, and told "You are called here becuase you will be debutting." When i heard it, "eh? me?", got the urge to ask this question. Come to think of it, about 2weeks before there was a photoshoot and all the members were there. however, i was still confused. because before that, all i cared about was soccer. the me i was was able to debut as a NEWS member, was really shocking to me!

NEWS have been formed for 4years!
Touching event No.1
NEWS 'revival' in Countdown! Thank you everyone!

Last year we were unable to have concerts, so i really want to have a concert. Thus, being able to participate in the countdown, was really happy. With TOKIO's 城岛kun's introduction, NEWS appeared, however, we really gave 事务所 and the senpais a lot of trouble, but the sempais instead said "those cute guys are finally back!" and helped us to make the concert high, i was really touched. all the fans were also very nice. thank you everyone!

Credits: serene-koshitsu @LJ

NEWS as babies!!!!

Wearing a skirt during my kindergarten days!
I was made to wear a skirt by my mom during my kindergarten days. I was my parent’s dress up doll (lol).

I was a baby who didn’t cry getting shots
It seems when other babies were crying from getting shots I was just like “Why is everyone crying~”. I’m strong, right?

Until 6th grade I played soccer with long hair
My mother likes long hair. It got in the way of soccer but girls often said “Let me put your hair back” and touched it.

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66 rules to love NEWS more & more! October 2007

In speech bubble: From the members
With black background: The 6 have decided! This is the new NEWS fan rule book!
With red background: 66 rules to love NEWS more and more!
October 6th, and 7th, NEWS will have their first concert in Taipei. Today, these popular 6 who are abroad, will you fall more in love(!?), for the sake of NEWS fans the members have published a rule book! If you perfectly master it you’ll can love these 6 more!
Green tag: Super handsome men! The photo gallery is a must see!

10 rules for loving NEWS - Tegoshi Compilation
1. You remember all of NEWS’ songs.
2. You remember the NEWS songs choreography.
3. In the chorus or harmony parts to NEWS songs you can tell who is singing.
4. You can do an impression of all the members.
5. You definitely check out any drama that members are staring in.
6. You come to concerts.
7. At concerts you follow the rules and manners for throwing away trash.
8. You never stop smiling at the NEWS concerts
9. Being unfaithful is a no! (If it’s within Johnny’s)
10. You have NEWS posters in your room and every morning say “Good morning!” and every evening say “Good night!”.

Because everyone’s feelings are reaching the members!
The 7th rule “Follow manners about trash” pertains to, for example, if the concert hall is all clean doesn’t everyone feel good? The 8th rule’s “don’t stop smiling while watching a concert” I say because if I don’t see a smile then I feel sad. It’s surprising but from the stage I can see everyone. Whatever time, everyone’s feelings are reaching us members!

In speech bubble: It’s a promise between you and me!
One rule for loving Tegoshi Yuya
If you give me love I’ll love you!
Regarding the people who think about me “I like him” or “He’s nice”, how much of your time will you spend until you’re tired of it! I will love you only the amount you love me!

PROFILE Tegoshi Yuuya.
November 11th, 1987. Born in Kanagawa Prefecture. Blood type B.

NOTE: The small words in black at the bottom of Tegoshi’s page tell you how much everything from the member’s outfits was and what store it is from. They then list the stores and phone numbers.

Love all members ☆彡

Credits: Woops I didn't ask her if i could repost o_O but i credited! D:
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Winter Date interview Crosstalk Koyama x Shige x Tegoshi x Massu December 2007

Koyama Keiichiro & Kato Shigeaki & Masuda Takahisa & Tegoshi Yuya’s “Winter love” meeting
At Shige’s house, let’s have a group date cooking party!
Next, Koyama, Kato, Masuda and Tegoshi will talk about themes for winter dates! There are a lot of romantic events in this season, so what will these 4 pick for a date plan?

|part 2| the winter date
“Winter date” round table

step 1: A winter date. Indoor style or outdoor style?

A home is nice, but so is the ski slopes!

Tegoshi I want to look at the winter lights while holding hands in a coat pocket. Is this outdoor style?
Koyama Winter lights are nice. I want to see them late at night when it’s just the two of us. Until then, at home. So is this indoors or outdoors?
Kato I like the indoor style. Since during winter it’s cold outside I’d like to just relax at home.
Masuda I like the winter mountains. Running from here to there, hugging and then falling down in the snow, I’d like that (lol).
Kato Aa, like a ski slope.
Masuda Also, on one snowboard… my foot in the right foot lock and the girl I like’s in the left foot lock, and then while hugging try to ski!
Tegoshi That’ll just get you hurt.
Masuda I guess I’ll give up on that.
Koyama But a ski slope, that’s nice you know.
Masuda It’s great isn’t it? Don’t you want to ride a ski lift with the girl you like?
In unison Wanna ride like that~!
Masuda And then without getting off the lift, won’t you want to return just like that?
Kato That’s annoying.
Masuda Getting off by yourself, and then having to quickly grab the leg of your girlfriend who missed her chance to get off… Alegria!
In unison (laughing hard)
Koyama I’m sorry Massu. I just can’t agree with that (lol)!!

step 2: Winter Date. What should you eat for dinner?

I want to make a warm meal in a pot with the girl I like!

Koyama For me, it’s mizutaki!
Masuda For me, shouroubou gyouza!
Kato Then for me, sukiyaki!
Koyama Shige, it seems like you’d have no problem inviting the girl you like to your house.
Kato Yea, no problem.
Tegoshi Would you make sukiyaki?
Kato It can be made by anyone, can’t it.
Tegoshi Well for me, motsunabe. And I’ll make it with the girl I like!
Koyama That’s great. I think I’d make the mizutaki with the person I like too. Something like eating at home can be really fun, can’t it.
Masuda Well then, me too! Boiled gyouza in a pot. Hey, did you know that in Korean “pot” is “chige”. So ‘chige pot’ is like ‘pot pot’.
Tegoshi Is that really true? (lol)

Step 3: Winter date. If the four of you were to have a group date…?

Everyone would gather at Shige’s home and have a cooking party!?

Koyama So the four of us, the total amount of people being 8?
Tegoshi That’s a lot~
Masuda What about going skiing? I’m really good at skiing. All of you can ski or snowboard right?
Kato I wonder what’s more popular with girls, skiing or snowboarding.
Tegoshi It’s a pain to go places with 8 people.
Koyama I don’t want to drive…
Kato I wouldn’t feel like boarding then. Actually, honestly speaking aren’t you all the type who wouldn’t introduce their girlfriend to his friends?
Koyama Massu seems most likely to keep a secret here.
Masuda When Tegoshi is introducing someone he always tries to act cool (lol).
Kato But I get a feeling of having fun when I get to meet with everyone.
Tegoshi Well then…
Koyama It can’t be helped, can it?
Masuda It’s for Shige’s sake, after all.
Kato What the heck is this? Well, whatever, how about a nabe party at my place?
Tegoshi We got it, we got it (lol)

Koyama Keiichiro
First time training my muscles in a while, my arm hurts!
I recently started going to the gym again and a couple days ago trained my upper body. After doing that, my muscles have started hurting. If I stretch out my arm it starts hurting really bad. This is so hard~!

Kato Shigeaki
I’ve cut my nails and become serious about cooking
Lately I’m really into cooking. I though since I’m 20 years old it would be good if I could at least cook. The goya chanpuru I cooked recently was delicious! I’ve even cut my nails shorted, I’m pretty serious (lol).

Masuda Takahisa
I’m really into sleeping face down
Lately sleeping has felt really good. I’m really into sleeping face down. Because it’s cooler than facing the other way (lol). Even face down, you can breath easily!

Tegoshi Yuya
I’ve returned to Tokyo!
I went to Kyoto filming for the historical time period piece I’m in but I’ve finally returned to Tokyo. This place evokes emotion from me. Particularly on the train I always ride, during congestion on the city high speed train I was moved (lol).

Translation Notes
* Whenever I say “cooking party” it’s actually nabe party. Also nabe or pot cooking is mentioned a few times. This kind of Japanese cooking (click for Wikipedia).
* Chigenabe (What Massu is rambling Korean fun facts related to) is a type of nabe dish. Does anyone know if chige actually means cooking pot in Korean?
* Sukiyaki on Wikipedia.
* Mizutaki images.
* Gyouza are buns normally with meat or something inside, Massu is famous for loving them.
* Motsunabe is a type of nabe, images on Google.
* Tegoshi was in Kyoto for the filming of Shabake, a drama special to air in November.

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NEWS 10 Q&A on Love Survey December 2007

|part 3| the image of love
Love Consideration Survey ♥

Frankly replying! 60 love sayings

“When you fall in love, you become more gentle”

The last thing, 10 Q&A from all six members making their ideas of love public! What’s love? These questions are really dee~p so even the members are overwhelmed!?

Tegoshi Yuuya
Q1. How long does it take you to fall in love?
Not immediately
I think I’m the type that after a week or so of seeing someone’s personality might fall in love

Q2. When do you invite them for a date?
I’d ask their hobbies and then think about it
For example, if there hobby was karaoke, maybe after eating dinner I would want to go with her

Q3. If you had a fight with the girl you like, what would you do?
In the end, probably apologize
Whatever the origin of the issue is, I’d probably apologize.

Q4. The conditions for someone to be your lover?
A good feeling voice
It would be nice if she had a voice I could hear and be relaxed by.

Q5. What fetish are you?
Her smell is important!
Sweet and refreshing, if it’s something I think “This is good” then that’d be great.

Q6. What kind of food do you want a girl to make for you?
Japanese food would be good
At my house when Japanese food is made it seems like the seasoning or something is wrong, so I look forward to what she would make.

Q7. What do you want the person you like to call you?
My first name might be good
But whatever that girl wants to call me, she can call me. But my first name would be nice.

Q8. Passion [恋] is…?
Something that will allow you to grow up
Something that makes you want to be cool, so allows you to raise yourself.

Q9. Love [愛] is…?
Violent ups and downs
Love can bring feelings of goodness and times when that’s not so true, something that can really go back and forth.

Q10. Women are…?
Something that make me shine
Because they make me want to look cool and cause me to want to better myself.

One song recommended from the new album “pacific”!
‘Kimi Omoufu Yoru’
A song that’s like “Always at night I’m thinking of you”. A song puts a facial expression on one’s voice, a mature and really cool song. I look forward to singing it at concerts.


Midwinter Special Photo Book March 2009

Tegoshi Yuuya
Future of orange
Because of the snow, the sunset's color has changed.
This kinda of scenery is beautiful,
I want you beside me seeing it too.
Always the two of us like this when we meet.
This kind of future, seeing it like a dream.
Teaching me how to love, thank you.

Let's Party! 5 MC Section
"Every one, let's make Shige's decided pose!"
Tegoshi did an impression of Yamapi's old pose. Tenshion was raised during the MC with one swoop! Kei-chan's defensive role s impossible?

Koyama:  This year also, there's nothing at 6. This year we made a come back! Ryo-chan did two dramas? "Last Friends" and "Ryusei no Kizuna".
Nishikido: Really, it's all thanks to all of you. The ratings for this year's ranking was 5th, and 2 of the categories were won!
All: YAY! (clap)!
Koyama: And what about Massu?
Masuda: We released lots of CDs, like "Happy Birthday", "SUMMER TIME", and "Taiyou no Namida/Tears of the Sun"...that was good!
Koyama: And Tegoshi-san say something too!
Tegoshi: At the end of the year, we're able to be at Tokyo Dome and sing and dance!
Koyama: You know, these kind of people's talk is about themselves and what they can do?!
Nishikido: You, if you were to sue, you'd lose (laugh)!
Koyama: Really (laugh)! Yamapi did "Code Blue".
Yamashita:  Grandma told me just one thing (immitation of grandma's voice) ”You, won't you stop doing these dangerous things" (laugh).
Koyama: Well, she would become worried since you're her grandchild (laugh). What about Shige?
Masuda: Shige, by himself, did the butai!
Kato: By myself did the butai, and "Hokaben", written monologues...friends are good...
Yamashita: It's turned into this kind of talk on the last day of the year! (laugh)
Koyama: You said here, but it's because we're all friends! Get into a defensive role!
Kato: Sounds like a lie!
Tegoshi: Kei-chan's feeling of a defensive role is impossible.

Hand becomes stronger?! Shige-llujah Chance

Koyama: I also want to see Yamapi do "Bang~! (from Kurosagi)”
Tegoshi: I want to see ”Hallelujah Chance"!
Yamashita: Eh, it's embarrasing. But, I myself thought about the result (Becomming Ken, the main character) and it became "Hallelujah Chance!" The real line was "Attack Chance please change it”。Me, everytime I said, ”Attack Cha~nce", I would do an immitation of immitation on the bed. (laugh).
Koyama: Wouldn't it be better for Shige to do ”Hallelujah Chance"?
Yamashita: "Shige-llujah Chance" would be better.
All: (laughter).
Koyama: And, Massu's drama is called "RESCUE"!
Masuda: That's right!
Tegoshi: And what about things like that?
Masuda: (Becoming a part of a rescue team) Ranger Tetsuka *@*@*@*@*@ is done! (salute)!
Tegoshi: What did you say?!
Nishikido: Slowly!
Masuda: Ranger Tetsuka, I'll carry out the plan!
Kato: Eeh!?
Koyama: And so slowly try ”Shige-llujah Chance"。
Yamashita: Shige's case, shouldn't he do something more different?! Well, you should try it...(However this would be done t the end of the MC*)

Translator's note: *or at least, that's what it said I think, but Shige didn't do it til the encore, I believe.

Credits: meikimari @LJ
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i managed to finish reading it all in one shot! (when im supposed to be working on my pharmacology lol) I JUST LOVE TEGOSHI-SAMA TOO MUCH!!!! <3
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wang!!!! arigatou kuri-chan!!!! >w<
you're good at translate it!!! >w<
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Ahh!! Noooo I didn't translate XD I put in credits =P They translated it =) But I wish I know how to translate T__T cuz i have magazines and a scanner i don't know how to use D: and I could gladly translate for you guys but sadly i've only been to >__>" about 10-15 Japanese classes
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