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Who will win Nanaya Shiki or Ryougi Shiki
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yeah i can really see how fast shiki is on the visual novel yeah thanks great... and sorry for watching tsukihime and saw shiki getting caught so many times over and over... and why would they change the original novel?? and sorry for not knowing that there IS a visual novel because i'm not such a nerd like you who knows all sorts of things.. nad you really should search for the name AKASHA and read the novel kara no kyoukai... and have you read everything i posted? it's like you just read 1 to 2 sentences .. back to you my friend and sorry for you not knowing the real shiki hahaha guess you didn't know that? If you look at it this way 90% of the story in Kara no Kyoukai is a "lie" that is told from the "fake" female Shiki's perspective while the true original personality only gives hints of what Real Shiki truly is like..
There's a difference. Akasha, the origin of all things, is the original personality housed in the body (rather than Shiki (female) and Shiki (male) which are personalities housed in the mind).
"Usually, a life begins connected to the Origin until the connection is severed at birth, and even if somehow a life remained unsevered, the body's personality itself should not become self-aware, but the Ryougi family's special trait allowed it to survive and survive with intelligence. Because she has no interest in anything however, she usually remains dormant within Shiki."
Her sword skills was selfsuggestion which enforces her physical and mental abilities. It was Ryougi's usual personality wielding it, not Akasha.
See, if Akasha were to use her powers, she could recreate reality to her whim.
"Spiral of origin, its where all cause and effect begin, where everything and nothing exist, that is my true identity. Even though we are just connected, but since I am part of it, I too am an equivocal existence, right? That is why I can do anything..hmm like restructuring the laws governing atomic matter, or go back in time to change the evolution and development of all life, to reconstruct the orders and laws of this world is easy for me too. Not making change to the existing world, but rather annihilate the old one with a new reality." by the way it's called the 3rd personality NERD.. you should really search the name AKASHA.. and one last thing.. araya is faster than a bullet.. but when shiki kicked his ass.. you know what that means she is also faster than a speed of bullet.. no faster than everything as written on top.. she is akasha oh i forgot..
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* Nanaya Shiki: His MEoDP allows him to perceive the death of any concrete, physical existence. So he can kill people, animals, walls, locks, Nero's Soil of Genesis, etc. Basically Nanaya Shiki's Mystic Eyes attack the "point of death" and not the "point of life," so people killed by his mystic eyes die directly. What happens is that as soon as a death is triggered, the object's existence unravels and whatever made the object what it is (like, what makes a living person a living person or a hallway a hallway) immediately ends in the simplest way (Death for the person, and collapsing for the hallway). Those who have accumulated an exceptionally large weight of existence, like Roa or Araya Souren, take longer to die because there is more of their existence that needs to unravel. Also, some things possess death that is too far from human perception to be understood by Shiki, such as a True Ancestor under the full moon. On a side note, Shiki has been known to kill things that have not yet fully assumed physical form, such as when he killed the Tatari in Melty Blood before he had true form in the world or even Arcueid's link to the world. He could also see and kill Akiha's "Plundering" or "Caging Hair" in Tsukihime, but this has been retroactively explained as being a Pure Eyes ability he already possessed.

Ryougi Shiki is the most powerful end of story. and no one and nothing would stand a chance against her I mean this explains it all....seriously did anyone weven take time to read this? Ryougi Shiki is practically a god or even above god.

Would just like to mention that regarding Nanaya's MEoDP,it does in fact effect non-physical things
such as magecraft,nature and so on.
In other words,his MEoDP erases existence as well.
Though in my opinion,he's MEoDP is inferior to Ryogi Shiki's as
his MEoDP puts a strain to his mind and there were times
when the glasses failed to prevent his eyes from seeing the lines.
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