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Post Reply Guys pretending to be girls on online games =) annoying
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Posted 5/18/13
No one really cares. It's a role playing game. Role Playing being the keyword. Treat it like a game because that's what it is. A game. People who take it to seriously and see it as a second life who ask for age, sex, location and IRL names are the annoying ones in my opinion.
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21 / F / climbin' in yo wi...
Posted 5/20/13
I think it's pretty amusing
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25 / F / Frozen North
Posted 5/23/13

thebiggerwave wrote:

I think it's pretty amusing

Agreed XD
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22 / M / Alabama
Posted 5/23/13 , edited 5/23/13
So long as they don't go about saying they are female outside of the game.

Back when my friends and I were big into WoW, we called them a 'G.I.R.L'

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16 / F / The land down under
Posted 9/28/13
It's fine just as long as they don't lie about their own gender.
I play as guy characters sometimes because often in online games the girls are wearing too little and it makes me uncomfortable to play it with family around. In Dragonnest it's gender locked so my friends and I often play as the opposite gender because we have no choice.
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19 / M / Ultimecia's kastle
Posted 9/29/13

11opium11 wrote:

well .. I personally think that the female models are mostly better designed than male one... just my opinion ;)

Sums it up. To further my opinion, if i were able to play a sexy j-pop or visual-kei star guy i'd do it. Meaning, if the male models were as slim and sexy as girls. But it seems male models are always designed to be broader and taller. Since only the girls are designed slim, girls win ofc. ...I wonder why most MMORPGs repeat this mistake of generalization of gender bodies. I've seen big women and small men irl you know.
Posted 9/29/13 , edited 9/29/13
I sometimes make the occasional female character in MMORPGs, but only because I'm tired of looking at male characters asses all day long. Well, I have other reasons too. For instance, it's priceless when my assassin (up-close and personal backstabber) is female and has a giggle emote that my enemy can hear when I attack them, like in SWTOR. She sounds so evil, I love it, it's such a turn on, haha. I think that men who pretend to be women are amusing, especially when they bait creeps. It's great entertainment.
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