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F / at home...?
Posted 3/22/09 , edited 3/22/09
# of avii:1
Text :Hikari
Have you payed for it?yep
Posted 3/22/09 , edited 3/23/09

autumnfriday wrote:

Do you want new avii???
...but too lazy too look for pictures?...
...or to lazy to post in the forum?...

then here is our answer for you...
...Our mini-stop of avii for you guys...

All you need to do is to pay the price the mod ask for her work..
>>then the mod can get it personalize for you after buying it..

1.Pay the avii in the right payment we'll check it if it's correct
2.Follow the form correctly
3.One person is only allowed to buy 2 aviis per day
4.Don't re-quote this post
6.No Stealing!!!! >>>whoever tries this will be banned here!!!!
unable to follow simple rules will be ignored!!! seriously!

Payment album <=- place ur payment here!!!

Fill this form to get your avii:
# of avii:
Text :
Have you payed for it?

To the members:

Pls. wait a little while when you purchase an avii. Don't rush us. Our Aviis comes on a first come fist serve basis who purchased it first will get it. We sell it twice only .

To the mod:

Pls be friendly to our members and always update your aviis
Remember that our customer's satisfaction is our priority...
Put reasonable price for your aviis...
And put PAID wen u finish giving it...












i want anyathesix's avi number 5
written : hanazonya//Sugizaki akiko (Big) //will you be there with the same smile like always?//.

i have payed
Posted 3/24/09 , edited 3/24/09
Mod: kimy_otaku
# of avii: #2
Text : krisgirl nd kris-chan
Have you payed for
gfx shopper
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24 / F / ask me!
Posted 3/24/09 , edited 3/24/09

anyathesix wrote:

lovefashion wrote:

Mod: anyathesix
# of avii: #2
Text : lovefashion
Have you payed for it? i'll pay after this

here you go:

thnx u =D

gfx shopper
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23 / F / Me World
Posted 3/28/09 , edited 3/29/09

Fill this form to get your avii:
Mod: jen264
# of avii: 2
Text : IcyFi Shop-E
Have you payed for it? yes
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