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Resident Evil: Afterlife Coming
Third film in game-based series shuffles one step closer.

November 7, 2005 - Sony Screen Gems has confirmed a deal to distribute Paul W.S. Anderson's next sequel in the Resident Evil series, Variety reports. The deal moves the new film, which will be titled Resident Evil: Afterlife, one step closer to production.

Plans for two more sequels have been on the drawing board for some time. Afterlife is expected to shoot in Australia – the desert outback will fill in for Nevada. No official casting has been announced, but Milla Jovovich is likely to return as Alice, and Mike Epps could be playing his character "LJ" again. The film will be based on a new script by Anderson.

The storyline takes place after a major outbreak of the zombie virus. Alice must battle the Umbrella Corporation to prevent a race of clones called the "Undead" from completing the extinction of mankind...

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haha...yeah i know
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Captivate 2008 Embargo Ends - Screenshots, Trailer, Previews

- xXRoanXx
The embargo that was placed on the Captivate 2008 event has expired and with it comes many Resident Evil 5 previews from various game sites. I've compiled a list of these which you can see below. A summary of the information contained in them will be posted as soon as I can digest all the information. The game was showcased to journalists as they watched a quick play through of an area in the game running on the Xbox 360.

From Gamespot:
He noted RE5 is set in Africa and follows Chris Redfield on an adventure that will lead him to discover the origins of the progenitor virus seen in RE: Code Veronica.
At the end of the trailer Takeuchi noted that the game is roughly 60% complete and should wind up being over 20 hours or so.
A massive warhammer wielding [foe] punched a whole through wall, showing off the new destructible environments and allowing more enemies in.
The persistent bunch weather Chris' throwing grenades and weapons fire to keep on coming at him.
Takechi didn't offer too much more insight into the game, noting only that more would be revealed at E3.

From 1UP:
[Africa] also happens to be where the progenitor virus, from which all of Umbrella's research subsequently sprung, was originally found...To further support that idea, note that the villagers can be seen transforming their heads into tentacles to attack and consume other people. Alexia Ashford in Code Veronica exhibited similar abilities resulting from the injection of the Veronica variant of the progenitor virus, and she retained her intelligence, much as the villagers in Resident Evil 5 appear to still be coherent to some degree.

From EuroGamer:
"This environment is right at the start of the game," Takeuchi explains as Kawata plays, and is "about four times the size of the village at the start of Resident Evil 4"
You can now switch weapons in real-time, and we get to see a pistol, shotgun and machinegun, while grenades will include explosive and incendiary - the former sends zombies flying in a geyser of dirt. We're also told there will only be one melee weapon - the knife.
A key point for Resident Evil's long-term fans, given its PlayStation heritage, is how the PS3 build is doing, and Takeuchi says it's "proceeding smoothly". Asked why we're only being shown 360, he says that the main development platform is the PC and when Capcom asked him to provide a console-based demonstration for Captivate 08 it was simply quicker to port the current build to 360 because of its similarity to the PC, and that we shouldn't read too much into it.

From GameTrailers:
Another character will be introduced, players will be surprised about the graphics used on the character and may wonder who it is (Probably referring to Sherry).
A new trailer will be shown at E3 that shows this character.
More details about the female agent will be explained at E3.
No dodge mechanic.
The lantern cave scene is a specific part in the game where you must use the light or you will not pass it.
It will solve the mystery of the Progenitor virus that's plagued the series thus far.
Different virus than in RE4.
Location in Africa is fictional, the team did go to Africa for research though.
Parasite is mentioned as infecting hosts and "changing them".
The stage is very early on in the game.
Over 20 weapons, over 20 hours gameplay.
Real-Time weapon change may not be in the final game.
Green herbs will return.
Merchant is popular, lots of people like him but he cannot say if he will be in the game this time, but of course a weapons upgrade system will be in the game.
Enemy carrying the large axe (not in the trailer) will be an important enemy who appears several times in the game (Nemesis?)
Quick time events during cutscenes will return.
Out before March 31st 2009

So it seems that Code: Veronica is mentioned quite a bit here and it wasn't just an error on Gamespots part (thought it certainly was in their wording). The game sounds much further along than I thought, so I don't think its too much of a stretch to see a demo hitting relatively soon. Hopefully E3 Finally, GameTrailers has an interview video with Takeuchi.

Below are some new screenshots mixed in with some of the ones we've been seeing eek out over the week. Number 13 and up are very high resolution shots, so be aware of that.

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