Your Professional view of Skip Beat
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Posted 1/25/09 , edited 1/25/09

Well..... I made this to satisfied myself of what people think. Anyways, i've been watching the anime for quite some time by now, as well as other people commence, and i'm been wondering for some time now. People has been no stop saying about how they like about Skip beat, so i would like to know your Professional opinion on what you like or dislike about this animation. What i meant by professional opinion, doesn't mean small dialog like "because", "it's good", "i like it and that's all that's matter", or something along those lines. I want to know the reason why you like it, not how you like it.

For me, the first 15 episode that i've watch so far of the animation is rather poor, or more like, i don't really like it. It's rather interesting, but lacking, and at the same time adding unnecessary, materials into the story.

Such as each episode is taking rather a long time to simply talk to each other, that's not a bad thing, but there are some parts that's taking too much time to explain detail that could be shorten. Or how they were doing the shooting Kyo's behind the scam events, the tea part is decent, but the walk-in had to be backed up by the stage crew to tell watcher that she's doing a good job.

Their are parts that goes to fast and people would missed it if they didn't re-watch it. There wouldn't really be no point of doing the hassle of putting them there in the first place if their was only a few second spot light, one such as talking with Ren when she was rushing down the stairs.

Some episode are simply prolonging at part of scene, it's really bothering me for some time now. I understand if parts like that appear, but it's shows more than necessary and became really boring.

Another thing, i really hate the voice when they are thinking in their heads. I completely understand on trying to let other people know the difference in thinking and talking, but the thinking is completely annoying echo to it.

Now, for what i like about this. It's different, stands out, few comedy, interesting, some how Kyo's the only one that could use her evil power, simply just can't stop watching it, and how this anime is revolved around Cinderella. I really can't say much about what i like about it, it's difficult for a person like me to say it, because i'm not really good at spotting the things that i like (even i life *sniff sniff*).

Anyways, give me your professional opinion of the reason why you like or dislike this ANIMATION, not manga.
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Posted 1/25/09 , edited 1/26/09
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