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Posted 1/25/09 , edited 1/26/09
So my teacher told me that asians are good at math because of their "pattern recognition." He said that most asian countries count different that americans do, such do you say 17 19 49 57 33 and so on in your asian country. i thought about it, and since im thai, 17 literally means 10 7..49 literally means 4 ten 9 and so on...its pretty ridiculous now that i think about it.

he said that most asians are good with math because they grow RICE. and yeah at first thought it was crazy of him to say ..but he backed it up. He said that asians usually have their exact way of calculating and coming up with methods in their rice pads..whereas americans, usually harvest in certain seasons. Asians grow different kind of rice so they are able to harvest all the time, and there's lots of math that goes with that, like measuring the land under the rice and so on...which i forgot =]

what do you guys think?
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Posted 1/27/09 , edited 1/27/09
wow never thought of it that way.
but that not me i suck at math. lol
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