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25 / F / Wherever I wanna be
Posted 1/29/09 , edited 1/29/09

enggar wrote:

Yamada_Yuuki83 wrote:

it's okay...demo who's not taken yet?

ne... because the HSJ member that close to us are Yamada and Chinen...
so, the one not takenn is Chinen...
gomenasai... >_<"""

ohhh~ okie theeen...chinen ^^
it's okay<3
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F / jakarta
Posted 1/29/09 , edited 1/30/09

Yamada_Yuuki83 wrote:

ohhh~ okie theeen...chinen ^^
it's okay<3

hai!!! so you'll be with chinen ne!!!
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F / jakarta
Posted 1/29/09 , edited 2/6/09
NB: if i wrote in bold + italic, it means POV

Part 4: akira shock!! >w<
Theme song: -NEWS- Kimi omou Yoru

“Bye-bye senpai!!!!! Arigatou for the clothes!!!!” Yuu shout when they separate and waving.

“hai!!!! See you tomorrow!!!!!!!” Koyama answer when Shige pull him.

Yuu, Yuto, Yamada, Chinen and Enggar are walking to their apartment. Yuu looked always be by Yuto’s side. Enggar wondering, what’s wrong with Yuu. But, she just thinking by her self.
Yuu-chan looked happier than before... what’s wrong with this?? Or this just my imagination??

When she is thinking about that, she realized that she and the other just arrived at the apartment building. And just get in on the lift. At the certain floor, the other goes one by one. Until in the 10th floor, Enggar and Yuu get off from the lift, and go to their bed room in their apartment.

After Yuu, change her clothes into pajamas, she is looking to Enggar and questioning Enggar when Enggar just want to change her clothes too.
“Ne, Enggar…” Yuu said

“Yeah… nande Yuu-chan??” Enggar said when she is changing her clothes in the bathroom.

“what are you doing with Kato-senpai?? Huh??” Yuu asks.

“Not much Yuu-chan…” Enggar answer smiling and she just get off from the bathroom, go to her bed and sit on it.

“Nani?? Nani?? Please tell me… please….” Yuu said with her puppy eyes. Enggar just smiled at her. “Please Enggar-chan… Just tell me…” Enggar not answer and still smiling at her. “aaaahhhh… I know!! You hug him in the dark place and you kiss him right?? Right?? Gyyaaaaaa!!!” Yuu said dramatically.

“EHHH??? NO!!! I’m not doing that Yuu-chan… don’t think a weird thing that I’m impossible to do that…” Yuu are still in her drama and teseases Enggar. Then, Enggar just explain that she and Shige just walking around the mall and chatting.

“Eh? Just like that?” Yuu disbelief the sentences that Enggar just said.

“Yeah… Nande Yuu-chan??”

“ne… I think you two go to restaurant or café then have a candle light dinner or something romantic...”

“buh.. That’s impossible ne… you already know that I have diet right??”

“ahhh… souka ne… I wondering what are you talking about with Kato-senpai??” Yuu wonder “Ah!!! I know!!! He said like ‘I love you Enggar’ and you like ‘I love you too Kato’ ah, not Kato, but Shige!! ‘I love you Shige’ uwa!!!!!! Wahahahahaha” Yuu said dramatically again and laugh.

“EHHH??? Of course not!! What’s wrong with your brain Yuu-chan??” Enggar said and put her hand on Yuu’s forehead.

“Hehehe... As usual ne…” Yuu said with a little laugh, try to stop her laughing.

“we just change information ne… and that’s all…”

“Hehehe.. souka ne… I’m thinking too big ne…” Yuu still laugh

“that’s ok ne…” Enggar said and looking out the window and the clock. “ne Yuu-chan… this already late.. we have to wake up in the early morning right?? Let’s sleep ne…” Enggar lying on her bed besides Yuu and take the blanket. “oyasumi Yuu-chan…”

“Oyasumi Enggar-chan… have a nice dream about Kato-senpai…” Yuu said and smirks

“Hehehe… you too ne… have a nice dream about Yuto…”

As usual, before sleep Enggar always check her hand phone. She surprised when she see 1 unread message. She not surprised with the message, but she surprised with the poster. The poster is Shige.
Eh?? What is this??
Enggar thinking and open it slowly, she try not to make Yuu wake up.

To: Enggar

Don’t forget to bring the clothes tom, as you promised…
Ah, tell Yuu-chan too ne…
Before you go sleep, check the shopping bag…
There is something for you… ^^
Oyasumi Enggar-chan…
See you tomorrow!


What the??
Enggar thought. She is more surprised and slowly walking to the shopping bag from the mall on the sofa. She looks down inside the bag. She sees a box above the clothes, not a big box, but not a small box. She opens it; she found a small teddy bear, a blue wrist band, and a small note. “eh??” just that word she can said. She opens the note.

To: Enggar-chan

Ne Enggar-chan… hope you like this… wear the wrist band with the clothes, its so match with you and bring the teddy tom ne… see you tom! ^^


“Eh??” she doesn’t know what other word she will use. “Ok… Enggar relax… relax….” Enggar said for herself while deep breathing and hold her heart. “Relax Enggar… just go to sleep… tomorrow you will have important even…” she talk to herself again and go to her bed for sleep. It’s already one hour, but she can’t sleep at all.

yup minna hope you like this!!!
comments are love as usual!!! >w<
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21 / F / Malaysia
Posted 1/29/09 , edited 1/30/09
ne can i be it t0o??..onegaishimasu!!!!

tsubasaki ami
w/e tegoshi if he not taken
from japan
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23 / F / Yuto's BED!!!(:
Posted 1/30/09 , edited 1/30/09
yosh chapt 4 is cool...i wish i can write as gd as u(:
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F / jakarta
Posted 2/1/09 , edited 2/2/09

aMi_bFf wrote:

ne can i be it t0o??..onegaishimasu!!!!

tsubasaki ami
w/e tegoshi if he not taken
from japan

gomen ne... >_<""
i just want to put 2 additional person here...
gomen... >_<"""
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Posted 2/5/09 , edited 2/6/09
NB: if i wrote in bold + italic, it means POV

Part 5: blushing face
Theme song: Tegomass- Kiss, kaerimichi no love song

Enggar, Yuu, Yamada, Yuto and Chinen are driving minibus with the other HSJ members to the jimusho. While the driver the car, they are chatting each other. Yuu and Yuto holding each other hand. Enggar, suddenly look to Yuu’s hand, and surprised.

Ahhh… there must be any incidence that I don’t know last night… I’ll ask Yuu-chan later…
Enggar thinking and smiled while looking to Yuu and Yuto.

“ne Enggar-chi… what are you smiled about??” Chinen ask with his cute questioning face.

“Eh??” Enggar sureprised when Chinen ask her. “ah, that’s just Yuu-chan and Yuto ne… ne Chi-chan.. do you know what happened last night with Yuto and Yuu-chan when I’m not with you guys in the supermarket??”

“Hmmm….. Just a little ne… and I know that because Yama-chan told me… nande Enggar-chi??” Chinen questioning again.

“I just feel something went with Yuu-chan and Yuto ne… ne Chi-chan… can you tell me what happened with them last night??”

“hai!!! Come here Enggar-chi… I will whisper it to you…” Chinen answer and waving his hand.

Enggar just do Chinen’s instruction. She is down her body and put her ear near to Chinen’s lips.

“ne.. Yuto-chan confesses to Yuu-chan last night….” Chinen whisper so Yuu and Yuto not hear it. But it’s quite loud for Enggar.

“Eh?? Hontou?? Kawaii ne…” Enggar sureprised when she heard that. Chinen just nodding to Enggar. “ne.. Chi-chan… you saw that very beautiful event??”

“Nope… but Yama-chan saw that…” Chinen said while he shake his head

“Hehe… that’s ok ne… may be I’ll ask Yuu-chan for the explanation... arigatou ne Chi-chan… you’re good imouto ne…” Enggar said and kiss Chinen’s cheek. Chinen face looked blushes but Enggar just smiled at him.

They are already arriving at the Jimusho before they go to the real tournament place at the beach. At the jimusho, they saw 2 very big buses. One for NEWS+HSJ+Enggar and Yuu, and the other one for Johnny’s Jr.

“Minna!!! Ok!! Ok!! Let me explain first!!” one man sfrom the jimusho said with the mic. “The bus one for NEWS members, Hey Say JUMP members, and Yuu and Enggar. The bus two is for Johnny’s Jr… understands??” “Then, our trip will take for 1 hour… so we will arrive there at 8 o’clock…. Ok… I think it’s enough… now, get your things needed and get in to the bus that I said before… we will go about 15 minutes left…” the man said again and disappear to the other Jimusho officer.
Enggar bring her big bag to the bus, suddenly she feel the other hand grab her bag. She looks at the hand and look to the person to know who is he or she. She surprised that the hand is Yamapi’s hand.

“hi Enggar-chan… I saw you in the bus, and you looked hard to bring this very big bag to the bus ne… you need help??” Yamapi said and smiling.

“Eh?? You don’t have to Yamashita-senpai… I can bring it my self…” Enggar said.

“That’s ok ne…” Yamapi said and bring Enggar’s very big bag and walk to the bus. Enggar just walk behind him and look to Yamapi. “ok.. where you want to take sit Enggar-chan?” Yamapi said when they already in the bus.

“hmmm…. May be I’ll sit with Yuu-chan there…” Enggar said and ponting to the seat at the middle of the bus beside the window.

“nice choice ne… ok.. I’ll put your bag on the baggage ne…” Yamapi said.

“hai!! Arigatou ne senpai!!!”

“hehehe… no problem….” Yamapi said and go to the baggage.

Then, Yuu come to Enggar seat and sit beside her. Yuu’s face looked not like usual. She looked very happy then before. Usually she always be happy, but this situation is different.

Ahhh… may be I’ll ask her now…
Enggar thinks and smiled.

“Ne… Yuu-chan… I heard that Yuto confess to you last night ne… is that true??” enggar asks to Yuu.

“Eh?? How do you know that?? Yuu surprised.

“Chi-chan told me… your behaviour looked different since last night… he??” Enggar said dramatically

“that little brat!!” Yuu looked to getting mad with Chinen. “Yup!! That’s right.. hehehe…”

“but, nande you didin’t tell me last night??”

“ne Enggar-chan.. I want to tell you, but I’m already fall asleep when I want to tell you… and this morning I decide to tell you now.. but you’re already know that by that little brat…” Yuu said

“ souka ne… that’s ok ne...” Enggar said and smile. Then she saw Yuto sit alone. “ah, Yuu-chan… look that!!! Yuto looked alone there!!! You’re his girlfriend now right?? Go there fo him!! Go!! Go!!” Enggar said when she saw Yuto.

“Eh?? How about you??” Yuu asks

“no problem… Just go there with your boyfriend!!! Go!! Have a nice chatting loving bird!!!!” Enggar said, and Yuu’s face blushed.

I have made a lot of people blushes today…
Enggar thinks and smiled.

Shige is just sitting alone on his seat, no one besides him. He just alone looking out the window and he want that. Suddenly, there is other man sit beside him, but there is no reaction with him. He is just looking outside, until the man beside him blow the breath at his ear and made him blushes.

“WHAT THE!!!! What do you want to Koyama!!!!” Shige’s getting mad and turns around to see the man. There is Koyama besides him and smiling.
“hehehe… I saw you alone here ne Shige… why don’t you just come along with us??” Koyama said

“I don’t want to…”

“Ahhh… I know… you’re thinking about En-chan right?? Am I right??” Koyama said again questioning with his puppy eyes.

“stop looking me like that Koyama!” Shige blushes and turns away for hide his face. Koyama just smiling

Hehehe… I’m right.. he likes En-chan ne… hehehe..

“What are you smiling at Koyama?? You looked like an idiot!”

“Ah, ne Shige… you like En-chan right?? Right??” Shige not answer, but his face is more blushes than before. “hehehe… I know that Shige… we are best friend for a long time right??” Koyama smiling at Shige.

“ok.. ok… I like her…” shige blushes and turns away. “I saw her last year when she went here.. at first, I think she is just like the other children.. But, when she was smiling at me while Yuto introducing her…” before Shige continue the sentences, Koyama put his index finger on Shige’s lips.

“ne… Shige… I know that… I know that…” Koyama said smiling.

“eh? How you know that?”

“ne, I’m there with you when Yuto introduce her… and I see your face is turn purple when she smiled at you…” Koyama said with little laugh

“KOYAMA!!!!!!!” Shige shout

“gomen.. gomen… still remember about that day… hehehe” koyama still can’t stop his laugh. “ok… ok… so, what about last night?? You two are disappear last night.. What you have did last night??” Koyama questioning.

“Ah, last night? I have just leaved you a message last night in your phone right?”

“Eh?? I didn’t get it…. Ah, my phone was taken by Ryo-chan last night when we are in the supermarket… souka ne… so that’s why he always smiling last night…”

“sou ne… EHH??? Nishikido-kun read the message?? Koyama!!!!”

“Hmmm… yup… may be the other members know that too…”

“EHHHH???” Shige starts to get mad at Koyama

“That’s ok ne Shige… other members will not tell the other…. And we have knew it before…” Koyama console Shige

“Phew… “

“So, what have you did last night with En-chan??”

“Nothing much ne… just change our information…”

“Eh?? Just that?? I thought you two have a dinner, last night you don’t eat anything right? Do you?”

“Nope… I want to… but I know she is in diet… so, I cancel it…” Shige said and sigh

“How do you know that? You ask her??”

“Yuto, Yamada, and Chinen told me...”

“sou ne…” Koyama said and looking around. He founds Enggar just sitting alone on her seat. She is just looking out the window.

“shige… look at her now there… she is alone… why don’t you just go there, sit besides her and chatting. Go!! Go!!”


“Just go there!!! Go!! Go!!!” Koyama pushes Shige


Enggar is just looking out the window while listening to her IPod. Yuu sit with Yuto, Yamada with Chinen. Suddenly she feels someone sit beside her. It’s not Yuu, Yuto, Chinen, or Yamada. She feels that the person sit beside her is bigger than them. But, she not turns around to face the person. Until the person besides her calls her name with bass and rough voice.


“Ah, Kato-senpai… gomen ne… I thought you’re jimusho staff… gomen ne…” Enggar turns around apologize

“That’s ok ne…” Shige smiles. “Why you’re alone? You not sit with Yuu-chan?” Shige asks

“… Yuu-chan is sitting with Yuto… I told her to sit with Yuto, her boyfriend…” Enggar said and smiles statisfied.

“aaaahhhh… souka ne… so, that’s why you’re alone ne… “ Enggar nodded. Shige pats Enggar’s head. “you’re kind to your friends ne…” Shige said and smiles, Enggar blushes. “ah, gomen….” Sihge let his hand go form Enggar’s head as soon as he can.

“you don’t need apologize ne Kato-senpai…” Enggar said and still blushes.

What the?? Why am I blushes??
Enggar thinks.

After the long five minutes they just keep silent, Shige break the silent condition and starts to talking.

“ne Enggar-chan… what song do you heard?”

“eh? Ah, I’m listening to Ai nante ne… I like that song” Enggar smiles.

“eh? You like that song? Same here…”

“hehehe… Kato-senpai is the one who sing it right? Don’t you senpai?”

“Yeah… but there’s a lot of Tegoshi and Nishikido-kun’s parts… so I just have a little part”

“Yeah…” Enggar smiles “but I like your voice in this song…” Enggar blushes
What?? I’m blushes again… nande?? Nande??

“eh?? Hontou?? You like it??” Shige blushes too. Enggar nodded.

“Honestly… I’m waiting to your part sing this song…” Enggar more blushes.

“hontou?? I’m happy you like it ne Enggar-chan…”

Koyama just looking at that two people blushes from his seat. He smiled satisfied looking those two persons.
That two, actually kawaii ne….
Koyama thinks to his self.

as usual!!!!! comments are love!!! >w<
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F / jakarta
Posted 2/6/09 , edited 2/7/09

xiaoqian94 wrote:

yosh chapt 4 is cool...i wish i can write as gd as u(:

arigatou!!!! btw, the part 5 is out!!!! please read and comment.... onegaishimasu!!! *bow*
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