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24 / F / Look behind you....
Posted 1/25/09 , edited 1/27/09
You're going to a faraway place... but then the person in charge says where are your tokens?
You suddenly think OH NO we need tokens?....
Heres how to get some tokens.
10 tokens= inviting 1-15 members at
30 tokens=inviting 15-35 members at
50 tokens = inviting 35-75 members at the link above
100 tokens = inviting 75- 160 members
5 tokens = posting at any forum. 5 per each
2 tokens = uploading photos 2 per each
15 tokens = winning a contest
1 token = participating in a contest

Moderators can participate in Train Tokens as well.
Tokens will be counted as soon as possible.
Your list of tokens will only be posted here if you have posted in at least 2 forums. or group pages. NOT INCLUDING WALL POSTS OR PHOTOS
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