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Posted 1/26/09
Since all the VK threads seem to be very repetitive, I wanted to know what your views on the political significance in this seriese.

Most people where interested in Vk because of the vampires, or the eye candy (despite the fact that they are drawings and not real) but what drew me in was mostly the political significance of VK.

The whole conspiracies reminds me of modern day conspiracies. Like the government using it's higher class as scapegoats.

I'll express my opinion on this after I get a few replies to see if anyone has similar ideas.
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Posted 1/26/09 , edited 1/26/09
haha EYE CANDY - of course

but it is a pleasure to read a serious anime with eye-candy! I read where Hino was tired of drawing comedies so she started (with approval) on VK. The whole first 5 chapters are just setting up the background before the story really starts.

I do appreciate that the plot is not typical - yes - Yuuki actually chooses a guy! I get the feeling that even at chapter 47 - the manga plot lines are barely started.
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