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Posted 1/26/09 , edited 1/27/09
If anyone can translate then go ahead!!!! This is only a preview for the March issue so yeah...

Her personality seems like Karin's...
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23 / F / My location chang...
Posted 1/27/09 , edited 1/27/09
I wish I could read Japanese.
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F / Flying high up in...
Posted 1/31/09 , edited 1/31/09
Wow^^..really cute^^...I wish I could understand thoughT-T
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F / 『 still trying to...
Posted 2/1/09 , edited 2/2/09
Maybe SYUURA can translate this if we ask =D but lets not get our hopes up =(
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F / beside the stars~★
Posted 3/19/09 , edited 3/19/09
Cute! But i wish i could understand it!
Posted 5/31/09 , edited 6/1/09
I read that episode and I think its cute too! I can read Japanese so I'll transleate it next time! Srry!! I dont have much time now!!
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Posted 6/3/09 , edited 6/3/09
See the translated preview at:

Just those pages say....

Page 1:
- ‘Wait until we meet again.’
- The boy with rabbit ears
- gave me his promise.

Page 2:
- During the strange meeting the boy with rabbit ears said:
- ‘I will come back to this place…’
- ‘Until then…’
- ‘I want you to look after this for me.’
-7 years later..

Page 3:
- Yatta!
- Wai! ♥ These carrots were an amazing bargain ♫
- Because Tama-tan’s mother is no longer here she really knows how to look after herself right?
- Hmn, maybe I mean...

Page 4:
- I LOVE cheap sales! ★
- Jeez! Tama-tan, you’re young! But you sound like an old lady withering away!
- Hey, look everyone! Elle’s poster!
- Huh?
- She’s cute right? As expected of a famous idol like Elle-chan!
- Recently she’s been on TV all the time!
- Ladies should try and aim to be beautiful girls like Elle-chan..
- Wawaaa—

Page 5:
- And also aim to be…
- Kuu! How ladylike!
- Brides are SUPER ★
- But Tama-tan already has a fiancé right?
- He gave you that (cellphone)strap as his promise to come back and…
- S-S-Stop it Nya-chan! Let’s not talk about that!
- But you know you always have it with you…

Page 6:
- Wait
- Until we met again
- The boy with rabbit ears…
- BunnyEars-Kun, was that really the truth?
- Wait for me to come back from where?
- Let’s go Tama-tan!
- Something like that… something so super ★ didn’t happen on a regular day like today either…
- Today was just another ordinary day…
Posted 6/18/09 , edited 6/18/09
gahh too cuute!!!! OwO must have the manga
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Posted 11/3/10 , edited 11/4/10
WOW!! Very cute image!! Oh! Try it may help!!
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