Sherrill Kamelot & Tyki Mikk: Brothers?
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I've tried bringing in this question on my other "spamming" websites, but they didn't think anything of it. Let's start from the beginning.

As it said in chapter 158 "The Evil Flower", Sherrill (Cyril) Kamelot is the newest Noah to have appeared in the manga.

The first thing he said in the manga, however, surprised me when he spoke to Tyki Mikk:
"You're looking dapper as usual, little brother."

'Little brother?'

Then Tyki Mikk responded:
"Don't be gross, brother Sherrill."


It's not that I've tried to overlooked them talking that way because they're related through the Noah Family, but then Tricia, Cyril's wife, made it ever-so confusing, yet more the interesting to look into when she said to Rhode on page four:
"Road, don't be rude to your uncle."


Tricia is not, as far as we know, appart of the Noah Family, nor does she not know (again as far as we know) that the Duke is really the Earl. Has she even heard of akuma? We don't know. Anyway, back on track.

This says that Tricia thinks/knows/believes that Cyril and Tyki are blood brothers. So, the question asks itself: Could Cyril really be Tyki Mikk's older brother outside of being a Noah? And if so, how is it that they have seperate last names?

Totally off topic P.S.: Cyril is creepy around children.
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oh, I thought he must be related to the earl and rhode was like adopted by one of them. Something like that anyway.
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Yes, Cyril married Tricia to adopt Rhode.

Hm... Perhaps Tyki may be related to Tricia?
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Heres the little family tree. lol
Cyril and Tyki are brothers (yes related by blood)
Tricia had Road and then married Cyril
Thats why Tyki is Road's uncle.
And thats how they're all related ^^
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they are related..
cyril married tricia for road
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i think the manga mentioned so...

though i dont know whether sherrill is a noah or not...?
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Yep, yep, yep! They're brothers. ;>
Tyki have some similarities to his elder brother too!

Cyril married Tricia just to adopt Road.
But i am just wondering why Tyki and Cyril have a dfferent last name.
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yup, cause cyril married tricia for road
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