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Posted 1/27/09 , edited 1/31/09
Opal Valley Mall

The mall in Stoneville. Though it isn't completely safe, there are still items that could be of some use.

* JC Penny's Department store
* Antone's Hunting Store
* Redwood Hardware store
* Spencers gifts
* Sam Goody Department Store
* Mrs. Fields Chocolate shop
* Petrozza's Pizza Parlor
* Zodiac Jewelry shop
* Borders Book store
* Nike department store
* Amerian Traveller Luggage store
* Jewel's Accessory store
* Cloud Nine Bed Accessories
* Food court

The items they carry:

JC Penny's Department-1st floor
Clothings for men, women and kids
Underwear and that sort for men and women and kids
Socks and neckties
Supply crates with survival items (MREs and the sort)

Antone's Hunting Store-2nd floor
Hunting Guns, Handguns, Rifles

Redwood Hardware Store-1st floor
Self explanatory, crates of Anti-viruses

Spencer's gifts-2nd floor
Shirts, joke items, and energy drinks

Sam Goody Department Store-2nd floor
Music, movies, and magazines

Mrs. Fields Chocolate shop-2nd floor
Chocolate and other candy

Petrozza's Pizza Parlor-2nd floor
Fresh vegetables, pizzas, and their condiments. Pizza utensils are there for the taking.

Zodiac Jewelry shop-1st floor
Expensive Fineest jewelry from Necklaces to rings to earrings to lockets to wristbands etc..

Border's Book store-1st floor
Books of all sorts
Comfy Chairs to steal
Suitcase containing File reports and data on B.O.W.s

Nike department store-1st floor
Shoes for everyone-men women children, atheletic shoes to normal shoes to tennis shoes etc.
Atheletic wear and goods
Crate of Uniforms and Boots

American Traveller Luggage store-1st floor
Suitcases of all types
Crate of weapons (handguns, shotgun, etc.)

Jewel's accessories store-1st floor
Hair accessories and other clothes accessories

Cloud Nine Bed accessories-2nd floor
bed accessories, crates of MREs

Food Court-1st floor
Food and some cooking utensils.

The Opal Valley Mall is outfitted with the latest anti riot technology, from iron shutters to bullet proof glass. Tough place to get in...
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