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Posted 1/27/09 , edited 1/27/09
Okay, so fill this out and send it to me...
Age/ Year of School:
Favorite Character:
Least favorite:
Roleplay Time!

1) How did you get into Ouran in the first place?
2) How did you find out about the Host Club?
3) You get lost looking for one of your new classes, and Kyouya comes to help you. How do you react?
4) The Hitachiin twins are at it again. You catch them looking at you just before class end, and when you go to leave after the bell rings, you slip on a banana peel. It's obvious that they left it there, because while everyone else is trying to help you up, they're laughing hysterically. What do you do?
5) At the next Host Club ball, Tamaki comes up to you, kisses your hand, and asks you to dance. What would you do and say?
6) Somehow, you ended up in the middle of nowhere while exploring the school grounds, and have no clue where you are. Mori comes up, and although he doesn't say anything, you assume he wants to help you. What happens next?
7) You walk into the Host Club and see Hunny running straight toward you at full speed. He manages to stop right before running into you and asks if you want to have some cake with him and Bun-Bun. What do you do?
8) You've known all of the Host Club members for a few days now, but you haven't figured out that Haruhi's a girl. You see Tamaki and the twins flirting with her and finally realize that it's not that they're gay, it's that Haruhi's a girl. How do you react?
9) Okay, so whoever you said your crush was earlier comes up to talk to you in the hall. For some reason, the school is almost empty today. Your crush asks you to go to the movies with him (or her) later. What do you do and say? Okay, this will be the last roleplay question, finally.
10) A cute boy who you really like (not from the Host Club) asks you out, right in front of your crush from the Host Club. What do you do?
What do you think of each person
Ritsu (Kasanoda):
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