Truly Madly Yours
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---hey guys, im really new here. I just wanted to share my own first facfic that i wrote some day ago. please leave some comments and tell me if i should cont' this story anot. please comment, thanks!-----

Title: Truly Madly Yours

Main Characters: Super junior ; 슈퍼주니어 EunHyuk, HeeChul, Donghae, Leeteuk, SungMin

Fictional Characters: Solbi, ShinAe, Mika, Trisha, Yanae


Solbi: She is VERY energetic girl that always have a positive mind. Always help her friends in studies. Smart and Cheerful. And she is the #1 FAN for super junior. Always supporting them in many ways. AGE: 25 University of Korea

ShinAe: The quiet girl who always gets outcasts by the other classmates except when she hangs out with her 4 best friends. Have a quiet personality, but in the inside, she has many other personalities that are yet to be surfaced. LOVES super junior, OFFICIALLY an E.L.F. AGE: 22

Mika: The disobedient girl who has a faulty mouth and could get into fights easily just by her speech. She acts very though in the outside, but in the inside, there live a pure and sincerity heart that has yet to be discovered. LOVES Korean pop songs and dreams to be a pop dancer in the future. She truly supports Korean music industry. AGE: 22 Attends University of Arts in korea

Trisha: She is a half Korean and half European. Lives in America since young but came back to Korea at the age of 14. She is a close friend of Mika and from there got to know the other 3 girls. She attends University of Arts in Korea to become a singer in the future. Have a very shy and cheerful personality. Does not know how to express herself well when she comes directly in front of a man. AGE: 22 Supporting super junior since high school.

Yanae: She is a very friendly girl who always make friends easily. Have a true passion for designing and is currently attending the University of Arts in Korea. Has always been supporting super junior since she was in high school. AGE: 22

Eunhyuk: AGE: 23 - singer
Leeteuk: AGE: 26 - singer
Donghae: AGE: 23- singer
Heechul: AGE: 25- singer
Sungmin: AGE: 23- singer


(Heechul was on stage singing the song Crazy)

“ AHHHHH!!! OMGGGG. Look at him. He is just sooo georgeous in that white suit.” Exclaimed Solbi.

They were at the Super Junior’s first Asia Tour Concert that was held at . The concert was the first performed in that stadium and when it was announced, they rushed for the tickets. And now, here there are. Enjoying every single moment of it.

(When Heechul was singing the song Crazy and there was a paused in it, HC went directly towards the guitarist player, JungMo from the band X-trax and kiss him.)(link: )

(After the whole concert ended)

“OMG. That was the hottest concert that I have ever seen!” cried Trisha, Solbi and Yanae at the same time.

“No,it wasn’t, what the hell was HC doing kissing other guy on the stage? He went crazy after singing that song titled CRAZY?” said Mika.

“Well, maybe he was doing it for fun. Do it for the sake of feeling the song. Anyway that song was erotic.” Said ShinAe quietly at the back.

“Hmph, but still~.. anyway, im going first, ill meet you guys at Starbucks tomorrow morning at 8am don’t be late!” said Mika and left after getting tired of screaming during the concert.

“OK! Good night.” said everyone in unison and left different ways to go home.

CHAPTER 2: He gay? NO WAY!

Solbi’s P.O.V

“ Tskk, why is Mika always late when she was the one who plan this outing to the shopping mall?” I asked the girls.

Just then, Mika emerged from the door. *speaking of the devil*

“Hey, where were you?? Look at the time, you’re late for half an hour.” Said Yanae and start sipping her hot chocolate.

“ Urghhh, im sorry guys, this old man was getting in my way down the stairs and I had to wait for him out of courtesy, if not I would be here early WITHOUT missing my bus.” Mika said and ordered a coffee, take away.

Well, today, me and my 4 girlfriends are all going to hang out at the shopping mall and get some shopping done. We have all been studying hard for the practical and theory exams that we were having all week, and now, we’re FREE. For once, I felt like all the pressure has been lifted of my shoulders.

“C’mon, we have no time to waste!” I got up and we all slid our arms into each others and walked in a line towards the mall.

No one’s P.O.V:
“WOW! These shirts are super cute!” squealed Yanae while Trisha start nodding her head.

“Let’s all get the same one shall we girls?” shouted Solbi, and we all agreed to have this ‘group’ shirt.

When we were walking outside the shops, ShinAe remembered what she wanted to tell them earlier.

“Hey guys, just now in the morning I surf the internet and guessed what the anti-fans of Super Junior are posting online about HC’s kiss towards that guy?” said ShinAe in a very sofe tone.

“WHAT?!” everyone asked curiously towards her and she covered her ears.

“SHHH. Well, some of them posted that HC did that move because he was a gay. And some posted that even without this move that he had done yesterday, they knew that he was a gay all along.” Whispered shinae not wanting the rumor to spread.

“BWOH?!!(what)” cried solbi who has always been a true fan of every member of super junior and hate all of the comments that were written by the anti-fans.

“well~ …that sounds more realistic but, GAY? Seriously what are they thinking nowadays?” asked Yanae towards everyone.

Solbi just stood there. Not believing what she just heard from all those nasty anti-fans of super junior.

CHAPTER 3: Who are you?

EunHyuk’s P.O.V:

“Hyung, I’m gonna go out for a moment to buy lunch, HK’s not cooking today!” I said and started starring at HK.

“What?? Im really tired to cook, let me just sit here and do my own thing.” Replied HK

“Oh finee! Ill buy rice cakes for everyone then.” I then went down and to went to the small hawker centre.

I hope no one would recognize me after I tried my best disguising

“6 packets of rice cakes please, take away.” I ordered and the lady started to get busy preparing.

maybe I should go to mall to buy my shampoo since it’s all used up
“Ahjumma, I’ll be back in a few minutes. Please wait for me.”

-AT the shop-

Maybe I should buy that brand instead.

“How much is it?” I asked the cashier and gave her the amount of money needed.

Eh? Which way is the rice cake shop? *scratches his head*

I went all around but sadly I could not find an exit, instead I heard a group of 5 girls talking about….MY BAND MEMBERS?!

“…HC did that move because he was a gay…” I heard one of the girls said in a very soft tone.

WHAT?! HC-hyung a gay?! How could my hyung be gay when he always flirt with other girls? Were they talking about the kiss that he made with JungMo yesterday during the performance?

“…what are these people thinking these days?” said another girl which I totally agree.

How could they call my hyung a gay. This is annoying and frustrating. I quickly grabbed the arm of the girl who I agreed with her sentence that she just said.

“HEY! Let me go, what are you doing!?” shouted this unknown girl while I just kept pulling her to a place where no one was around.

“What were you girls talking about just now?” I asked in a furious manner while keeping my face down so that she won’t suspect who I was.

“What is your problem man? We were just talking about the rumors that are going around about our favorite band.” Explained the unknown girl who is now rubbing her arm after I let it go.

What?! Their favorite band. Guess I was mistaken by that phrase. I seriously thought that they were our anti’s and I wanted to clear up something.

“ How do you guys know that HC is a gay?” I asked and then looked down while she was trying to see my face.

“Wait. Have I see you somewhere? Anyway, some damn group of girls who thought it was cute posting nasty comments on our idols online saying that HC is a gay. Were they crazy? How can my Oppa be a gay?” said that girl who kept staring at me.

Well, at least this girl thinks realistically, maybe I could keep in contact with her so that I could keep up with the rumors on my Hyungs.

“well, here is my number, call me anytime when you hear stupid rumors about the band Super Junior. Let’s keep in touch. But please do not pass on this number even if you know who I am.” I explained to her and gave her my name card and walked away towards the nearest exit I could find.


Yanae’s P.O.V:

“ How do you guys know that HC is a gay?” asked this mysterious guy whom I swear I saw him somewhere.

But why was he eaves dropping on our conversation. It was impossible for other people to hear ShinAe’s whispering especially in a crowd. Wow this guy is something.

“Have I seen you somewhere before? Anyway, Anyway, some damn group of girls who thought it was cute posting nasty comments on our idols online saying that HC is a gay. Were they crazy? How can my Oppa be a gay?” I said really frustrated and started to see his face but it was all covered by his cap. Damn it.

“…Let’s keep in touch. But please do not pass on this number even if you know who I am.” He said suspiciously and then left for the exit on the right.

Huh? Why can’t I pass on his number? Is he a wanted person. I looked down at the name card and scanned for the name. Surprisingly it was exactly the person I knew! OMG, it was EunHyuk!!

-At the mall where the 5 girls were talking before-

No one’s P.O.V:

“ Where in the world did that Yanae go?” said Mika getting frustrated of waiting for someone so long especially it was her lunch time.

“ Why was that weirdo guy pulling her away?” asked Trisha with a curios face.

“Yeah, I totally agree, is there some big news that she was suppose to tell us when she comes back?” asked Solbi and then saw Yanae walking towards them, her face glowing from happiness.

Yanae’s P.O.V:

I was super excited to tell about the girls but felt guilty at the same time. Am I betraying my idol or my girlfriends who have been with me through ups and downs? These questions were seriously making me feel as if I was a bad person.
“Hey girls, can we head back to my house because I have some important news to announce.” I said to them and they all nodded eagerly except Mika who starts complaining how her stomach hurts and how hungry she felt.

“Yanae,is your Umma at home? If she is, can you ask her to make me some jjangmyun noodles?” asked Mika towards me, giving me a puppy face with her large eyes, trying to act all cute.

“She is, don’t worry, I wont let you starve to death.” I said and she hugged my tightly till we all reach my house.

We all then head to my room and started to sit on the floor in a circular shape.

“Girls, I have something serious to say and I really really really hope that you guys could keep it as a secret all your life and not tell a single soul.” I explained and all the girls were listening carefully.

“remember that guy who just pulled my away when we all were talking? Does he look like someone farmiliar?” I asked towards them and they started thinking deeply.

“ I really think that I saw him somewehere. Maybe I was mistaken, I dunno.” Shrugged ShinAe.

“He looks like some one I use to see often on the TV, but how could it be right?” she asked and the other 3 started giggling and laugh.

“Well, your guess was correct, he was someone that we dearly know.” I said and all of their mouths dropped open.

“He is our idol….EunHyuk Oppa.” I whispered and the other four looked at each other and shouted a high pitch scream that we normally do when we went to their concert.

“ Are you serious?” asked Trisha and I nodded silence.

“What was he doing, pulling you away? What did he say?” asked ShinAe and I started explaining the whole thing.

“So that was what happened.?” Asked Solbi and I just nodded.

“Can we see the name card?” every one said in unison.

“SHHHH, I don’t want anyone to hear us, especially my mom, you know her.”I said and took out the name card and they all screamed all over again.

“ I really cant believe this is happening between all of us.” Said Trisha.

“ Neither do I.” I admit and went down to eat my lunch while they stayed in my room staring at that name card swearing to me that they only kept it to themselves.

CHAPTER 5: It can’t be!

Eunhyuk’s P.O.V:

“Guys, I’m back!” i exclaimed to all the members and together crowed around the packets of rice cakes.

Should I tell HC hyung about what I just heard just now at the mall? Maybe I should so that he understands what the fans were thinking about when he did that move.

“Guys, I have something to say.” I announced and all of them stopped eating and looked at me.

Wow, they were actually listening to me, hahaha.

“Just now, when I went to buy the food, I passed this particular group of girls when…”

“Were they hot?” Donghae, KangIn and LeeTeuk interrupted me and I just stared at them. “Sorry, please continue” they said and I continued what I was trying to say.

“ They were talking about what you did HC hyung.” I said as HC hyung just kept on staring at me with his chopsticks in his mouth.

“What were talking about me? Was it because of the kiss move that I did yesterday?” asked my hyung and waited for my response.

“Yes, that was it. The girls were talking about what our Anti fans were posting online when they heard what you did at the concert. They called you a….” and I paused. I didn’t want him to be disappointed.

“Gay?” HC hyung himself suggested and he looked down.

“Well, when I did that move, I knew that there were going to be many rumors going around about what I did yesterday.” HC explained himself and the whole table was silent.

I was not expecting my hyung himself to express about the thought of the rumors going around about him. And I felt that I was not right for him to be making this issue to burden him alone.

“ Well, I think it’s best now that we celebrate out success of making the concert withut mistakes and I really hope that our fans understand our effort that we put in.” said LeeTeuk who was the one to suggest that we all buy drink in the night to celebrate our success.

“And also, I gave my number to this girl whom I asked about how the rumors came about.” I admitted and all the members stared at me.

“What did you do?? We are not suppose to give out our number to anyone, especially when we gave it to someone whom we JUST met.” Said KanIn furiously and kept on staring at me.

“Well, I thought that since she knew about the rumors about us and is our loyal fan, we might keep up about the rumors that were created about us.” I suggested and they all started nodding.

We all started stuffing ourselves with food. Now, I just have to wait until she calls me so I could get her number. I really hope I could trust her.

“And guys, when I get to meet her again, I’ll remember to introduce her to you all. She really seems like a sweet girl.” I said and felt heat in my cheeks.

end of chap 5 ---->Comments!

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