Post Reply What other characters might one like if one likes Azuma?
Posted 1/27/09 , edited 1/27/09
Yes, I know this thread sounds oddly similer to the "Do Azuma lovers love Kaname?" thread, but it's a tad broader.
Posted 2/12/09
This guy...

His name is Eros Lanson. He’s from a Chinese or Taiwanese manga (manhua?) titled “The One” made by Nicky Lee. He’s cool and he has long hair. He pretends that he doesn’t care for the main female character but he actually cares... Sounds like Azuma, ne? ^__^
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Posted 5/8/09

He reminds me alot of Yunoki!!!
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Yeah, I agree with all the 3 above. KANAME, EROS, SA SAKUJUN.
Kaname and Eros will have a happy ending .
Poor Sa Sakujun, he died. At least, Shuurei did love him.
How about Kyoya in Host club? He's the Shadow King there

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Posted 9/18/10
kaname and sakajun resembles Azuma but whenever I see Kaname, my blood boils. (not a Kaname lover at all)
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