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won bin had left ft island..T__T
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25 / F / SHINee's World
Posted 1/27/09 , edited 1/27/09
hot news...
won bin really leave the band..
now someone have replace him...

today 28.1.09 it's the last day won bin with fti..

i hope all the primadonna will still support ft island n won bin especially..

im truly hurt..won bin oppa..dont go!!!
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25 / F / behind u
Posted 1/28/09
this is really unexpected…
im not a primadonna, but i cry when i heard the news..ft island is incomplete without wonbin!!!but if he thinks is the best decision, we just have to let him go….HWAITING OPPA!!!

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Posted 1/28/09 , edited 1/28/09
2 hours before you;

and it's in wrong section.
should be in music.
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26 / F
Posted 1/28/09
it okay at least min hwan didnt leave xd
but i'l miss him(:
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29 / M
Posted 1/28/09
ya he left..
the company said that in the begining somone would of drop out
and he also left because he was that popular
he was the least popular and i guess he was gettting wang da
and they said they were gonna find a new member
and there gonna release a new mini album with the new member^^
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23 / F
Posted 1/28/09
Why?!? T_T
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F / belgium
Posted 1/28/09 , edited 1/28/09
I can't believe it!!where"s the five treasure island gone to?? how come he leaves them? it wasn't his own choice right? <_>
I'm really sad now, how can this be? after they seemed to have so much fun in their shows ;_;
I really really hope something'll happen which lets them be together forever.
damn I was such a fan :(
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Posted 2/2/09
heard he didn't like FT island music style
so he left tell the truth...they should REALLY promote ALL the boys and not only Hongki u noe
i mean it is a band
but mostly u will only notice hongki

oh well....they already found a replacement
as always its a pretty boy

Fighting !!!F T island
Posted 3/5/09
Can somebody tell me why did won bin left the group?
Posted 3/5/09 , edited 3/5/09
The company said it was because of different views in music.
Wonbin didn't state why he was leaving, not from his own mouth, it was the company who was giving reasons why he had to leave the group, rumours like him being bullied by the other members, and not getting well with them are spreading around in february, but this is a letter from him clears up everything. Read it.

[Quote wonbin]
First and foremost..I'm really sorry..
I'm really sorry I won't be able to be together with the members from now on, and that I also cannot be together with all the fans.
But today, because I wanted to see all of Primadonna Japan, I have come to Japan.

I also thought about this and discussed this with everyone for a long time and this is the conclusion I have come to, but I think there will also be people who will not think of this kind of me very well.
I am sorry.
Also, all kinds of rumours have been spreading ever since I quit the group, that I was bullied, or that I wasn't getting along well with the members...that is not the reality of it.

I don't know if the other members are listening to me, but there is something I want to use this opportunity to say.
Jonghun, Hongki, Jaejin and even though he's not here, Minhwan!
Even though I think no matter what kind of words I say my feelings right now will not be able to be expressed, I really had a lot of fun.
The four years I spent with everyone, if I look back we had fights, and though I can't say it was always enjoyable, I gained many things, and it was by all means not a painful time.
To be honest I don't know how all of you think of me right now.
Since it's not like I always showed a good side of myself and all.
But to be honest, I didn't know it at that time.
That I would come to think of all of you this much when I separated from you.
I'm taking this opportunity today to say this, but I think I will always be together with you all, and I will always be cheering for you.
I really, really thank you.

And to all the members of Primadonna Japan, I really thank you very much.
Even though we've only released two albums in Japan and things were just getting started from now on, of what's happened till now I have many difficult, enjoyable, and other memories.
That may be so, but strangely the memories that remain me with right now are nothing but the enjoyable ones.
Thank you very much.
I won't forget you, and I think I won't be able to.

I will not say goodbye.
Someday, though I really don't know when that'll be, until the time I am able to meet all of you, I think I would like to do my best each and every day, like it's my last one.

All the members of Primadonna Japan,
I really thank you very much.

February 10, 2009
From Wonbin
[/Quote wonbin]

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Posted 3/6/09
sorry its too long im too lazy to read. can anyone tell my why he left
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66 / F / back in kame's arms
Posted 5/26/09


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In your dreams...
Posted 5/26/09

Yeahhhhh....I like Won Bin better, he's much cuter...
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22 / F / ~_
Posted 5/26/09
why???? *shocked*
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21 / F / earth? world? :] XD
Posted 5/26/09
OMY . Why?
It's not ft island without him.
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