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Babies are cute and what they do and speak are funny to look at.

Here are some funny baby incidents that forms sweet memories , whenever I think of them, I laugh aloud forgetting all my worries.

Right after our daughter was born, we went out to a restaurant for a treat with my sister's family and couple of friends. I sat next to Sunil, my best friend's husband. He always loves to joke around with everyone and grab everybody's attention to him. We all ordered food and drinks. As we were waiting for our food to come, Sunil started playing with my daughter, and all of a sudden grabbed her bottle and squirted it into his coffee. All the women around the table burst out in laughter ! Sunil was so happy that every women thought he is funny. but actually what made them laugh is that they knew that I only fed my daughter breastmilk which Sunil did'nt.
My husband hates to change diapers, I have heard him say many times that he would change not even a single diaper, Having a baby changes everything..! ofcourse it changed him too ! He started changing our daughter's diaper. It's a great challenging task to successfully change a baby's diaper without getting anything on your fingers. When our daughter was three months old, One day, she had diarrhea. I was busy in the kitchen and my husband had to do it. He held up my daughter's two little feet to clean her hips. With a loud sound of farting, her pieces of s*** burst out suddenly, just right towards the face of my husband. With a surprise, he had kept his mouth wide open and s*** ran directly into his mouth ! Consequence : She is now 1 year old and to this day, my husband never changes our daughter's diaper.
We used to play a music CD for our daughter before she takes a nap daily from about 4 to 5 months old. She has been hearing the same song daily about 3 to 4 times for a month or so. When she was around 7 months old, she has been used to the same songs very much. When we switch on the CD, she knows that she has to sleep and immediately starts sucking her thumb. So funny to look at.
My nephew "Rahul" who is 36 months old used to spell out his name as "Lolly" as he can't pronounce the syllabel "ra". One day my sister had taken him out for shopping and as usual he demanded a candy and she got him 2 lollipops one for her and one for him. When they both were enjoying their lollipops, she said " this is called lollipop". He immediately replied " No, this is lollipop , what you are having is "ammapop" (:-)
My sister is trying to potty-train her son who is going to celebrate his 3rd birthday next month.

She bought him a new potty-seat and advised him to go on that whenever he feels the urge to go.

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wait do we have to post our own or some from the internet?
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