Episode 14: "Are you kidding? Pretty Cure Impostors Go Wild"
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Posted 1/28/09
I know it's funny to start doing this 14 episodes in, but that's what the current public release is right now, so we might as well start with the current one. Maybe we can go back and do the older episodes later for the benefit of people who haven't started watching them yet (or if you're watching one of the older episodes, feel free to start a topic for it yourself to talk about it).

On to the episode...

Episode 14: "Are you kidding? Pretty Cure Impostors Go Wild"

(yes, I corrected the spelling mistake they made in the title slide - sorry if that offends anyone)

I thought this episode was kind of fun. In episode 13 we saw Pretty Cure transform and fight in an auditorium that was almost abandoned after the explosion from the Zakenna showing up scared everyone away... everyone, that is, except for the two girls who had fallen asleep in the back, who woke up from all the noise while Pretty Cure were transforming and hid behind the seats watching, unbeknown to anyone else.

This sets the stage for episode 14... Nagisa and Honoka are shocked to hear people in class talking about Pretty Cure. Have they been found out? They spend half a day worrying about it before they discover that, no, there's a set of impostors out there. It turns out those two girls that were hiding in the theater had been talking with each other at the playground about what they saw and got overheard by the little kids on the playground. When the kids started asking questions, the one girl starts bragging that it's really them! The next day they come back to the park cosplaying as Pretty Cure to put on a show for the little kids, and the rumor mill starts its work. Under normal circumstances I'd consider that a spoiler, but they outright told you most of that in the preview at the end of episode 13, I'll leave it alone here, too. Once Nagisa and Honoka discover the truth, they immediately set out to shut them down. After all, if the bad guys mistake them for the real Pretty Cure they'd be in for a world of hurt. And you can bet, as in any Pretty Cure episode, that the Dotsuku Zone folks are quite willing to dish out the hurt.

If you haven't watched the episode yet, now's the time to do that before you read the rest of this post. :)

One of the funniest things about this episode for me is that the cosplayers didn't remember the lines said after transforming very well, and consistently screw up the lines. Every time they do it, Nagisa complains wildly to Honoka that "I never said 'hurry'" and has to physically restrain herself from going and yelling at the girls for doing it wrong, lest she get found out. That was good for a laugh every time it happened.

So what did you think of this episode?
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Posted 5/12/09
i lol-ed so hard in this episode!...those two impostors really messed up the lines!..lol
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Posted 7/14/09
Please use "Pretty Cure Anime Discussion" thread.


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