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Posted 1/29/09

Fukuhara Household

Fukuhara Sabre (you can assume this character is you,yourself)
- youngest child of the Fukuhara Household
- intellectual snob and prefers to stay in her room
- never attended to school since primary years
- 17 yrs.old
- creator of online games, well known to many virtual
buddies by the name " THE RIPPER"

Fukuhara Lake ----->(Kamenashi Kazuya of KAT-TUN)
- 22 yrs.old certified head turner
- caring and loving elder brother to Sabre
- smart and handsome

Fukuhara Renko (your mom, maybe?)
- Sabre and Lake's gorgeous mom
- owns a chain of hotels all over japan
- hates Sabre's attitude that's completely
the opposite of what she possess when she
was at her age

Fukuhara Seiji (your dad)
- Sabre and Lake's understanding dad
- spoils Sabre most of the time
- one of the well known business tycoon
in the entire Japan


Fukuhara Mansion

The long table was all set. Food of all kinds were prepared for the members of Fukuhara family. The maids are all lined up in the corner, ready to take orders from their masters. Not long after, a young handsome guy came to settle for dinner. He’s the eldest child of the family, Lake Fukuhara. He was looking elegant in his plain white polo shirt. He glanced towards the maids who were then struck by his captivating smile. These maids went blank and spaced out. They later gained their composure back when Lake’s parents came. The couple is well known in the business society. An overwhelming aura surrounds the room instantly. They positioned themselves in the table.

Mrs. Fukuhara: Where’s your sister? *kisses her son in the cheek*

Lake: She’s still upstairs, want me to get her? *prepares to leave the table*

Mr. Fukuhara: Stay here. I’ll get her myself. *stands up and leave*

Mrs. Fukuhara: That brat, when will she get bored in that creepy room? *worried face*

Lake: I’ve been checking on her every time and she seems fine, mama.

Mrs. Fukuhara: This whole thing isn’t fine at all, son. Your sister’s lifestyle is worrisome.

Lake: *smiles* She’s just enjoying what she thinks is fun.

Later, a girl in her teenage years entered the dining area, though dressed in pajamas, she possess the same oozing charisma her parents and brother have. Next to her was her dad, Mr. Fukuhara himself. She kisses her mom’s cheeks and went to sit next to Lake.

Lake: How was your day? *looks at her*

Sabre: *drinks a glass of water* Great. But it pissed me off after seeing those new curtains in my room.

Lake:*wry smile* The maids must have forgot that you hate pink ones. *glances at the corner*

Mrs. Fukuhara: *amused* What’s wrong with pink curtains? It suits your room, Sabre.

Sabre: *stares blankly at her mom* I JUST HATE IT. *fixed her table napkin on her lap*

Mr. Fukuhara: Then let’s take it down by the morning, for now let’s just enjoy this meal as for tonight.

The mother-daughter argument stopped instantly when it has almost started after hearing Seiji Fukuhara’s favor. They shared the sumptuous dinner but Sabre left the table earlier than the others. The 3 went to the wide balcony to continue chatting, a normal routine. They were drinking tea when Renko Fukuhara burst out her sentiments.

Mrs. Fukuhara: I can’t stand this anymore. *disturbed while drinking her cup of tea*

Mr. Fukuhara: Honey, we can’t force her to change instantly. If that’s what she really wants to do,
let’s just leave her alone and wait till she volunteers to go out on her own. *very calm*

Mrs. Fukuhara: But that’s completely wasting time. She’s not getting any younger .when I was at her
age ,you can’t see me sitting comfortably at my room like what she’s doing right now.
You guys know she’s starting to be annoying but instead of telling her these things you
tend to spoil Sabre. *hurts*

Lake: Mama, try to calm down. I have also been thinking about that. And I was planning to
discuss this with you right now. *uneasy*
*parents pause and in unison, looks at their son with all curiosity*

Mr. Fukuhara: Go ahead, son. We’re listening. *all ears*

Lake: *clears throat* I’m planning to deceive Sabre. And for me to be able to do that, your
help is a necessity. *glances from his mom to his dad*

Both parents: We'd love to help. *determined*
And they discussed the details of Lake’s plan……

The next day, just as planned, Lake took Sabre forcibly to a nearby hospital. The latter was somehow curious why she would be checked up all of a sudden. She asks her brother.

Lake: We’re just worried. You seem to be overworked with your activities in the virtual world
that you got yourself whitish after few moths.
*Sabre kept her silence all the way and focused her attention outside the car’s window.*

Upon reaching the traffic lights, they got stuck because of the people passing by. Sabre saw some high school girls in their uniforms, passing by, next to Lake’s top down car. The brother noticed her while staring at those girls.

Lake: Neh, I wonder what will you look like when wearing high school uniform.*smiling*

Sabre: *smirk* I’d look pathetic if I wear one. * glances away*

Lake: *chuckles and continued driving . * *Sabre ignores his reaction*

Few days passed…

This time, the parents have to play their part for Lake’s plan to take effect. His strategy might be risky but this is the most effective way to lure his dear sister and make her realize that there’s life outside her virtual world. After learning how to use the computer, she’s always in front of her monitor most of the time. She makes games and plays around everyday inside her beloved dimension.

While heading to the kitchen, Sabre overheard her mom crying inside the library. She got so curious and tried to listen to their conversation. *ears behind the thick doors of the library*

Mrs. Fukuhara: This can’t be happening. Sabre’s too young to be in this kind of situation. *cries*

Mr. Fukuhara: *hugs his wife* We’ll do everything to find some cure. No one’s giving up on her. We’re not
letting her die.*dramatic*

Sabre:*eyes widen* I’m dying? * starts to feel shaky*

Lake: Sabre’s illness is a rare one. The doctors told me medicines for this kind of sickness does not
exist as of this moment. She’s got less than a year to spend. *mom cried louder*

Sabre: *reaches her chest, feeling her heart beating violently*

Mrs. Fukuhara: But I’ve got no strength to tell her. *voice cracking*

Mr. Fukuhara: But we have to tell her soon. It’s her right to know.
*Sabre suddenly breaks in* *3 got shock upon seeing her*

Sabre: *piercing eyes stuck on them Why don’t you just say things right now?

: Sabre! *the 3 in unison*

Lake: Looks like you’ve overheard everything. *avoids looking at her*

Sabre: Loud and clear.*trying to calm herself* *mother comes to embrace her*

Mrs. Fukuhara: Dear, we will do everything to find cure for your illness.

Mr. Fukuhara: If you’ll just cooperate Sabre, we can overcome this. Trust us. *eyes were assuring*

Sabre: *eyes teary* Am I really dying? *forced to laugh but tears began falling from her eyes

Lake: *resisting to laugh, he hugs Sabre * giving her mom and dad a thumbs up at her back
*parents are grinning*

The plan has been starting smoothly. Sabre’s starting to get frustrated and stopped working on front of her computer screen. Once her emotions are settled, Lake will perform the last rites. It’s up to his convincing power. They went this far, there’s now way he’d back out. While watching Sabre who’s in deep thoughts in a couch, he reminisce the conversation he and his parents had a week ago….

Mr. Fukuhara: I don’t think it’s a good idea, making her think she’s dying?? *undecided*

Lake: Well, you got yourself a smart daughter. She can’t be fooled with a simple cock-and-bull
story. A person who’s dying, he would love to do things he likes or experience what he
never did before dying. If Sabre falls on the trap, ill make her consider enjoying a life
going to school. *determined*
Mrs. Fukuhara: *mesmerized and smiles* She never went to school ever since elementary.

Lake: That’s exactly the plan. We need to make the first step a success for her to give it a shot
in attending a normal school setting. *paused* Becoming a student, it’s the fastest way
to cope up with what she’s left behind all this years. I will try my best to lure her.

Mr. Fukuhara: *sighs* Will she be fine with this?

Lake: I can’t think of any ideas at all. Of course, she’ll feel cheated and betrayed but I prefer it
that way than doing nothing.

Mrs. Fukuhara: Me too. I’d rather choose to be hated after, if this is the only way to see her normal.

Mr. Fukuhara: *sighs again* Alright. Then let’s give it a try.

After dinner, Sabre left the table and went to inhale fresh air in the wide balcony. She sat there with deep thoughts. After a while, Lake joined her.

Lake: I’ll come with you tomorrow. Mom and Dad can’t make it.

Sabre: Neh, I’m becoming a burden to you, onii-chan. *looks far*

Lake: *comes near her* You were never a burden to me, never will. *with an assuring face*

Sabre: *glances at him But you have classes, right? Onii-chan loves to go to school and it’ll be
frustrating to get you oblige sending me off to the hospital. I’ll be fine by myself.

Lake: What made you think I love going to school? *grinning*

Sabre:*grins back* neh, onii-chan, what do you hate about school anyway? *curious*

Lake: *surprise Eh? *lost for words*
If he answers her question, she might be discouraged in going to school. He stood there silent.
Sabre started to worry with his expression. He was thinking intensely of what to reply.

Sabre: Onii-chan? Daijobou?

Lake: *something clicks on his mind* Eh? Yeah. Asking me stuffs about school, how about
finding answers for yourself? *gaining back his stand*

Sabre: *surprised* You mean going to school just to know what those hateful things are about?

Lake: Why not? *smiles brightly*

Sabre: *mystified* What are you up to? *starts to get suspicious*

Lake: *firm* Now that you know you’re dying, do you still intend to stay in your room and be
stuck in front of your monitor while waiting for you life to end? *serious*

Sabre: *stares at him, amused* That makes no difference. Whether I stay here or get a life
outside, I will still die in less than a year.

Lake: You are being biased, Sabre. Why don’t you try it before concluding? You misunderstood
me. All I want you to do is give yourself a chance to own good memories before
anything happens. But I promise not to give up, of course. We’ll definitely look for cure.
It’s time to show up. People are assuming I’m the only child of this mansion, and you
know exactly why.

Sabre: *still keeping her silence, absorbing everything he says*

Lake: *annoyed for her silence* Papa spoils you a lot. Hiring private tutors, letting you stay
inside the house instead of waking up early to attend morning classes in a classroom,
getting everything you want without any conditions required, you’re the worst.
*Sabre was really surprised to hear such harsh words from Lake and somehow hurt.*

Lake: Neh, Sabre, If I’m going to ask you right now what’s the most treasured memory you
ever acquired inside this mansion, can you even give me one descent answer?
*Sabre still puzzled, she suddenly got scared of Lake*

Sabre: Why do you act like this? You’re really strange onii-chan.

Lake: *sighs* Think about it. I was just overwhelmed with my emotions. Gomen ne, Sabre.
Oyasumi. *pats her head and leaves*

Sabre was left alone, feeling sorry for herself. She really is a disappointment. She was trembling when her brother talked that way, it was really unusual. Lake’s got a point but she keeps on declining his ideas. Sabre was used to a caring and thoughtful Lake, yet, just now, she saw a different Lake, far from the brother he knew. Could it be, she must have caused him to be fierce, annoyed and pissed? Sabre started to worry about everything. How will she apologize to Lake? She can’t stand if he won’t talk to her anymore. She thought severely that whole night.

This chapter introduces the main character, the next chapters will feature the guys..enjoy!
Posted 1/29/09
this fic is good! i really like the part of kame being the big bro! haaha! next chap please! kshishishi. *evil giggle*
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Posted 1/29/09
post the next chap as fast as you can~
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Posted 1/29/09

lizbeth_yao95 wrote:

this fic is good! i really like the part of kame being the big bro! haaha! next chap please! kshishishi. *evil giggle*

april230 wrote:

post the next chap as fast as you can~

hi!! since this topic is doubled ill just quote your comments on the other forum entitled exactly like this.. you can read more chapters there.. i think chapter 3 is already posted.. I'll lock this now okay?? ^^
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22 / F / singapore
Posted 1/29/09

hsj9392 wrote:

lizbeth_yao95 wrote:

this fic is good! i really like the part of kame being the big bro! haaha! next chap please! kshishishi. *evil giggle*

april230 wrote:

post the next chap as fast as you can~

hi!! since this topic is doubled ill just quote your comments on the other forum entitled exactly like this.. you can read more chapters there.. i think chapter 3 is already posted.. I'll lock this now okay?? ^^

ok ...sure~ hahas
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