crack some joke or tell sum funny story.....XDD
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Posted 1/30/09 , edited 1/30/09
crack some joke.....XDD

im really bored so i need to heard i new joke..hehehe..

because i have one that i think its too old..and i think its

a funny story....

my story: a guy went to a CR and sat on the throne

when he heard someone came in the cubicle. the

guy in the next cubicle started talking to him. "dude how are yah??"

he hesitanntly answered,"am okeih..i think." he asked again,

"so wat are yah doing there??" unknowing what to say he

answered, "losing sum weight,,reducing fats or in other words poofing."

again the guy speak,"dude i'll call u later there's a crazy guy beside me

ansering my questions."..heheh..X]]

pls sum of ur jokes or story...and laugther is the medicine by the way...

heheheh...i dont know why i said that...

Posted 1/30/09 , edited 1/30/09
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