Love Triangle between an Asian and Non-Asian?
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Posted 1/30/09 , edited 1/30/09
Let me explain the title, if there was ever a situation in a drama where there was a love triangle between an Asian guy an Asian girl but then the person that completes the triangle is Non-Asian, who would you want the guy to choose? The Asian or Non-Asian? This is in the case that he has feelings for both girls but can not choose.

The point of this tread is actually to see how many people would accept or even prefer interracial relationships in dramas.
*Please note that I don't really know if this has ever happened in a drama before, and posts should be based on opinion*

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Posted 1/30/09
Hahaha I think the guy would choose the asian girl :'D
I know a lot guys who would never beginn a relationship with a non asian girl ...xD
but if they rly like each ohter why not o.o
and in dramas there is erverything possible so...xD
Idk wether my post will help you :'D
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Posted 1/30/09
This is basically a versus thread, which are not allowed.

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