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Posted 1/30/09 , edited 1/30/09
Jaejoong's Trivia

* Has 11 piercings (4 in the left ear, 5 in the right ear, 1 in his belly, 1 in his left nipple)
* Likes eating spicy food. In fact, he ate world’s most spiciest peppers with ease and thinks that Naga Jolokia pepper, with a Scoville (scale of hotness) rating of 1,041,365 would taste good in a dish. Fellow DBSK members complain that Jaejoong, who is the group’s best, and only cook, always prepares food to his taste and not theirs. (SBS’s Exploration of the Human Body)
* Enjoys cooking in his spare time
* Can text message really quickly and accurately, and likes to use many emoticons in his messages
* Calls himself the “expert” at Rock, Paper, Scissors
* Fear for Cola (Coke) due to being in a Cola drinking competition in his early ages and passed out
* Has broad shoulders in contrast with his thin waist line
* He likes girls who has pretty hands and feet
* Believes he will marry a fan, wants 2 daughters and 1 son
* Doesn’t really like his own voice because he thinks it sounds “awkward”
* First kiss in the 6th grade (it was a cheek kiss)
* Hates girls who are very self centered and full of themselves
* Childhood dream was to be a grocery store owner, so that he could eat all the cookies
* Broke his leg during “Rising Sun” promotions, rendering him unable to dance or perform with the members for a couple of months
* Has a habit of sometimes sticking his tongue out after singing his part on stage performances.
* Able to move each of his shoulder blades separately
* Able to inflate his stomach to 36 inches
* Colored his hair blond for the first time in late 2006 because Xiah Junsu told him you should try it and see how it looks
* He likes to use a lot of emoticons and anime graphics when texting or mailing
* Shares a work-room with Micky Yoochun
* Enjoys eating cereal(with milk) whenever he wants (usually during dinner)
* Feels that Japanese Curry mixes really well with rice
* Does not make very good “First Impressions”
* Wants to be the Hero in the entertainment industry so stage name is: Hero Jaejoong
* Doesn’t like to do dishes
* Talkative
* Left home to pursue his dream of becoming a singer
* Was part of a band before entering SM
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