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M / Always There But...
Posted 1/30/09
heya eveyone here know wat a poem is right?
how bout a Haiku?
heres one i made

For Those Who Fly
Will Cry
Because Those Who Fall
Will Die

if u think its gloomy its ok do u got one u can share?
P.S i made this myself not copied from some poetry maker
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24 / M / In the afterlife...
Posted 2/1/09
Very good darkshade the brotherhood needs someone like u
Posted 2/6/09
yeah i know what both are and i love to make them
so heres some of my work if you want to see it
we all fall and we rise up to show our love even if it means to strike back with a velvet glove so never give in and never give up because the pain love brings is only a small part of what it does to your life so rise up or give up it is your choise to make but never let go of love cause it brings light and happiness and when it goes away i admit it brings unbearable pain and lonelyness but that pain is the taste of life for with out pain with out shadow and plight there is no love and no sunlight so give in or fight it changes what you are and what you will become so savor the taste of that velvet glove or shrink back and give up on the sweet taste of love and suck at the sour teat of a lonley and broken heart and be trampled under foot as love passes over you with out a single glance and with out a word or remorse but you can be strong and take the slings and arrows of love and you can take the pain of that sweet velvet glove and rise up to grasp a love of your very own
so never give up and never give in because in the end and when it is all said and done you know that you will be the one that has truly won something speical in this game of sweet painful love and bitterly sour lonlyness and you will become the master of that velvet glove as long as you never gave up on your one true love

and heres a haiku to
don't weep you foolish man
just walk foward into your future and
don't you ever look back
i hope you like them and sorry if the poem is really long

Posted 2/6/09
your kaiku is really good but a bit sad
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