✖♬✖Job Appilcation✖♬✖
Posted 1/31/09 , edited 3/7/09
♥♡WeLcOmE To Avii Maker Miku-chan♥♡

✖♬✖Job Application✖♬✖

►Job1*~> Help Us Check If Buddies Upload Photos for their Payments*/Organize Photos*~''PHOTO MANEGER''

►Job2*~> Making GAMES forums*/Organizeee the forum*~ '''FORUM MANEGER''

►Job3*~> Events*-->Give ideas!!*(example:ideas for the group,theme,special occasion...)/Making Shoppers ID card*~

(U will Received per month a Free avatar*/banner/icons/profile stuffs Request*+u will become our *********Member)

Fill this Please:

--*Will u be active*?:
--*What kind of Member u want to be? :(example:Bunny,sweet,special,star....etc.etc.*)
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