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BOF characters, who portrayed it best???
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35 / F / Dumzville
Posted 3/13/09
I agree with you except for Vaness Wu as Mimasaka Akira.. i mean he's hot but he has really bad and raw acting skills. I liked the Korean Mimasaka Akira better.

I'm okay with Makino, i think she's cute but i would prefer Barbie...
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25 / F / ~g00d oL' eNgLaNd~
Posted 3/13/09

HP_forever wrote:

Tsukushi Makino:

Tsukasa Domyouji:

Rui Hanazawa:

Nishikado Sojiro:

Mimasaka Akira:

Matsuoka Yuki:

Completely agree with your list!!
thts kinda weird~
l0l ^^
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31 / F / CA
Posted 3/15/09
erm... I am not sure I would prefer Barbie and the rest of them is from that list... Can't really decide between Hyun Joong or ZaiZai as Rui...
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22 / F / United Kingdom
Posted 3/15/09

yo_viv wrote:

i dunno...all of them made a good job
Jun Matsumoto has a bratty personality...like a rich kid...violent ...everything resolves with money..confident...
joon pyo dunno is like....quiet,it's like he doesn't have confidence ...dunno...
that's how i see it...until now...i'll watch...the next episodes...maybe he'll be better..n i wrong
as Rui it's obvious that Oguri Shun it's still better
the other 2 from F4...hmm....it's kinda hard cause...in the korean version the are cute.,...but they are not playboys...the jap version is better....from this point of view....
and as Makino...the girls are good...but still Inoue ...is better.
..between Matsumoto n Inoue is pure chemistry ..between Lee Min Ho n Koo Hye Sun not really..

i agree !
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27 / F
Posted 3/15/09 , edited 3/15/09
japanease vrsion is way better!!
jun play the role so good....he was funny spoiled violent and cuteeee his role was just perfect!!
lee minho is cute but his role as joon pyo is not as good and interesting as jun played it!
as for makino ---inoue did a wonderfull job and i think no one can do a better makino then her!!

i agree with the others that says jun & lnoue had pure chemistry and lee min ho & koo hye sun not so much....

love matsumoto jun!!
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24 / F / home=]
Posted 3/25/09
well JUN has the personality of Goo Jun Pyo/Domyji
but LEE MIN HO has the looks and also same talents of Domyji/GJP

BUT, since i love Lee Min Ho, i say Goo Jun Pyo.

plus the guys in the Korean are better looking..(no offense to japanese and taiwanese! they rock!)
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Posted 3/25/09
i think all the lei/rui/jihoo's did the best! i cant choose what one tho ? :S
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21 / F / evergreen state
Posted 3/25/09
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28 / F / Living in the US...
Posted 3/25/09
Makino did the best between JanDi and Barbie.
Domyouji did the best between JunPyo and Jerry
Kim Bum did the best between Soujiroh and Ken [?]
[although i believe Soujiroh was a great playboy]
WooBin did the best between Akira and Vaness [?]
Oguri Shun did the best between Jihoo and Vic.

in my opinion. this is what i think.
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28 / F / Living in the US...
Posted 3/25/09

happipplrock wrote:

okiiee so here is mine: Everything for the japanese version xD because all the other version bothered me alot and none of the actors appealed to me in anyway.
Tsukushi :I dont care what anybody else says about the F4's and the drama but Inoue Mao definitely owned the role of makino. Like she for me was born for that role.even if i wasnt a fan of it i would still admit that she really protrayed her role amazingly. Inoue Mao and Matsujun have crazy chemistry.
Tsukasa: This one I pick Jun. I loved his arrogance and the way he thinks hes so much better than everyone else. But it was so cute how Tsukushi changed him and how he was smitten over here in the first season. And plus he looks really hot but the more important thing is that I love his acting.
Rui: Once again Oguri Shun. Omg after watching HYD i wanted a guy like Shun too. He played the whole shy,silent character really well. Love him as Rui.
Sojiro:for me its between Shota and Kim Bum. Matsuda Shota defintely has the look of a playboy and his voice is really sexy(:
You can see that he is a playboy but Kim Bum looks too innocent to be one although in the drama he is. I just picked Kim Bum cuz hes cute xD but his acting isnt as great as Shota's
Akira:Abe Tsuyoshi played a good supporting person. He truly was the nicest F4 next to Rui. Him and his sisters were so cute and he was just a nice chracter that held the whole group together.

i agree with this. well said.
i agree with sojiro, Shota did
a great job, i love his acting in
it. but i picked kim bum also
cause of his cuteness. haha but
i agree that kim bum looked too
innocent to be a playboy, i give
a clap for his try, but i just love
Posted 3/25/09
Okay the korean version.
The guys are so freakin hot it's not even funny. *DROOL*
At the beginning i thought the korean Version was gonna suk but it ended up being GREAT i mean i cried more in this one then the others.
And like i said be4 EYE CaNDY.
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76 / F / queen city of the...
Posted 3/25/09
i agree with all the other choices but i also like the korean makino and i did fell in love with jerry yan after watching meteor garden.... but your choices are what i would've picked now.... the korean f4 are the most good looking to me..... sorry if anyone disagrees....
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F / Xiah's Heart.
Posted 3/25/09
i like the korean version better.
f4 makes me melt.
lee min ho can make me cry.
GH can really act as Jandi, i found her less annoying than the other version.
less boring and more fun.
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21 / F / Singapore
Posted 3/28/09 , edited 3/28/09
hmm..i think korean changed the characters abit...
jihoo smiles too much
joonpyo...well..i think he is sort of useless..
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F / 동방신기 하늘
Posted 4/5/09
agree with your choice....but of course all of them played goo in their own right!!
Rui/Lei/Jihoo versions, i like the best!
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