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Posted 1/31/09 , edited 1/31/09
Before, I keep looking for people who knows Adobe or other art programs. I still haven't found one until now, and I'm so desperate for a new group update. Good thing my brother has an installation cd so I'm learning making all those pages by myself- honestly, not even a hint or tip from my brother, not a single one did I ever ask someone to do it. Just the "Help" topics is my helper (I want to learn it by myself. I can't believe it took so much time making it as he warned me, and I don't have that big patience when nothing fits my imagination, and I don't know why other people lie by saying they're the one who make their banner or something when it's actually their friend or someone they know who make it I prefer that person who does it all by himself, coz you'll improve as you go). I understand how those artists did those banners and stuff ( So I'm warning all those guys who did nothing and criticize a banner or something, no matter how simple it is or how big: you don't know how much time they took while making that. It's non- stop tiring & exhausting that you finally appreciate for the very first time how good the fresh breeze outside is once you're done). Thankfully I made it just in time while the anime series is still on its way. How shall I put it? Sleepless nights, never ending brain-squeezing on what more shall I make (I keep asking myself "What will a real dedicated Skip Beat! fan need to look for?", "If I want to know about Skip Beat as a fan or not, I should be able to find all information in one place" and things like "are these enough as a fan? I don't think so!"). While doing so, I also reread the manga and re-watch the anime series in sittings. There I found out there are things I didn't notice coming that other groups and fan sites failed to cover. So I put everything in for Skip Beat! fans to be informed. this is what they said, finally found the depth of something. I found the depth of Skip Beat! as much as I did with Harry Potter. Little things I see in the manga and anime turned out to be the most important thing as Yoshiki Nakamura pointed out in one of her notes. I'm done with the main things of the group layout and I put that first. The rest are still not done so you will notice pages are empty. I'm also happy at least one member applied for a post, I'm so glad we're finally added!

I believe little by little we'll make it to the top, and the staff members are close to each other. so that bond of "the team" relationship is great. I'll leave the rest to my staff while I'm doing the major stuff here. So see ya in the next update! All your comments are welcome!
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