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Posted 1/31/09
iuuno, i might be paranoid or something
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Posted 1/31/09
I'm doing this on purpose to see if people can understand what people write even if someone doesn't correctly write something
Posted 1/31/09
That mostly happens in kindergartens till elementary.

A 5 yr. old boy would rudely tell a 5 yr. old girl that her butt is too big (or she's too fat, she's butt ugly, etc.) so she won't be wooed by other boys. That boy is being territorial and doesn't know how to properly engage his feelings to the opposite sex.

However, if he continues to embarrass her till high school, mostly, his luck to that girl is now slim to none.
That guy should know now how to treat a lady properly.

Unless, the girl is smart enough to figure out that there are types of boys who express their love in a different [mean] way.

Smart enough? That's so rare these days.

I'm not mean. I'm just a playful meanie. I don't flirt. I don't know how to flirt. >_^ **wink**
Posted 1/31/09
Posted 1/31/09 , edited 1/31/09

Kippu wrote:

First of all. If I found out that he liked me back. I would ask him out. Second of all, I wouldn't be dumb enough to like anyone who I thought were trying to embarrass me. I don't think I would even make such a stupid assumption.
And lastly the capslock hurts me eyes. x__x

Maybe you thought they were trying to embarrass you AFTER you started liking them. And if you didn't know they liked you back and you didn't know that they weren't really trying to embarrass you, I personally think I'd be pretty hurt. =_=" There are several people who think rationally in this situation. But considering how paranoid and flustered even more people are liable to get when they are crushing on someone, it would only make sense that they'd be upset if they assumed the one they admired didn't like them enough to try and embarrass them.

It's young love baby ♥

Posted 1/31/09
Sorry but your thread really doesn't make sense and it's causing confusion so I'm locking this.

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