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Posted 1/31/09
I apologise if this is in the wrong section but I really need someone's help!

A few months ago I was on CR and I read a FanFic about DBSK.

It was really sad and it was about Mickey Yoochun being visited by the other DBSK members' spirits after four of them died in a car accident. It was to celebrate another year with all of DBSK and how we should cherrish the ones we love. (Weird way of showing it, I know :P)

Sorry, I understand if MOD'S get mad at me for making this thread.
But it's really driving me crazy, I've been looking all over for the FanFic and it's NOWHERE!
Please don't delete this thread, just move it if it is in the wrong section.

Thanks, I hope some one can help me!
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Posted 1/31/09 , edited 1/31/09
here's the link for fanfic:

Posted 1/31/09
Question answered. In future please use the Music Help thread instead

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