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Posted 1/31/09 , edited 1/31/09
Here are side stories about some of the Sinners of SALIGIA to give some insight on what they've done in the past.
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Posted 1/31/09 , edited 1/31/09
Tales of Sin ~ Ashley’s Past: Ashley vs. Javex

Lady Ashley de Superbia, the Sinner of Pride, was in her chambers at Hell’s Carnival. She was with her others: her assistant Pride and Cardinal Dominic de Avaritia’s assistant, Greed.
“You were right,” said Greed, “a team has arrived here in the Mu.”
“The question is are they here for Phaethon or us?” wondered Pride.
“You’re a fool, Pride,” said Ashley, “it doesn’t matter if their target is us or Phaethon, we’ll still be hunted down for causing an imbalance in the Balance of Good and Evil.”
“But it was Cardinal Dominic who ordered SALIGIA to do so.”
“Because he didn’t want to be killed by Phaethon!” protested Greed, defending his master.
“It doesn’t matter,” said Ashley, “however, I believe Lord Valentine has sometime to do with why this group is here.”
“Why do you say that?”
“Valentine claims that his brother, Kira, was killed yet I saw Kira earlier with Phaethon. Valentine is keeping valuable information from us. May I ask if there was a Kim-un-Kur with the group that arrived?”
“Yes. He looked different from Zein.”
“Zein is just a stupid doppelganger of Sirberius Reono; or so Phaethon claims. While it’s not very obvious, there are a few differences between Zein and Sirberius Reono. I checked with some files in the Atlantian library and found a match.”
“You know who Zein is?”
“The match was an Elder God, the one that begun The Great God War… Izen.”
“Izen! The Izen?!” exclaimed Pride.
Both Pride and Greed knew of Izen. Izen was an Elder God who had secretly met with some other gods and Lord Valentine at the Church of Serenity in Faralda. It was there that Izen and Ppelono planned out a bloody crusade. After Tenkai Hyachi and a few others foiled the plans at Faralda and killed Ppelono, Izen returned to Atlantis claiming to have a vision from the Holy Lord; he proclaimed that all hybrids had to be eradicated. So Izen, with the help of Elder God Darmadia, began The Great God War, the crusade against HyBreed and the hybrid population.
“To think Phaethon’s servant is the infamous Izen the Instigator…” muttered Greed.
“I said Zein’s match was Izen,” said Ashley, “I never said Zein is Izen. The real Izen died at the end of The Great God War.”
“I don’t understand,” said Pride.
“Zein is Izen’s Nobody.”
“Nobody?” repeated Greed.
Ashley explained that a Nobody was a replica of a person caused by time distortion.
“Who could have done that?” asked Pride.
“Probably the same people who stole The Oracle and kidnapped Luke,” said Ashley, “Greed, tell Dominic everything I’ve told you. He need to be ready anytime to make a run for it.”
“Aye, aye,” acknowledged Greed.
Greed walks away. He sees an odd shadow and investigates. Not noticing the assassin Javex hanging from the ceiling, he leaves.
When Pride went to fetch tea, Ashley sensed an intruder.
“Well, well, it seems I have a guest in my domain,” said Ashley loud enough for Javex to hear.
Javex jumps down. He confronts Ashley.
“I guess your eyes are sharp, Lady of Pride,” said Javex.
“You’re quite the brave one to enter my realm,” threatened Ashley, hoping to scare away the intruder with no luck.
“Unlike you, I do not hide myself from danger as millions of soldiers are slaughtered for no reason.”
Ashley was getting irritated. No one challenges her honor. “You have a lot of mouth for a boy your age.”
“And you are a ruthless whore.”
Ashley’s eye’s widened with anger. That’s it! No one compares me to Diva and gets away for it. This guy has to die.
“How dare you, incompetent peasant!” yelled Ashley, “I will make your life a living hell.”
“You’re all bark and no bite,” taunted Javex.
Ashley tried influencing Javex. It seemed to have no effect.
Looks like I need to be closer, thought Ashley.
Ashley activated Clown Theory. Unbeknownst to Javex, he was trapped in her deadly illusion. Due to it’s effects, Javex’s senses slowed down momentarily. She took that time to dash over to Javex.
Suddenly time caught up to Javex. To Javex, it was as if Ashley had teleported right in front of him. Quickly, Ashley uses Drill Kill. She lunges the spinning umbrella at Javex. It barely cuts Javex but does damage to his clothing.
Ashley then noticed that still her Power of Pride was not affecting the assassin. She then realized that Javex was being protected by the Power of Envy: Valentine’s Power of Sin.
“I know what you came here for,” bluffed Ashley, “you were sent by that retched Valentine.”
Javex jumps away from Ashley’s umbrella. A cocky grin spread across Javex’s face.
“So I see that umbrella isn’t just a normal item,” said Javex, “it’s poke is as sharp as katanas.”
Javex buried his hand into the floor.
“I was hoping for hand to hand combat but with your deadly accessory I guess I’ll have to use my sword,” said Javex.
Javex pulled out a rusted blade from the ground. Pride walked in; because of the effects of Clown Theory, Javex didn’t notice Pride.
I need to make an escape, thought Ashley.
Ashley knew that any assassin would destroy any evidence of assassination. Even with Clown Theory, she’d need a decoy. “Hmm,“ muttered Ashley. An idea came to mind, one that involved Pride.
“Ha ha ha!” mocked Ashley, “what in the name of SALIGIA are you doing with such a useless blade! I’ll make you wish that you never even lifted that body of yours. Sky Arc!”
Ashley summoned a gust of wind energy. It spun towards Javex. Javex positioned himself into a stance and braced himself for the impending attack using his sword. The collision of Sky Arc and Javex’s sword caused an explosion, knocking Javex into the next room. Unbeknownst to Javex, the attack was actually meant for Pride. The attack killed Pride instantly.
Ashley walks into the next room. Using the effects of Clown Theory, she had a copy of herself float over Javex. The assassin slowly rose from the dirt; his shoulder was slightly bleeding.
“Still alive, eh?” mocked Ashley and the fake Ashley in synchronized unison. “You won’t be alive for any longer, you little maggot!”
Ashley has the replica dive towards Javex. While spinning, Ashley made the replica disappear. The real Ashley appeared in Javex’s vision and attacked him.
“Drill Kill!” shouted Ashley, feeling stupid.
Ashley jolts towards Javex. Javex, weilding his sword in front of him, deflects her attack. She creates a miniature Sky Arc to build up a cloud of ash just as Javex swings his sword.
Quickly, Ashley attaches a string to Pride’s corpse and uses Pride as a puppet. Javex stabs Pride’s corpse, thinking it’s Ashley; because he was under the affects of Clown Theory, he honestly believed he had stabbed Ashely. Ashley makes Pride’s corpse appear to be coughing up blood.
“What id you do, you lil’ fu…” Ashley made Pride’s corpse say.
To Ashley’s surprise, another sword appeared. He stabbed Pride’s stomach. Blood splattered on Javex’s face. That was when Ashley recognized the assassin: it was Javex, a person Valentine hired a while back during The Great God War era.
“I knew your arrogance would lead you into using your Drill Kill technique so I waited for your pride to to take it’s toll on you,” explained Javex, “You’re pride also deprived you of underestimating my sword’s appearance.”
Clever, thought Ashley, using my own Power of Sin against me.
Javex twists the sword.
“Now for your demise,” Ashley made Pride’s corpse say, making it appear as a last move.
Ashley realized that Valentine’s Power of Envy was having a toll on Javex. She decided she could use him.
Ashley had it appear as though the fake Ashley’s eyes were glowing purple, a common misconception about what happened when she activated Clown Theory; a rumor that was wrong and working to her advantage.
“Clown Theory!” cackled Pride’s corpse in Ashley’s voice, “You won’t leave here alive, Javex, and once I unveal Sirberius’ plans to the others, the Mystic Council will fall.” It was afterwards, did she notice she meant to say Valentine, not Sirberius.
Ashley used Clown Theory to cause mental trauma to Javex. He dropped to his knees and shouted. He coughed up some blood.
Javex thought he was fighting Ashley’s Clown Theory. Ashley went over to the screaming Javex and implanted a false memory into Javex’s mind. He began cutting his hand. Softly, Ashley manipulated Javex’s strokes to get Javex to carve a look-alike of the Stigma of Pride into his skin. Ashley stopped the mental trauma attack.
“Commiting suicide won’t help you now,” said the fake Ashley, “I own your mind, you fool. I am the source of your pain!”
“I know that,” said Javex, all according to Ashley’s plan.
Javex wiped the dagger against the sword’s blade. It created a humming noise.
“Harp of Sangre!” shouted Javex.
Ashley had heard of the attack before. To make it seem as though the fake Ashley was affected, illusionary blood began dripping from Pride’s corpse’s ears.
“W-w-w-w-what’s happening to my powers!” stuttered the fake Ashley.
“Your time is up,” replied Javex.
Javex drew his sword. “Remember your little Sky Arc? After it hit my sword, it’s elemental force was absorbed…” Javex’s sword turned into a scythe. “…Now to make sure you never speak again.”
Javex raised the scythe and swings it; a move he called “aero grande”.
Ashley quickly hid behind her umbrella, using it as a shield. The attack sliced Pride’s corpse’s body and turned Ashley’s men into dust.
“No to remove her remains,” said Javex.
Hundreds of centipede-like creatures burrowed out of the ground. They devoured Pride’s corpse, which Javex believed belonged to Ashley.
Javex walked out of Hell’s Carnival. As he left, he said “SALIGIA, beware, the Mystic Council’s power are far greater than you think.”
Ashley got up. She began packing. She made a small gravestone for Pride.
“I’m sorry I had to do this,” apologized Ashley.
Ashley walked off to the portal created by ARK.

Back at Castle in the Sky, Javex entered Valentine’s bedroom. Valentine was in there, bedridden. Envy/N.V. was with him.
“How did it go?” asked Valentine.
Javex flashed the (fake) Stigma of Pride on the palm of his hand.
Valentine was concerned. He had sent Javex to ‘kill’ Ashley hoping she would kill Javex and would escape. News of her defeat was startling and suspicious. He suspected she may be alive somewhere. Obviously the Stigma of Pride on Javex was a fake but he didn’t let Javex know that.
“Check out ARK,” ordered Valentine, “confirm Noah’s death.”
“Right away, Lord Valentine,” said Javex.
Javex left.
“What should we do now?” asked N.V.
Valentine created a Frozen Sand replica of himself. The replica took Valentine’s gord full of sand.
“I’ll have this Frozen Sand replica go to Shadow Imperia,” said Valentine, “as for you, could you get me a cup of tea?”
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