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Shugo Chara (GAME)
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Posted 3/22/10 , edited 3/22/10
Ikuto: wanna go out?
Amu: *blush*
Posted 3/23/10 , edited 3/24/10
*Amu's father appears out of nowhere*

Amu's father: Your to young! First the blond dude now him! i can't take this anymore...

Amu: Dad!


mother: now now honey... *drags him away*
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20 / F / None of yerr buis...
Posted 3/23/10 , edited 3/24/10
Amu's dad: No! Im running away!!!

*runs out of the house *


Ikuto: Uhm.. so is that a yes ??

Amu: *Blush* well....
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24 / F / Fantasia (my world)
Posted 3/27/10 , edited 3/28/10

Ami appears
Ami: Amu got's a new boyfwend!
Amu: What?
Ikuto: I'm guessing it's a yes
Ikuto takes Amu by the hand.
Amu's Dad comes in and says: but you're too young
but Amu's already gone.
Ami: Amu and boyfwend sittin in a twee!
Amu: So where are we going exactly?
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23 / F / somewhere you're...
Posted 12/22/10 , edited 12/23/10
Ikuto: You'll see...Cover your eyes until we get there. *hands blindfold to Amu*
Amu:...I don't like where this is going... *Takes blindfold and puts it on*

*Ikuto carries Amu the rest of the way to...*

Ikuto: Okay we're here.
Amu: Where is here? *Removes blindfold* :o...Wow... *Looks at a little cottage in a beautiful meadow*
Ikuto: You like? I found it a while back, fixed it up, and started living here.
Amu: KAWAIII!!!! Um...Ikuto? You can put me down now...
Ikuto: We haven't even made it inside yet. *smirks*

Okay I can't think of anything else!!! My brain hurts!! >.<
Posted 12/23/10 , edited 12/23/10
Amu:PUT ME DOWN!!!!!
Ikuto: *Puts Amu Down
hi,srry my post is short,but call me Missy-Chan!
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23 / F / somewhere you're...
Posted 12/24/10 , edited 12/25/10
Ikuto: You're quite stubborn you know. I know you enjoyed me carrying you. *smirks*
Amu: *blushes* SHUT UP!! I did not!! Let's hurry up and go inside so I can go back home.
Ikuto: *laughs* Whatever you say princess.
*Both enter the cottage*
Amu:It's a bit small.
Ikuto: What did you expect? It is a cottage afterall.
Amu: Yeah I guess since you're the only one who uses it. It does have a cozy feel to it though. *Gets caught up in the moment*
*Ikuto raps his arms around Amu from behind*
Ikuto: This cozy?
Amu: Yeah...Hey! Wait No! Let me go!! This was not what we were here for!!!
Ikuto: I did say it was a date didn't I? Besides you agreed on coming when you took the blind fold.
Amu: I don't care!!! Let me go!!
*About to fall to the ground while trying to get away from Ikuto when Ikuto tries to catch her but ends up coming with her*
Ikuto: See the outcome of your stubborness?
Amu: Get off of me!!
Ikuto: Nah! I think I like where I am. *Gets closer and closer to Amu, so close that their lips almost touch*
Amu: I-I-Ikuto....No!! *tries turning away but Ikuto grabs her chin and turns it back so their eyes meet*
Ikuto: You're turning all red. And your heart is beating faster...faster...*Gets closer to Amu...*
*Door busts open*
Utau: AMU!!!!!!!
Ikuto and Amu: Utau!?
Ikuto: *Gets up* How did you find me?
Utau: I asked El to bring something to your house and that's when she saw you and Amu take off and she followed you and reported it back to me. I also made Yoru tell me where you two were.
Yoru: Let go of my ear-nya!!
El: Just call me the Angel of Love!!
Ikuto: Just call you the nosy snitch...
Il: *laughs*
Yoru: Forgive me Ikuto!!! I was held against my will!!
Ikuto: I told you not tell anyone no matter what. Here's your punishment...*Flicks Yoru's nose*
Yoru: Ikuto!!!!
Utau: Ikuto!!!! Why are you and Amu here...together...ALONE!!!???
Ikuto: Well...
Utau: REALLY IKUTO? *lightens up with happiness*
Ikuto: No. We're on a date.
Utau: A-MUUUU!!!!!!!
Amu: ...Uhhh...hehe...hehe... Utau I...
*ikuto grabs Amu like he did earlier but closer*
Ikuto: We were on a date until you interrupted us rudely. And besides I like Amu more.
Utau: Ikuto!!! *jumps Ikuto and starts pounding on him and starts whining on and on* Ikuto! Ikuto Ikuto! Why! Why Why!? You know how much I love you and yet you still hang around this plain old girl who has no style!!!
Amu: HEY!!
Utau: You always do this to me! You never understand how I feel Ikuto! Why must you degrade yourself by being with her! I'm much more of a perfect match for you!!
Utau: Do you not remember our kiss last time??? *Kisses Ikuto*
Ikuto: *Pushes Utau back* Crap Utau!! Not this again!! We're siblings! We can't be together like this!!!
*Utau kisses Ikuto again*
Ikuto: Quit it! I'm getting pissed!! *Finally pushes Utau off of him*
Utau: * on the floor crying* Sorry. I can't help myself when i'm around you...
Amu: *was like this the entire time*
Ikuto: *looks at Amu* You didn't think to help me instead of just watching?
Amu: Well...I uh...oh.
Ikuto: Whatever. *Character changes, picks Amu up and dashes out the door*
Amu: Hey!! Where are we going now!?
Ikuto: Somewhere far from here hopefully...
*Utau's calling out for Ikuto becomes distant*

Okay what happens next???? I have more ideas but I'll let you all have a chance.

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23 / F / somewhere you're...
Posted 12/26/10 , edited 12/31/10
Okay, I'm bored right now and since no one is responding back and well I really want to know what happens next I'm gonna keep going....I sound kind of pushy. Sorry!! Don't hurt me ppl!!!

*They both end up at the lake*
Ikuto: *Puts Amu down on grass* Geez...I forgot how heavy you were. How much sweets have you been eating lately? *pokes Amu stomach*
Amu: I'm not fat! Besides this is normal weigt for a girl my age!
Ikuto: Eh? Are you sure? You look kind of giggly around the legs.
Amu: Shut up!
Ikuto: *starts laughing*
Amu: Well since you brought me this far i think i can get to my house from here. *stomps away*
Ikuto: *grabs her arm and pulls her close to him* Hey, where do you think you're going kitten? We haven't finished our date.
Amu: *pulls away* oh, I think we are absolutely through...*starts walking again but bumps into...*
Tadase: Oof! Oh, Amu-chan?
Amu: Tadase-kun!
Ikuto: Yo, little king.
Tadase: Ikuto-niisan. Um...why are you and Amu together? *looks down sadly*
Ikuto: We were on a d- *gets elbowed in the stomach*
Amu: We were on our way to get some icecream. I saw Ikuto here and..uh...we started talking and invited him to come along.
Ikuto: *whispers to Amu* Nice.
Amu: Shh!
Tadase: Oh, I see!
Amu: So, uh, Tadase-kun? Do you want to join us?
Tadase: Oh, I would but I have to get home. I'll just see you at school tomorrow.
Amu: O-okay. See ya!
Tadase: See ya!
Amu: *sigh* I hate myself.
Ikuto: How bad of you to lie to Tadase just to go on a date with me. Kind of selfish don't you think. *looks at Amu with a sly smile*
Amu: BAKA! I only did it so that I wouldn't hurt him again. Besides, i was supposed to be going home! *starts walking away again*
Ikuto: *grabs her arm again*
Amu: Stop doing that!
Ikuto: But I thought we were going to get some icecream?
Amu: ... -_-

Ikuto:What's with that face?
Ikuto: You should be happy. Besides, you suggested we come here.
Amu: That was our cover for Tadase. And I really need to get home...It's getting dark...
Ikuto: Miss Goody-Two shoes.
Amu: Am not! I just forgot my cell phone and I don't want my parents thinking something bad happened...
Ikuto:......*finally gets up*
Amu:Hm? What are you doing?
Ikuto: I'm about to take you home. Let's go.
Amu: Oh...okay.

*silence at first...*
Amu: Hey, Ikuto? Where's your violin?
Ikuto: Home. I didn't want to bring it on our date.
Amu: I wish you would quit calling it that...
Ikuto: But isn't that what it was?
Amu: It wasn't supposed to be a date in the first place.
Ikuto: i'm sure you would have went along with it if Utau hadn't interrupted us. *smirks*
Amu: *starts blushing*
Ikuto: *laughs* You look so adorable when you blush.
Amu: *mutters* Shut up.
*more silence* *arrive at Amu's place*
Amu: Well this is it. You can leave n- *gets pushed against the door*
Ikuto: *closes in on Amu with a dark grin on his face* You didn't think I would leave without getting a good-bye from you first, did you?
Amu: G-G-Good-bye.
Ikuto: *wags finger* Uh-uuuhhh. You know what I mean. *leans in closer to Amu*
*lips touch slightly then...* *door opens*
Ami: Sister is home!
Amu:Whoah!!! *falls back onto Ami*
Ikuto: *mutters* Another fail....
Amu: Ouch....
Ikuto: Well I guess I'll see you later kitten.
Amu: Ikuto!!
Ami: Waaaahhh! Big sister gwain weight!!
Amu: A-MI...*chases after Ami*


Tadase: *working on some papers with Nagihiko*
Rima: *drinking her tea and reading gags*
Amu: *daydreaming*
Yaya:....I'M BORED!!!
*everyone jumps from her loud outburst*
Yaya: Somebody play with me!! -3-
Amu: Yaya...
???: How 'bout we head to the beach?
Yaya: Kukai!
Kukai: Yo!
Yaya: Kukai let me see your bag!
Kukai: Yaya! Cut it out!
Yaya: But I'm bored!
Tadase: Soma-kun, what are you doing here?
Amu: Besides skipping classes...
Kukai: I'm not skipping! Besides, I came to see how everyone was doing and wanted to know if everyone wanted to go to the beach.
Nagihiko: The beach?
Yaya: Yay! The beach!
Amu: Beach? When?
Kukai: Tomorrow when everyone's free. My parents will be taking us. So are you all up for it?
Rima: I'll go since Amu is going.
Amu: You always do that....
Kukai: Then it's settled!
Yaya: Yay! Yay! Yay! We have to make sure we invite Kairi, and Amu can get Utau, and then she can bring Ikuto...
Tadase: Ikuto-niisan? Oh, that reminds me. How was your date with Ikuto?
Kukai: Date?
Nagihiko: Date?
Rima: Looks like we have us an investigation on our hands, wouldn't you say Yaya?
Yaya: I think we do Rima-chi!
Amu: Eh!? What!? No! i..uh...
Tadase: Oh, sorry! I meant how was your time with Ikuto at the icecream parlour?
Amu: Oh, was great.
Tadase: Oh, that's good!
Yaya: Looky here. Seems that Tadase is okay with Amu around Ikuto.
Rima: *sips tea* Sounds like a cheater to me.
Amu: Shut up!
Kukai: Hahaha! You guys are hilarious. Well I best be going! See ya tomorrow!
Yaya: Bye! Bye!
Nagihiko: We all need to be going to class also too.
Tadase: Right. Oh, Amu-chan do you mind staying back and sorting some of these papers out since you're free this period?
Amu: Sure! No problem!
Yaya: Okay Amu-chi! See ya!
*everyone leaves*
Amu: *sigh* I better get started.
Miki: It doesn't look so bad. We'll help you out.
Ran: Yay! Yay! Amu-chan!
Su: You have to help to Ran.
Ran: I'm supposed to be cheering her on.
Dia: But we all have to do our share and help.
Amu: That's right! Everyone here has to help.
???: Then I guess I'm not an exception.
Amu: Ikuto!
The girls: Yoru!
Yoru: Yo!
Amu: What are you doing here?
Ikuto: I was just listening in on your little plans was all.
Amu: Oh, you heard? So are you coming with us?
Ikuto: *gets close to Amu* Of course, especially if you're gonna be there.
Amu: *blushes and turns away* What does me being there have to do with anything?
Ikuto: Well, for one thing, I get to spend the day with you.
Amu: You're spending the day with not just me you know.
Ikuto: I know, but at least I get tosee you.
Amu: *blushes deep red*
Ikuto: Haha! You never cease to amuse me with your blush.
Amu: Shut up! Now shoo! I have work to do.
Ikuto: *takes paper from Amu and looks at it* Oh, little king put the princess to work, huh? A survey...
Amu:*snatches back* I'm surprised you can read since you're hardly at school.
Ikuto: I go to school. Going every day though doesn't seem healthy to me though.
Amu: Whatever. So what's the real reason for you coming here.
Ikuto: *chuckles* *makes a dark grin on his face* You caught me, though I'm quite surprised that you were able to notice. *pulls Amu close to him*
Amu: Ikuto...
Ikuto: Shhh...*tilts Amu's head up so that theor eyes meet* Don't want to spoil the moment now do we now? *leans in closer*
Amu: Uh...
Ran, Miki, Su, Dia, Yoru: Eeeeeehhhhh!!!
*they both kiss*
*Ikuto wraps his arm around Amu's waste and pulls her closer*
*Amu lays her hands on his chest*
*Ikuto kisses harder*
*Amu then pushes Ikuto back*
Ikuto: What happened? Why'd you stop?
Amu: This isn't right...I'm supposed to be with Tadase-kun.
Ikuto: Ah, you started to like it but then you thought of him. *turns Amu head to face his* Maybe I need to do a better job next time, hm?
Amu: *jumps back* No! B-B-Because there won't be a next time!
Ikuto: *smirks* We'll see about that. Yoru!
Yoru: Oh, coming-nya.
*They both are gone*
Amu: *collapses in chair*
The girls: Amu-chan!
Ran: Are you okay?
Amu: Y-Yeah. I'm fine. For now though... *thinks about how Tadase would react if he found out about this*

*in the bushes is Kukai who came back to get his bag when he saw the scene between Amu and Ikuto*

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